Review of The Transformation of Claudia and An Interview with Clarice Clique

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I came to the novella, The Transformation of Claudia, completely new to the work of Clarice Clique, and with no knowledge of vampire based fiction at all, erotic or otherwise. The “Twilight” phase has passed me by, and I have never been a fan of the paranormal- so I was not at all sure what to expect. I need not have worried…

The Transformation of Claudia is a fantastically kinky story centring on the character of Claudia- who, for reasons of ill health, has decided to take the option of becoming a vampire… Set in this world, with the added dimension that vampires are an accepted, although shunned, species, Claudia struggles to cope.

With every shred of her emotion and humanity apparently lost, Claudia fights her personal demons a she attempts to accept how she couldn’t care less about anyone or anything but herself, power, and sex- lots of sex- anymore. Then she meets Bryan, a young man who has suffered in his own way at the hands of vampires.

As they begin to get to know each other, a very sexy, challenging, and fascinating journey begins, as Claudia – harsh, over confident and erotically obsessed- is shown how to find at least a portion of her past self…

Sat on the train, reading this novella, I had intended to only scan a chapter or two for the time being, before preparing for a weekend of marketing my own work- however, (and I know this sounds like a cliché- but it is totally true) I simply could not put my Kindle down. Well written, sexy, intriguing, occasionally horrific, but without being unpleasantly or distractingly gory, this is an excellent tale- a definite must read for those who love their vampire erotica- and for those of you who don’t!!!

I was so taken with this story that I decided to take the opportunity to ask the amazing Clarice Clique, if I could interview her about her writing- and I’m delighted to say she has kindly taken the time to join me here today. So, let’s dive in with the questions…

1.       Have you always been a lover of vampire stories? Do you have a favourite classic vampire tale?

This is my first attempt of writing a vampire story but I have always had a deep fascination with the Vampire genre.  I grew up on Buffy and I adored how the series developed but my favourite classic has to be Bram Stokers, Dracula. The Film adaptation by Francis Ford Coppola is by far the sexiest version.

2.       What other types of erotica do you write? Can you give us a few of your titles?

I adore the BDSM genre and most of my erotica reflects this. My first novel, Hot Summer Days, published by Pink Flamingo, is a Fem Dom story and is one of my favourite creations. I also like creating fairytales my first was a play on the story of Snow White in the anthology, Like A Queen: Lesbian Erotic Fairy Tales by Circlet Press.

3.       What made you write erotica as opposed to other genres? Or do you write other styles of literature as well?

I have always been a sensual person so it just seemed natural to me to write erotica and let’s face it is far more fun!

4.       What sort of things set off that kinky imagination?

Hmm, that is an interesting question. My own experiences, I like to experiment. I also watch people and their relationships and like to guess what naughty things they get up to behind closed doors. 

5.       Future plans? Another novella on the way?

I have never been so busy writing. I have a few pieces that I am currently working on and I have two stories I am waiting to be released. One of these will be out before Christmas in Erotica 4, entitled– My Wife, My Whore. Here’s a quick blurb to whet the appetite-

Cuckold fantasies get turned on their head when a husband forces his wife Marie to listen in as he fucks his boss’s secretary at work. It’s all downhill for poor Marie who is then subjected to more of his degrading dogging fantasies in the local woods! 

In addition to the stories mentioned above, Clarice has work in a number of anthologies, including Explicit Encounters (Xcite, 2011) and Sex in the City- London, (Xcite, 2010)


I would like to thank Clarice for joining me on my website today- if you have never read her work before, you really must- steamy stuff!!

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2 Responses to Review of The Transformation of Claudia and An Interview with Clarice Clique

  1. Rebecca Bond says:

    Sounds like a hot read – off I go to that Kindle book store!

  2. K D Grace says:

    Sounds like a fabulous read! And a great interview! Nice to get to know a bit more about Clarice.