The Initiation of Miss Holly- A Review

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November 30  |  Book Publications, News, Reviews  |   Kay Jaybee

The Initiation of Miss Holly by KD Grace

Published by Xcite

Review by Kay Jaybee

What would you think about if you were trapped in the dark in the Euro Tunnel, with no prospect of reaching your destination for some time? This very real occurrence sent the erotically tuned mind of KD Grace on a literary journey, which lead to the creation of her amazing first novel, ‘The Initiation of Miss Holly.’

         The temptation is to charge straight in; to tell you that this is a wonderfully hot book, which will have you running down your vibrator batteries in no time. I could merely assure you that each and every scene will pull you from one encounter to another, in a heady rush of eroticism. I won’t tell you that of course – I’ll be sensible, and give you a bit of background to the story- then I’ll tell you that KD Grace’s story is the best erotic novel I have read for a very long time.

The concept of The Initiation of Miss Holly is a simple one. What would happen if you were unable to see your lover? When Rita Holly is trapped on the Euro Star, and first encounters the mysterious Edward, the blindness they experience is enforced by an electrics failure. When Rita agrees to meet him again however, at the posh dance club and restaurant, The Mount, Edward’s insistence that she wear a blindfold all the time they are together, both intrigues, terrifies, and arouses her. As they share a dinner, in which Rita can only imagine what her host looks like, he offers her the chance to take part in a very special game – to become a member of a secret sex cult…

The Initiation of Miss Holly allows Rita to have as much sex as she wants, but not with the one person she most wants it with…not with the all powerful Edward. Instead, she is taken on an eye opening journey, as she learns to cope with, enjoy, and endure, the techniques of the vicious bitch Vivienne, the mouth watering Morgan (I will not spoil things for you- but I would recommend employing an extra amount of concentration when reading Chapter 13), the human zoo presided over by the intriguing Leo, and a host of other deliciously enticing characters and kinky encounters.

Only if Rita Holly completes her journey, will she be considered worthy by The Mount cult’s council, and be granted what she wants more than anything – to see the face of Edward…

As I was saying –  The Initiation of Miss Holly by KD Grace is the best erotic novel I have read for a very long time.

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