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August 1  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

Wow!!! I’m Xcite’s Author of the Month!!!

I’m flattered, honoured, and- well, to be honest- amazed!!

The way I attempt to make a living is a constant source of surprise to me. Sitting tucked up in the corner of my local cafe each morning, with my trusty notebook writing kinky plotlines, is a million miles from where I thought I’d be spending my working life when I was a student. I always thought I’d be stowed away in a dusty university somewhere, writing learned papers on Medieval England that no one would ever read, and translating legal Latin texts that no one else would be interested in! I could swear that at no point on the suggested careers list I was given did it say, “This girl should write erotica”…

writing woman

I didn’t set out to write erotica. It happened totally by accident almost nine years ago. My children had just started school, and suddenly I had a little time on my hands.  As is my habit, I took myself to a coffee shop (I’m addicted to those places). I was daydreaming out of the window (another addiction!), and from somewhere (don’t ask me where it came from- I have NO idea), an incredibly spicy spanking story popped into my head.

Although I wrote it down straight away, it took me a while to be brave enough to send my efforts to a publisher, but when I did, miraculously, it was taken up.

Ultimate sins

It was two years later when I finally had the nerve to send some work to Xcite for one its anthologies. That first Xcite story, Maggie, relied on my historical training roots, and featured an FMM threesome, medieval style! Featuring in Ultimate Sins, Maggie became the first of 20 short stories I’ve had with Xcite- and more exciting still- paved the way for the arrival of my very first novel, The Perfect Submissive!

The Per Sub- new rope

To my utter delight and bewilderment, I’ve gone on to have over 80 individual pieces published now- including 2 novellas, 4 anthologies, and 2 novels (with 3 more are on the way!), for Xcite.

After my initial publications, even though I was thrilled to have found something I enjoyed doing; I wasn’t sure how people would react to my chosen style of writing. It is sad fact that, even in these days of high sex toy sale, and easily accessible sexy romance novels, many people can’t separate the art from the subject matter. If I wrote crime thrillers, no one would assume I went round robbing houses after dark, but as a writer of smut, the number of people who jump to the assumption that I must therefore hang around on street corners every night is soul destroying!!

Consequently, although I am a little more open than I used to be, I still largely write in secret- this cloak and dagger life has its plus points though- I will confess to taking a rather salacious pleasure from sitting in public, sipping coffee, writing down words I’d never say, about things I’d never do!

Keep a close eye on my blog and on the Xcite pages, Twitter, and Goodread this month- there will be Kay Jaybee book offers and competitions!

And best of all – ALL KAY JAYBEE BOOKS are at 25% off ALL MONTH- on Xcite and you can find me on Amazon!!!!

Happy reading everyone!!

Kay xx



Kay xx


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