5 Days of 1001 Nights- Day 2- Bottoms in Love by Gregory Allen 99c/77p

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Day 2 of my 5 Days Of 1001 Nights blog series!

Today I’m delighted to feature the work of the fabulous Gregory Allen. When I first read Bottoms in Love I could not put it down. It won’t surprise you that I like spanking stories- and this one is one of my favourites- just check out my review here.

Until Friday, you can get this fab story, along with all Jeremy Edwards The Pleasure Dial, PM White’s fabulous Volksie, Sharazade’s hilariously clever A Skiff of Snow, and Not Her Type, by that Kay Jaybee woman, from Amazon for the BARGAIN price of only 99c or 77p!!!!!

COMPETITION!! If you read all 5 of my blogs this week, you could win a free e-book!Just count up how many times the word “wonderful” has been used!! (Not including the text in the blurbs and extracts) and then, after the final blog on Friday, leave me a comment with your email address, telling me the total. The competition will remain open until next Monday, when I shall announce the name of the winner I’ve picked from a hat!!

So here we go guys- it’s tasty taster time…


Nothing gets Carter hotter than the thought of his wife in charge — submitting to her desires in the bedroom. And Lindsey can be the perfect dominatrix: demanding, knowing, pushing all the right buttons. The problem? She’s submissive too. Her idea of the perfect place is at the feet of a commanding husband.

Lindsey and Carter think they’ve solved the apparent problem with the toss of a coin, an impartial system to randomly determine who’s on top — this time. But a string of the coin coming up heads leaves Carter particularly whiny about having to dominate his wife for an evening. He manages to quell his jealousy and give Lindsey some of the punishment she craves, but when the coin comes up tails the next time, his wife decides to show her husband a real punishment.   

Bottoms in Love by Gregory Allen has been republished by 1001 Nights Press with added content.

Bottoms in Love cover


From Part One: Heads

The dime sat tails-side-up, centered on top of her left hand, the shimmer of the fresh coin dulled by the diamond close by. “Now, don’t look glum,” Lindsey said. “Fair is fair.”

Carter nodded and smiled. He picked up the dime and dropped it into his shirt pocket, took his wife’s hands in his, and leaned in and kissed her. “Are you ready to go?”

She frowned. “Are you?”

As he rose and stood next to her, her expression changed. Her lips parted, her chin dropped down, her eyes brightened. He motioned for her to rise, and she, quickly and gracefully, slid her chair back, swung her touched-together knees toward him, and pushed up. She slipped against him, feeding her arm between his hip and the nook of his elbow.

He led her.

She remained just a fraction behind, drawing brief stares from men sitting with their dates at the dimly lit tables along the way. Her purple skirt wrapped around her legs, falling just past her knees. The white of her shirt, pressed forward by her breasts, emerged in his periphery even as his gaze stayed forward. She loved to play the part of his eye candy to tease him, but he knew better.

The dime had come up tails four times in a row. The odds quickly popped into Carter’s mind: one chance in eight. He shuddered. Of course, the streak wasn’t that unusual, and had it been the fourth time in a row that the coin landed heads up, he would have been perfectly pleased with the result. Lindsey seemed to know what he was thinking, and she squeezed his arm, bolstering his resolve.

A hostess opened the door and smiled good night to them. Carter said goodnight in return, letting his wife out ahead. She waited, just beyond the threshold, giving the hostess only a nod, and slipped beside her husband again. He walked the length of carpet under the canopy outside the restaurant’s doors  and handed a ticket to the valet. The city lights were brightening under the arriving dusk.

The rarity of an evening out allowed them to splurge on an overpriced dinner and expensive wine, though a night at home alone, with the kids at her parents’, was the real treat. Tempered only by the unfortunate flip of a coin. The car pulled around and Carter walked his wife to the passenger side. She slipped off his arm as he opened the door and sat in the leather passenger seat, smoothing her skirt, which had ridden up, and letting her hand trail down her knee.

Carter tipped the valet and got in on the other side. He gripped the steering wheel and exhaled a desperate breath. “Can we do two out of three, please?”

“Could we if I had won?”

Carter put the car into drive. “No.”

Lindsey crossed her right leg over her left and squeezed against her husband as he pulled out of the lot into the street. “I always take my turn without complaint.”

“All right. Fine.”

The firm tone of her husband caused Lindsey to straighten and sit up. “Ooh, are we starting?”

“I guess.”

“You can’t guess, if we’re starting.”

Carter glanced down at Lindsey’s knees lightly rubbing together. “Lift up your skirt.”

She slid her hands down the sides of her thighs, keeping her knees touching, acting coquettish. Bunching the skirt, she drew the material halfway up and stopped.

“Farther. Show me your panties. If you’re even wearing any panties.”

“I am.” She obeyed, raising the skirt higher. She slunk a bit in her seat, and the white strip of her underwear emerged, her pussy tightly encased within. “See? I told you I was wearing panties.”

“Watch your tone. You know what will happen.”

She wriggled under his glare. The band of her seat belt pressed between her breasts, pinning her blouse tight and accentuating the pertness of her nipples, which even through her bra showed hard at her husband’s strict demeanor. He returned his attention to the road, but surprised her by taking swift, firm hold of her thigh. A sharp intake of breath preceded a lengthy sigh, and Lindsey slunk down further in her seat. Her skirt bunched around her waist, and she nudged her panty-covered pussy toward her husband’s hand, but he kept her at bay. His eyes remaining on the road, he stroked her thigh without allowing her grinding lap the touch she craved.

Finally, the pinky side of his hand grazed her, and the slight touch released her yearning breath into the quiet enclosure of the car. Carter remained stoic. She slid toward him, and his hand moved once again towards her knee. “Oh, please,” she said, in a whisper, but he only glanced down, smiling, and shook his head.


Hope you enjoyed that guys!

A big thank you to Gregory for allowing me to reprint his work here today! You can check out Gregory’s page on the 1001 Nights Press site here 

You can buy Bottoms in Love at the SALE price of 99c or 77p from-

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Gregory Allen writes female domination stories for hopeful romantics, which makes this story, about a pair of bottoms making it work, something of a switch. His femdom novels, all published by Pink Flamingo, are Courting Her, Protege Mistress, and Serving Her.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for the third mini dip into the library of 1001 Nights Press!!

Happy Reading Everyone

Kay x


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