Missed You!!!!

June 14  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

For the past twelve weeks I’ve been living in a world of splendid isolation- well, apart from the children, husband, work colleagues, the shoppers of the nation and everyone else- what I mean is, I have been more or less off the radar blog wise, Facebook wise, and Twitter wise. I have NO idea what has been goin gon in the ‘real’ world at all.

The reason for this uncharacteristic hiding away? Editing, editing, editing- and when I felt the need, a bit more editing. (Well, and a touch of ill health- but I’m okay now, so enough said)

As is my habit, I have far too many projects on the go at once- a novel to write, a novella to edit, a short story contract to honour….etc etc.  

I did the usual things to try and fit all my tasks in at once; like slaughtering a goat, dancing around a pentacle in the nuddy, and pleading with the goddess of dodgy deeds to help me out. This was all sadly to no avail  –  I was still in a pickle, and life was as hectic as before. The supreme sacrifice had to be made.

I cut myself off from contact with other writing types, stopped looking at what interesting publishing opportunities were out there, and generally took myself out of the social loop. If I hadn’t then neither my novel, story, or novella would ever appear.

Now however, I’m relieved to say the novella is edited, the short story is underway, and the new novel is looking hot…watch this space… Sorry I can’t tell you more details, but patience is a virtue (apparently!)

It has been an interesting and frustrating experiment. There is no doubt that I have written much more than I normally would, and that my editing project came to an end quicker than it would have done without the pleasurable distraction of commenting on other peoples works, successes, failures, and generally chatting about all things smutty.

The downside of course, is that writing is a lonely business. There is no way to get away from that fact.

Although, whilst one is immersed in the words themselves, the time passes quickly; on the days when the block comes, when you can’t think of the right phrase for love nor money, and you have already used the word ‘slightly’ twelve times and all alternatives allude you, you do begin to wonder if splendid isolation is such a good idea….I guess I’ll only really know if cutting myself off from the temptation of communication worked if my novella and novel get taken up. If you’d all kindly cross your fingers for me that would help a lot- thanks!!

 Boy I’ve missed you guys!!!

In my absence a few lovely things have happened which I’d like to share with you.

The incredible and utterly relentless Violet Blue has produced another anthology with Cleis Press. A follow up to the hugely acclaimed Sweet Love (in which my story ‘Searching For Her’ appears, comes Sweet Confessions. My sexy home shopping story with a twist, ‘Underwear’, appears amongst a fabulous cast of words provided by a generous handful of incredible authors, including KD Grace, Rachel Krammer Bussel and Jeremy Edwards

I have also received a wonderful review for my latest e-anthology Yes Ma’am from Coffee Time Romance. Check this out!!  With comments like – “These stories are like little bursts of heat, instead of an all-consuming flame.” – I’m flattered is an understatement.

Well, I’ll be off now, to carry on with the next project- do me a favour though guys- next time I bite off more than I can chew- shout at me to stop!!

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2 Responses to Missed You!!!!

  1. I’ll try shouting at you, but whether it’ll work or not is another matter…

    Missed you too! 🙂

  2. K D Grace says:

    Welcome back, Sweetie! We missed you. Though in all honesty I’ve been enforcing a bit of isolation for myself as well. As you say, writing is a lonely business.

    Huge congrats on getting the novella finished. Very much looking forward to another hot read from your talented pen!