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December 31  |  News, Thoughts, Web & Magazine Publications  |   Kay Jaybee

Well, here it is; 2011..a Brand New Year!

What better way to begin it, than with a beautiful new antique pine desk covered in fresh untouched notebooks (thoughtfully provided by Father Christmas), a brain positively bursting with kinky ideas, five forthcoming publications (I’ll have to keep you in suspense about those for a while though!!), and – best of all- a gorgeous spanking new web site!!

Designed and set up by the wonderful Lucy Felthouse, you can use these web pages to see my latest news, book, e-book, web and magazine publications, and even say ‘Hello’ to me on my fresh and shiny comments page.

Once a month I’ll be airing some of my thoughts on writing erotica, and what inspires me when creating my naughty tales. As a special treat for my web launch, I’ve shared a beautiful erotic sketch with you. It’s the perfect picture to kick start your imagination. – Check out the introduction to the ‘Thoughts’ page, and take a peak.

If you fancy a touch of erotica with your New Year’s celebrations, why not check out The New Year Dancers; my sex slave story, which features on the first page of the Oysters and Chocolate web site for 2011! here’s a little taster…

The New Years Dancers

Shivering against the frost covered branch. I wrapped the shawl tighter around my shoulders, thankful for the fleece, thick trousers and thermal gloves I’d had the foresight to put on. Ungainly in my bulky attire, I took comfort in the knowledge that buried beneath it all lay an exquisite silk camisole and matching knickers. Their soft hidden presence made me feel even more secretive as I sat, silently hunched, in the bows of a giant oak tree. Waiting. 

New Years Eve. I should have been drinking, dancing and laughing with my friends, waiting for the stroke of midnight, but I‘d cried off the party. I had to know if it was true. There’d been rumours for years. I’d grown up listening to them; always making sure I was within ear shot, but out of sight. Now, as the New Year approached, my skin glistened with damp air and anticipation, as my eyes searched the clearing below me for any signs of life. I glanced at my watch. 11.30pm. Disappointment crept over me. Maybe it was all some sort of weird joke. Perhaps I’d got the wrong place. Ten more minutes and I’d give it up.   Faint at first, the eerie sound of a flute wafted through the trees. I pushed my back against the oak’s trunk and held my breath…

Happy New Year All xx

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2 Responses to Welcome to 2011

  1. Shar says:

    Ooooh, I want to say hello on your fresh and shiny comments page! Someone needs to make sure it works. 😉

    Great looking site. I love the book covers!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Thanks Shar!! Glad it’s working- I love the book covers as well – all credit to Lucy Felthouse for those! Need to get writing and add some more now!