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September 2  |  News, Reviews  |   Kay Jaybee

Rather than add all my old news and events from before 2010 to my new web site, I thought I’d just mentioned a few edited highlights, and then get on with living the now!  I’ve been so lucky since 2005, when Oysters and Chocolate first took my poem Regrets, and Violet Blue, along with Cleis Press, took my story Jen and Tim for their Lips Like Sugar publication; and I haven’t looked back since.

Each month I wonder if the bubble will burst and my luck will run out, yet so far so good, and the stories just keep on coming- and miraculously getting published!

Some credit for this success must go to the wonderful Dr Dick, or Richard Wagner as he is otherwise known! 

Dr Dick

Back in 2008 he kindly interviewed me to start off a series of pod-casts called The Erotic Mind, for his Sex with an Edge web site. If you fancy a listen to what we chatted about, and would like to know what I was up to nearly three years ago, then just click here for Part One and here for Part Two!

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