Oysters and Chocolate- A Fond Farewell

January 16  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

I never thought I’d see the day- but yes, it’s true- Oysters and Chocolate, and its sister publishing house OC Press, are to be no more.

Editors Samantha and Jordan are off on new exciting adventures- and boy, what a legacy they have left the world of erotica!!!

Sam and Jordan

Almost eight years of top notch erotic short stories, poems, and advice;  hot photographs, drawings, and paintings in the gallery, not to mention book reviews, have graced their wonderful erotic web site.

Let’s not forget their paperbacks- the two Oysters and Chocolate erotic anthologies- Erotica of Every Flavor, and Nice Sex, Naughty Girls (both of which I was extremely honoured to have work featured), and then their amazing non-fiction publications (which are BRILLIANT), Mastering Your Man from Head to Head, Penis Genius, and Clitology.

As regular readers of my own site will know, it was Oysters that gave me my first break back in September 2005, with the erotic poem, Regrets

Regrets, I’ve had a few.
Most of them to do with you.
I should have shagged you on the floor.
In the kitchen; against a door.
I could have pressed you to a mirror,
And seen your sweat marks shine and shimmer.

Watched you spill your creamy cum
Across my tits, my face, my bum.
I was too refined to dare to ask
if you would like an anal blast.
And how I wish I hadn’t been
so refined, so frightfully clean.
Although it was smashing, sexy, great,
I so regret that it’s too late.

After that, Oysters took me under their wing- and I haven’t looked back. True, I’ve had a good many publications with other fantastic publishers since (and hopefully will continue to do so), but without that early encouragement, and Jordan and Sam’s continued support, then I have no doubt that life for me would be very different now. I’d probably have left erotica, and gone back to ‘real life’!!!

I could go on and on about how great the site is- but, hey, you already know that it’s wonderful- so I’ll finish now with a personal thank you to Jordan and Sam.

You allowed me to show over 30 of my stories, reviews, and poems on your site. You let me run fast and loose every Christmas with a new seasonal tale, and took my hot courier man novella, Not Her Type, teaching me the art of editing from English to American in the process!!


Through Oysters I have become friends with authors I had previously admired from afar, and could never have imagined being lucky enough to work with, let alone getting to know- Jeremy Edwards, Rose Caraway, Shar Azade, and Dr Richard Wagner, to name but a few!!

So, hurry off now and catch Oysters and Chocolate while you still can. Don’t forget to read the girls goodbye letter, and the huge number of loving comments that follow it.

I’ll close with a big THANK YOU to Jordan and Sam- for everything. GOOD LUCK will your next projects!!!!!

Love Kay xx




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9 Responses to Oysters and Chocolate- A Fond Farewell

  1. what a lovely farewell! thanks Kay. as you know, if it weren’t for our mutual friends, Sam and Jordan, you and i may have never met. and i can honestly say i can’t imagine my world without you. Sam and Jordan will be sorely missed, but what they have set in motion will go on to make all of us better, happier and more erotic people.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Thanks Richard- indeed my world would be all the poorer without my diet of oysters and choc- Can’t wait to see what happens for the girls next! Exciting times !! Xx

  2. Hi sweety,
    Thank you so so much for this lovely parting letter. It’s really very special. In fact, I just may print it out and frame it! This has been such an amazing journey and you were definitely one of the best people I’ve had the delight to meet on this path. You are incredible and inspirational and I hope to someday be even half the writer you are. Much love, Jordan

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      As ever, you are very kind! One day I’d like to be half the writer people think I am! Much luck and love on your next project hun- and to Sam as well, who I think of every time I use a certain fork in my cutlery drawer!!! Good luck out there in the big bad world of writing!!! xx

  3. K D Grace says:

    Oysters and Chocolate will be sorely missed! Samantha and Jordan, thanks for all you’ve done to help make the world of erotica an even more exciting place! Best wishes to you both!

    Kay, thanks for the lovely post!


  4. Samantha Sade says:

    Kay, thank you so much for the sweet farewell! It’s been amazing to work with you and watch you blossom into the singular erotica writer that you are, with such a sexy library of work under your naughty belt! This is so bittersweet, and the tears keep coming, but it makes Jordan I both feel so good to read your words. I look forward to watching your erotic career continue, and I’ll always cherish the stolen fork episode in London. 😉

    Love you girl,

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Bless you- I couldn’t let you both go without a proper farewell- although it isn’t goodbye! I look forward to hearing all about the adventures I just know you will both have next- be they literary or otherwsie! The tears are a good thing hun- shows how much you’ve loved your work- and rightly so! Oysters will never be forgotten, and its influence will live on forever. Love you to babe xx PS- Covent Garden is known as ‘Lost-Fork ‘ land in my house!

  5. I am so sad. I used to check the O&C website every night before bed and read a lil sumthin before I turned out the light. Then one day it just disappeared! I have recently begun to write erotic romances myself and that has a lot to do with being a regular visitor to O&C. I will miss it greatly…I don’t think there’s another site out there that can remotely compare. Thanks to the ladies and I wish them the best of luck with their future endeavors.

    Now can someone tell me where to go now? LOL

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      I wish I could- not sure where to advise you to try – any suggestions gratefully received!! If you like Free Reads though, then http://www.eroticaforall.co.uk regularly has tasters of stories for free. And of course, there is a constant supply of free erotic to download on Amazon these days xx