Nine Years of Smutty Wordage!!! Kay’s Anniversary Blog

September 9  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

As ever, I can’t believe another year has rolled around, and here I am writing an anniversary blog to mark my ninth year of writing erotica!!

Book row 3

I always seem to start these blogs with cries of- ‘I can’t believe where the time has gone!’ and ‘How can it possibly be this long already?!’- And once again, I’m wondering those very things!

One minute I was sat in a cafe in Scotland writing a very kinky cross-dressing story down on a napkin (just because it had popped into my head and I felt I had to get the idea out), and the next, I’m sat in a cafe on the south coast of England having written a respectable handful of novels, with another about to be released, and a few more lined up…

So – what a year it has been!

I’ve taken part in the opening of a new Adult Boutique outside Canterbury, read at the wonderful Sh Woman’s Store a few times, appeared in the Huff Post, Woman’s Own, and the Daily Mail, and been nominated for Best Erotic Author 2013 by the ETO.

I became a Brit Babe!! Joining the fabulous Kd Grace, Lucy Felthouse, Lily Harlem, Natalie Dae, Tabitha Rayne, Victoria Blisse, and Lexie Bay, in a joint blog that provides a wonderful reference to the best erotica available today!



I’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to the wonderful Modesty Ablaze– who I’m proud to say is a big Kay Jaybee reader- and had a fantastic time meeting and re-meeting a whole host or erotica folk at the Eroticon UK conference in March- the highlight of which had to be the poetry lesson by the brilliant Ashley Lister– I’m still laughing!!

On the actual writing front things have been as hectic as ever (not a complaint!!)- I was over the moon to be asked by Xcite Books to turn my BDSM novel The Perfect Submissive into a trilogy- and so I have spent the majority of the last six months writing Part 2 of the story of Miss Jess Sanders! Entitled The Retreat, this novel continues with a BDSM theme- but with extra spanking. It will be out on 10th October… Watch this blog for more details very soon! If you can’t wait- you can pre-order the paperback version from Amazon UK and Amazon.com already!!

The Retreat- New rope

Alongside this novel, I’ve been scribbling away at a handful of short stories for the a number of anthologies, including, Best Bondage Erotica 2014 (Cleis Press)

BBE 2014

And, just to add some icing to the erotica cake, I’ve been working on a new anthology! There will be a special ‘Kay Jaybee Kinky Christmas’ collection hitting the eBook world- but more about that later in the year…

Blimey- I had no idea I’d been so busy!! And life is about to get a whole lot busier- for not only am I Kay these days- but also Jenny Kane!! (See the box at the top right hand of this blog page).

Jenny’s first novel- the contemporary romance- of the non-soppy variety- is called Another Cup of Coffee– and I’m pleased to say, has been going down very well so far! Phew!!! I was very nervous about branching away from the erotica!!

ACOC- cover

So- from tomorrow, when my lovely daughters will be back at school for the new term (both at High School now!!- How did that happen?!), I will be beginning not one, but 2 new novels!!- Part 3 of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, and the second Jenny Kane novel- oh, and I’d better go to work as well, or my courier boys will be wondering where on earth I’ve got to…

No rest for the wicked….hee hee hee….

Happy reading!!

Kay xx



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Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters!! Day 2- Quick Kink Two

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August 27  |  eBooks  |   Kay Jaybee

It’s Day 2 of my Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters- and following hot on the heels of yesterdays extract from Quick Kink One, here’s a snippet from Quick Kink Two!



Quick Kink Two satisfies the reader with twelve bite-sized erotic tales of lust, master and servant domination and submission, bondage, instruction and voyeurism.

From the full-on experience of a journalist at an S&M wedding (The Bride Wore Rubber), to the power games of a mistress and her four willing slaves (Just As She Says), to the private, but instantly sexy adventures of a woman awaiting her part-time lover (Secret Smile), Quick Kink Two provides a tempting dose of straight, bi, and lesbian fantasy.

This anthology of toasty tales gets a Brit Babes rating of…


I’m feeling particularly kind and smiley today- so let me treat you to a complete short story- let’s share a…

Secret Smile

Joanna’s legs felt stiff. They ached in places she didn’t think it was possible for them to ache. Even her hips throbbed, preserving the echo of where Lee’s hands had been; reminding Joanna of how he’d grasped her body with beautifully rough force.

The smile that played at the corner of her eyes as she moved around the house, carrying out the mundane tasks of the afternoon, was the only indicator of the amazing encounter just past. As Joanna poured water into the sink to tackle the mountain of washing up, her mind replayed the highlight of her day.

