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March 9  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

(A quick amendment to the blog before folks- the article about myself and my fellow Eroticon types, will now appear in the Sun on Sunday’s Fabulous magazine next week- I will keep you posted!!. Also- if you missed the excellent piece in the Independent, and want to see the online version- just hit this link)

It is with a sense of trepidation that I approach the forthcoming weekend.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I love weekends- even though I often work through most of them, I get to play with my kids, have husband time, eat more chocolate, and generally enjoy the ‘non-week-day-ness’ of it all.

This weekend however, I will be fighting the temptation to wear a big overcoat, a huge hat, and very dark glasses- perhaps with one of those comedy moustaches attached!  For I am to hit the media in a small but scary way- especially scary for someone like me, who has been keeping her ‘erotic’ career largely secret for so long.

After so many years of writing, and several indecisive months of allowing my photograph to be used (or not used) in association with my work, I decided to take a gamble and go public.  After all, I am proud of my work, and love every second of it- and also if I’m honest,  I hope that the small amount of publicity will help book sales!

So- if you want to have a look in the Independent Magazine this Saturday, and the new The Sun on Sunday’s magazine (Fabulous) this weekend, you will see two different articles about myself and some of my writer type friends.

I hope you like what you see! All I ask is that you remember that I write FICTION. You’d be surprised by the number of people I come across that think because I write this stuff I must do this stuff- nope! Does Colin Dexter commit crimes because he writes crime fiction? Does Stephen King spend his evenings haunting places and creeping up on people with axes? Of course not- and by the same token I don’t swing from the chandeliers (although maybe I would if I had some!! xx)

The article in the brand new Fabulous Magazine was the result of meeting a lovely journalist and photographer at the UK’s first Erotic Bloggers and Writers conference- Eroticon– last weekend. It was an incredible meeting, and a fantastic opportunity to talk publishing, marketing and discuss the trials and tribulations of writing kink with my peers.

The article in this Saturday’s Independent Magazine, about ordinary women writing sexy stories, is the result of a meeting I, and many of my colleagues (including Victoria Blisse, Lexie Bay, and Elizabeth Coldwell), had last year with one of the UK’s best and most respected photographers, Mr David Woolfall. (More details can be found in my earlier blog post.)

If you have never seen David’s work, then I can thoroughly recommend a look at his web site– his pictures are truly stunning; and you may just see a few faces that you recognise!

Caught Writing – Photo by David Woolfall

Over the next few days, I will be featuring some of David’s other wonderful ‘Erotica Authors’ photographs on this blog site- so make sure you come by on Monday to see who’s pictures are up first!

Another big thank you to David for his kindness in taking this wonderful series of photographs. We all had great fun pretending to be models for the day, and each and every picture is amazing!!

I’m off now to prepare for either a weekend of total indifference from the world at large, a load of happily raised eyebrows, a few unbelieving stares ( I really am the least likely erotica writer ever), or (and let’s hope not) pitchfork and flaming torches in the front garden!

Thanks for stopping by!


Outside Sh! – Photograph by David Woolfall

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6 Responses to Media Moments!

  1. Enjoy the limelight, sweetie! I’ll be rushing out to buy both publications – and I hope it brings you many sales – the British public won’t know what’s hit them! 😉

    L x

  2. Rebecca Bond says:

    No way! You mean…you’re Kay Jaybee? *THE* Kay Jaybee?! Wow, who’d have thunk it! 😉

  3. Good for you, Kay. I’m cheering for you and thiking about installing some chadeliers chez Blisse. 😉

  4. Very Brave to step into the light with your work, Hope the publicity goes great and the book sales even better. Loved the picture of you writing!
    May your cup runnith over in every way!!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Thank you so much- for both your kind words, and for stopping by my blog. Fingers crossed that tomorrow’s article is as nice as today’s!! x

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