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October 18  |  Book Publications, eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

My latest novel, Making Him Wait, has just hit the e-shelves, and will be out in paperback form on 29th Oct!

Check out this cover- I just love it!

Making Him Wait, my longest novel to date, is published by Sweetmeats Press, and I am very proud to announce that it has been chosen to kick off their brand new range of un-illustrated novels. These new works will be aimed at a world-wide, rather than a just a Western, audience!

It is ironic then perhaps that Making Him Wait is all about an artist who specialises in erotic and sensual creations.

Let me give you a little hint as to what it’s all about…

The artist in question is one Maddie Templeton- a complete control freak- or more accurately – a self-control freak.

When, after years of painting commissions, Maddie gets the chance to have her first ever art exhibition at the newly refurnish Stripped Banana gallery, she jumps into action. But the time given to create twelve brand new works of art is short, and only by enlisting the help of her favourite models and clients, such as Sara (as featured on the cover of the book), Jake, Freya, and the insufferable Tania, her self-centred vamp of an ex-girlfriend, does Maddie have any chance at all of getting her pieces completed on time.

Meanwhile, Maddie’s recent meeting with local electrician, Theo Hunter, is adding an extra degree of interest to her life…

High kink all the way, Making Him Wait is a lust fuelled erotic romance that has fun with text sex, straight sex, girl/girl sex…you get the idea!! There is lots of sex…and a trolley… I am saying no more!!!

I hope that little plot-line teaser has whetted your appetite!

The Kindle version is available NOW!! You can buy it from Amazon, and all good e-retailers.

If you would like to pre-order the paperback version of Making Him Wait, it is currently available from Amazon,, Sweetmeats Press, and all good retailers.

Happy reading everyone!!!

Kay xxx


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