Virtually Down Under!!

September 30  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

One of the most amazing things about being a writer is occasionally being asked to read your wares at book events. For me, this has to be one of the most rewarding aspects of my work- and it is also one of the most scary!!

I’ve always been rather shy (yes I have!!!), and so putting both myself and my work out there, and hoping my rendition of it matches my readers imaginations is rather nerve wracking. It is however, tremendous fun.

Last Tuesday I had the great pleasure of taking part in an erotic book reading at the wonderful Dymocks Book Store in Adelaide, Austraila….”Hang on a minute Kay!” I hear you cry, “Don’t you live in England??”

Indeed I do, and it was via the magic of the wonder that is Skype that I joined the totally brilliant Kyoko Church and one of the newest kids on the Australian erotica block, Tamsin Baker, at the Dymocks Bookshop- at 7.30pm their time, and 10.30am my time!

Kyoko Church and Tamsin Baker

Kyoko Church and Tamsin Baker

All was good- From the cost comfort of my living room I had been introduced to Kyoko- who is every bit as gorgeous as she is lovely and kind, the Skype link was behaving, the audience were in place, laughter was bouncing off the walls, and then, as Tamsin got to her feet to read her work…Yes, you guessed it, the Skype link went down!!!

I turned swiftly to stare accusingly at my router- how dare it do this to me now!! And low and behold, the Internet was down. What did I do? Did I panic?- Of course I did- there was a shop of happy Australians waiting for some serious smut from three authors, and suddenly they only had two!!

So, I grabbed up my copy of Making Him Wait– the BDSM erotic romance from which I intended to read- crashed shut my laptop, hooked up my car keys, and leapt into my car with the speed of someone who had had way too much coffee that morning.


Driving across town, I was chanting a mantra under my breath, ‘Please be in – please be in…’ For I was heading to the home of my best friend a few miles away…Was she in? Yes!  Phew!!

Taking one look at my face, she guessed what had happened- we had only tempted fate the day before about what would happen if Skype didn’t work- and so she ushered me into her study, hooked up my connection, rushed to get me a drink of water, and….I returned to the land of Oz in time to hear Kyoko thank everyone for listening to her story….Deep breaths were then taken…

Luckily for me, not only were stories being read that night (morning), but a fascinating array of sex toys were being shown by the folk from the wonderful No.96!

Wow- Now, due to the angle of the laptop screen, I couldn’t actually see either the toys, or the faces of the audience- but I promise you lovely readers, that any description of a sex toy is enough to set my imagination going- and I could fully picture the chastity belt I could hear being described!!! Also- there are few things as telling as the position of an audience’s feet when it comes to squirm factor…I did enjoy watching those rows of trainers, heels and boots wriggle!!!

shoes pic

Then I was my turn! And I dived in with a reading from Making Him Wait (Sweetmeats Press) which featured some alfresco BDSM action focusing on twigs and a butt plug….I’ll say no more!!!

I think the audience enjoyed it! Their feet certainly shuffled at the right times!!

A quick Q&A session followed, and then it was time to go- back to work for me, and off to chatter, grab a drink, and head to their homes for a night’s sleep for Kyoko, Tamsin, and the good folks of Adelaide.

I just wanted to pass on a HUGE thanks for Kyoko Church for inviting me a long. I know how much hard work goes into setting up events like this, and I am very proud at having been a part of it, from however far away!!

Also- thanks to Tamsin- whose work I really hope to hear if I’m ever invited back, and to Louise, and all the good folk at Dymocks for coping with a virtual guest!!

If you want to discover for yourself what happened in Making Him Wait with the twigs and the butt plug, you can buy my BDSM romance from all good retailers including Dymocks (if you’re in Australia or New Zealand), and MHW-

Amazon UK –

Amazon US-

Happy Reading Everyone,

Kay xx






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2 Responses to Virtually Down Under!!

  1. Louise F says:

    Kay, thank you so much for joining us! It was such a fabulous night. I’m only sorry I didn’t jump in and change the angle of the webcam so you could see the fun! Maybe next time 😉

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      It was great fun- and I wouldn’t have missed the expressions on those feet for anything!! If you ever need me again, just shout xxxx