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March 24  |  Book Publications, News  |   Kay Jaybee

Today I had the surreal experience of being interviewed on The Book Show, an afternoon programme hosted by Hannah Murray on Talk Radio Europe.

I’ve never done anything like this before, and boy was I nervous. I had no idea what to expect beyond the knowledge that I was going to be asked about my book The Collector, and my writing in general. Plus of course- it went out live!!

Listening with interest to the two authors that were interviewed before me, I got steadily more terrified- I was literary curled up on my sofa in my cosiest, most comfortable clothes, surrounded by notes on The Collector, waiting for the phone to ring and my turn to go on air!

Hannah is lovely. She called me herself during the advert and music break, and reassured me that I’d be fine.

The questions were not at all what I’d imagined- and rather on the tough side. I’ve never, for example, known how to describe the difference between porn and erotica- I know there is one, but these days the difference is increasingly more subtle, and darn difficult to explain when you’re on the spot and very much aware of thousands of ears listening to your “wise” pronouncements!

The toughest question had to be concerning the differences between romantic fiction and erotica; and how the gap between the two has decreased over the years. I’ve never been in to romance, never read a Mills & Boon, and was frankly talking from a very uninformed point of view! Still, I gave it my best shot!

It was definitley an experience worth having, and I must thank Chloe at Austin & Macauley for setting this up, and to Talk Radio Europe for having me- but my nerves are only just returning to normal!! Thank goodness for red wine and chocolate!!

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