Review- The Candy Box by Kojo Black

August 30  |  News, Reviews  |   Kay Jaybee

As those of you who follow my blog posts will know, this summer I’ve devoted my spare time to reviewing (see Reviewing Reviewing). I’d like to thank all of the authors who have entrusted their stories to me.

It is a scary thing, to be an writer waiting for the outcome of a review. Will they like it? Won’t they? I dread having to write a bad review- how could I tell someone that I haven’t enjoyed their work, when I understand exactly how long it takes to produce such stories, and how hard it is to get a book out into the world in the first place! Happily, I haven’t been put into that position this summer, and today I have reached the final book in my review pile for the time being, The Candy Box.

Split into two separate novellas, The Candy Cottage and The Harward Girls; The Candy Box was written by author, editor, and owner of the Sweetmeats Press, Kojo Black.

Each chapter of The Candy Cottage tells of a fresh encounter that takes place between the staff and visitors of the exclusive, friendly, and fantastically “open” establishment, affectionately known as ‘The House’. A halcyon, yet hedonistic environment, where guests can do anything they like to make their deepest, most joyfully bacchanal desires come true. Run by a Madam who believes in the bliss of sharing the exotic delights of the body, The House is an erotic fantasists’ dream location.

In the introduction to The Candy Cottage, we learn that the idea for this novella came from a real life, now extinct, premises; where the Madam in charge really did revel in providing the means, via the willing services of both men and women, to make the kinky fantasies of others come true.

The stories within The Candy Cottage are written with Kojo Black’s usual detailed passion, and capture the feel and essence of the pastel coloured home of pleasure.

The second novella, The Harward Girls is set in a very different place. Private to the point of external exclusion, The Harward Girls Academy of Music admits only those females who have displayed extreme skill with their instrument of choice, from the cello to the flute. Aside from their musical tuition however, their mistress of music, Ms Samantha Harward, instructs them in the finer points of personal sexual fulfilment.

As with The Candy Cottage, the chapters within The Harward Girls are all separate stories, although there is more of a character overlap in this novella. Obviously with the largely female setting, The Harward Girls has an understandably more lesbian slant, but both novellas feature strong girl on girl sex, along with a satisfying sprinkling of MF action, and a healthy dollop of bi- fun thrown in for good measure.

Not only does The Candy Box contain very sexy tales, it is also punctuated with the excellent art work of  Lara Addams, whose pictures pick out salient moments in the plot; bringing them to life with exquisitely erotic pencil strokes.

Best read as a short story collection with linking themes, rather than two complete longer tales (although once you’ve read one chapter, you may well just have to keep on reading anyway!), The Candy Box is a beautifully produced piece of kink which should hit the spot!!

The Candy Box is available to buy direct from Sweetmeats Press, or from all good book retailers, such as The Book Depository and Waterstones.

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2 Responses to Review- The Candy Box by Kojo Black

  1. I’ve read The Candy Box too, Kay, and I wanted to give a total thumbs-up for the illustrations, which are just fantastic – and very graphic! I think every erotica novel should be illustrated!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Thanks Janine- yes, the illustrations are amazing. Myself and a few of the girls have an anthology coming out with Sweetmeats in the near future, and I can’t wait to see the pics!!