Smutty at Sh!

April 11  |  eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

I love going to Sh! !!

Partly because, for a short burst of time when, not only can I think “Kay”, I can be “Kay”! I can wear the short dress with the stockings just peaking out beneath. I can have thigh high boots and a cheeky smile, and basically be a little silly and a little risqué all evening…

You could possibly argue that it’s because of the non-stop flow of pink champagne and cupcakes of course; not to mention having the chance to sit on the wonderful pink throne as you read. (Although it is a hell of a lot lower than it looks, and I confess that as I sat down, I did so with rather less aplomb than one would have liked, and showed a little too much of those stocking tops- whoops)

Kay Reading

I certainly adore meeting fellow writers, and on this occasion at Sh! Portobello Road, I was privileged to meet Victoria Blisse and Lexie Bay for the first time, and renewed my acquaintance with the multi-talented Lucy Felthouse. Naturally KD Grace was hiding in the audience- my right hand woman in any porn related situation!

I love visiting Sh! for all those reasons, not to mention the shopping opportunities that present themselves when one is in such an interesting environment…There is also the mildly salacious buzz that comes from reading smut in public- which, as anyone who has done such a thing will tell you, is a rather addictive sensation!

Goodies at Sh!


On Saturday night I was taking part in an e-book promotion. My e-novel, The Perfect Submissive, and my new e-anthology, Yes Ma’am, were on the menu; alongside a multitude of delicious extracts from the excellent e-anthology Uniform Behaviour, edited by Lucy Felthouse.

I had the honour of reviewing this book a little while ago, but I must admit I’d forgotten just how good it was, so if this one has slipped you by, then while you are buying The Perfect Submissive, and Yes Ma’am, why not add Uniform Behaviour to your shopping basket as well? (Hint hint!)

Surrounded by the gorgeous art work of Mayo (which will remain on display at Portobello Road all through April, before moving to the Hoxton store for May), I took great delight in talking the assembled throng through each picture, all of which have been inspired by my stories.

Should you wish to take a look at Mayo’s art, but are unable to get to London, then visit my gallery page, and take a peep. She also takes commissions- and trust me- the work is excellent- and very much better in real life than it appears on my web- I can’t take a good photograph to save my life!!

…and Willing

If you would like to be part of the next Sh! Erotic reading experience- then why not come along to the Hoxton store on 6th May. I’ll be there with the excellent KD Grace, who will be giving the world the first preview of her new novel, The Pet Shop. Tickets are already available from Sh!- email

See you there… x

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4 Responses to Smutty at Sh!

  1. K D Grace says:

    It was a lovely time, Hon! As always! And you were fabulous! I loved ‘The Perfect Submissive,’ and can’t wait to read ‘Yes Ma’am.’ And Mayo’s art is fabulous! Glad it’s going to be exhibited at Hoxton too. Can’t wait for May!

    K Dx

  2. It was a fabulous evening and I was honoured to be reading alongside you! You did brilliantly, and the cheeky stocking tops were a delight to behold. Perhaps just as well most of the guys were sitting further back, eh? 😉

  3. Renee says:

    It was suach a great evening! I cant wait for next reading on 6th May _ I might even wear stockings meself..! 😉