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March 1  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

I never forget how lucky I am to spend my spare (spare???) hours writing erotica- but some days, really shout it out LOUD.

Last Friday night for example- Was I cleaning the house? Was I ironing or attending to the vast number of spreadsheets awaiting my ‘proper job’ attention? Nah- I was heading to London to take part in the More Bang Reading Slam at Sh! Portobello!!

                                                                                          Organised by the one and only KD Grace, with the unstoppable Sarah Berry as her right hand- the reading slam was an aural feast of hot words and spectacles- from stories, poems and semi (yes, only semi!!) stripping- all in a very good cause. All the money raised from entry fees to the event went to support the Sex Advice Association.

Keeping to a strict 5 minutes each (if not- I was on hand to spank the bottoms of those who looked as though they might over run- yes, really!), I kicked off the literary proceedings.

Reading from The Collector

I was swiftly and expertly followed by this group of lovelies, Lexie Bay, Lucy Felthouse, The Dragon King’s Daughter, Liz Coldwell, Annie Player, Janine Ashbless, Ernesto Sarezale, Lynn Mann, Meg Phillips (who had her bottom severely spanked for over running- yummy), and finishing up with the Queen of Erotic Romance herself, K D Grace.

A massive thanks must go to KD Grace and Sarah Berry for putting on such an extravaganza, and to Sh, for once again hosting an erotica event with such style!

As if that wasn’t enough fun for one weekend,the following night I had the pleasure (after a sumptuous day of simply writing- bliss!!!), of attending the Sh Shop in Hoxton,where KD Grace (yes- the woman is amazing and unstoppable!!) was launching her latest novel, Body Temperature and Rising, the first of a trilogy of paranormal tales.

The packed audience was treated to five snippets from this ultra hot story.


To add to the evening,we were all treated to some incredible art work.

Three hot new artists (in every sense of the word) had each taken a scene from KD’s book, and immortalised it in their own distinctive and original styles.

I have shamelessly pinched the following photographs from Kd Grace’s web site so that you can see these stunning works of art. I am also pleased to be able to tell you that they are all for sale- so if you’re interested, just shout, and I’ll get word to those who need to know!!

Fuschia Ayling’s Interpretation of the opening scenes of BTR; Lost on the Fells


Jess Pritchard’s Interpretation of Refuge from the Storm in a Slate Quarry      



I think you’ll agree, I was very lucky to have such a great weekend! Thanks to everyone who helped to make it so much fun xx

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