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In past years my children’s summer holidays have driven me to distraction. Not because I don’t love spending time with my offspring, but because I simply don’t have the chance to write.

Any writer will tell you that being deprived of time to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), is immensely frustrating. In my house it is bad for the general atmosphere- I get well crabby if I don’t get at least one hour a day to scribble something onto a page of my notebook. You can imagine how much coffee I’m consuming just to stop me from turning into a word deprived monster!!

This year however, as my children are a little older, I decided that decisive action was required for the sanity of all concerned. It is still unreasonable of me to write erotica while such young people are around- so this summer’s plan was to mull over the works of others.

I have had the privilege to be asked to review a number of books of the sexy persuasion, so with volumes hidden safely within my Kindle, or with false covers wrapped around their exteriors, on the 20th July, I set out on my summer task.

In the past I made it a rule that I would not to do much reviewing. Not because I have anything against reading other peoples work, but because I was always afraid that I’d be influenced by what I’ve read. That somehow, unconsciously, I might adopt another’s style or adapt their ideas; something that is hard to avoid when we are all writing basically the same thing, albeit in different ways. Still- rules are made to be broken! 

I have been so very lucky with the handful of books I have chosen, or been asked to look at. Here’s a taster- the reviews themselves will follow later…

 The first of the summers reads was Secrecy, Sophistry and Gay Sex in the Catholic Church by Richard Wagner. Not your usual erotic read for sure. This is a factual book about the bizarre contradictions of the Catholic Church, and its inability to admit the problems of a gay contingent. Written by Richard Wagner- otherwise known as Dr Dick of Dr Dick’s Sex Advice fame- this is a fascinating read- but I warn you, the injustices within might just make the blood boil…

 The second book on my list took me back into the realms of kink. The deliciously sexy anthology Seducing the Myth, is the latest e-book edited together by the multi-talented Lucy Felthouse. A collection of 30 stories by both new and established authors, it features the adaption (or should that be ‘corruption’) of myths and legends from around the world. If you like your Greek heroes with extra ‘ahhh’, and your fairy folk with lots of ‘ooohhh- Please Miss, now!’, then this is a book for you!!

These two book reviews, Sex and Sophistryand Seducing the Myth, will feature on the wonderful website, Oysters and Chocolate; the first on 20th Oct this year, the second, at a date yet to be fixed; but rest assured I will keep you posted.


  Third on my review list was Transported; Erotic Travel Tales by Sharazade. I don’t want to give too much away here, for the full review and a guest blog post from the lovely Sharazade herself, will be featuring on this site shortly. I will say however, that this is the best solo contributor anthology I have come across for a very long time, and I really began to wish about halfway through the read, that I wasn’t on a crowded train at the time…

  My final book to review this summer is The Candy Box, by Kojo Black from Sweetmeats Press.  It is into that tempting looking cover I will be diving today. I’ve had the pleasure of both meeting with, and writing for, Kojo but this will be the first Sweetmeats publication I’ve read. Watch this space, for I will be sharing my thoughts on two stories within The Candy Box with you very soon…


Reviewing has been, and continues to be, an interesting way to keep in the ’erotica’ loop, without risking leaving a myriad of notebooks, and ideas scribbled on the backs of envelopes, lying around the house during these summer months. I have written reviews before of course. Only this week Oysters and Chocolate published my review of KD Grace’s latest work, The Pet Shop.  Reviewing properly however, takes time, and in the normal run of my working days, I simply don’t have any! So this last 4 weeks (and the next 2), have provided the perfect opportunity to savour the words of others- and I can honestly say every read has been worthwhile. In fact, I think they may just have saved my sanity, and provided my children with a less irritable mother!!!

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8 Responses to Reviewing reviewing!

  1. Shar says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Reviewing is such fun–a delicious combination of reading and writing, and yet it really does take time. I think those of us who managed to score with you… heh heh, managed to score a review with you… feel very lucky.

  2. Scary coincidence… you’re just starting The Candy Box and I just finished it and posted my review! (Don’t read it though, hun, don’t want to give anything away!)

    Sharazade’s book is high on my list, too :))

    And as for Seducing the Myth… well I’m glad you liked it but I can’t wait to see the full review!

    At least all this reviewing is keeping you sane, eh?

    L xx

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