Not Her Type- Order Your Paperback Copy Now!!

May 7  |  Book Publications, News  |   Kay Jaybee

It’s available now!!!

John and Jenny’s adventures have hit the world of the paperback book.

Only a slim volume- after all it is a novella, rather than a full length novel- but I promise that once you open the first page, the action begins- and it simply doesn’t stop- not for a minute (or paragraph!)

Not Her Type

So if you’ve enjoyed my kinky courier’s adventures on Kindle, and would like to have a “hold in your hand” copy of the tale, or if you simply have an aversion to reading off a screen- now’s your chance to catch some paperbacked kink!

Perhaps, like me, you like to inhale the special scent of a book, and savour the tactile experience of feeling pages between your fingertips!

Why not see if Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man (1001 Nights Press) tickles your fancy!!

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Here are a few of the lovely things some of my readers have said about Not Her Type…

“…This book is for those who like a little excitement and likes to expect the

“Be still my beating heart. I had to read this all in one sitting. One sexy romp
after another. Yum! If only I could find a man just like John. He’s TOTALLY my type.”

“…if you are after a hot steamy read with a great variety of kinky sex scenes with two very relatable characters, you will love this novella and maybe even get a few tips along the way….”

“This novella definitely has me looking at my UPS and FedEx guys in a different light…”

If you’d like to read more reviews, check out my dedicated Not Her Type page or Goodreads.

Happy reading!!

Kay xx



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