She’d been waiting for the doorbell to ring since one o’clock. It was already almost three, and time was running out. In a little over half an hour she would be on the school-run, and Joanna would turn into “Mum” once more, and not a sexy woman awaiting her lover.

Over the past few months Joanna had become accustomed to giving constant glances towards her front door as she sat at her desk working. She’d long since stopped worrying if Lee would turn up or not. If he was late it was because a job had overrun, not because he didn’t want to spend a few precious moments of time with her on the parallel universe they’d created for themselves.

No one else knew they met. A fiction they perpetuated by the sheltered nature of her home, her neighbours’ workday absence, and the fact Lee always parked his battered blue van in the next street.

Of course the later he was, then the faster the sex would be, but, Joanna thought to herself as she failed to concentrate on the spreadsheets she was theoretically working on, one of his quick fucks was always worth experiencing.

Joanna’s levels of anticipation increased with each tick of the clock that sat on the bookshelf next to her desk. As the flick of the second hand echoed through the quiet of the room, her body began to react to the frustration of waiting. She could almost feel his rough hands on her smooth, pale flesh. They’d be calloused, with the fresh cuts he’d have picked up that day from whatever his work as an odd-job man had bought him.

Her state of semi-arousal increased as her nipples, desperate for the attention her body had been expecting for the last two hours, pushed against her black satin bra. Leaning back in her swivel chair, Joanna closed her eyes and, impatience getting the better of her, began to dance her slim fingers over her thin maroon shirt. Undoing her buttons, one at a time, she pictured Lee standing before her. Joanna smiled as she imagined his clumsy digits fumbling over the tiny fastenings until he got frustrated with them, and simply yanked the whole garment over her head.

Only two buttons of her blouse were still done up, when the urgent ringing of the doorbell abruptly pulled Joanna from her erotic musings. She dashed to the door.

Lee hastened inside, apologising for his lateness, and muttering something about a badly blocked drain. His face, however, showed instant approval at Joanna’s dishevelled state. Muttering, ‘Nice bra, baby,’ he wasted no time, and dropped his hands into the gap she’d made, popping her tits free so he could attack them with his mouth.

She groaned into his shoulder as teeth grazed her nipples, sending electric shocks through her nervous system, instantly igniting her pussy. Then, as one, in a flurry of urgency, they simultaneously remembered the shortness of the time they had together, and yanked off their own trousers and underwear.

Joanna’s pulse raced rapidly as she saw how gorgeously hard he was already. Recognising the hunger in her eyes, Lee rolled on a condom as he whispered into her ear, ‘I’ve been pumping blood down there for the last two hours thinking of you, babe.’ Without bothering to ask for permission, he flipped Joanna over onto her front, and swiftly impaled himself into her from behind.

‘That’s so good,’ Joanna murmured as she surrendered her body to his thrusts, relishing the solid weight of his muscular frame as his huge hands grasped her hips. Slamming hard against his lover, Lee slipped a hand over her slick clit, massaging her wetness in time to his movements.

‘Talk dirty to me, baby.’

Without hesitating, Joanna immediately began to tell him what he wanted to hear, ‘You really are a bad boy, making me all wet, I’ve been thinking of how well you fuck all afternoon. I’ve also been thinking of a girl I once knew …’ Lee sighed as he listened, increasing Joanna’s confidence as she continued, ‘… she used to spend hours just sucking my tits, but you suck tits better, much better. Hell, I’ve never been as horny in my life as I get thinking about us together; my vibrator batteries have worn right down since our last shag …’

Lee grunted urgently into her ear, ‘Babe, I’m coming.’ He increased the pressure of his fingers on her clit, and suddenly Joanna was climaxing as well, her body shuddering against his sweetly sweaty bulk as he moved even faster.

They dressed quickly, laughing at their crumpled, semi-clad selves, making plans for their next encounter. Then, giving Joanna a fiercely deep kiss, Lee was gone.

Joanna sat on the sofa, marvelling at how quiet and big her house felt after her lover’s departure. Flexing her muscles, she knew that, in about an hour, her body would start to bruise and throb, with the satisfying worthwhile sort of ache which always gave her a secret smile.


There are 11 other equally sexy tales within Quick Kink Two– if you fancy a peep, you can buy this e-anthology from Xcite with 20% off – Or from…

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/Quick-Kink-Two-instruction-ebook/dp/B008GU41P6/ref=pd_sim_sbs_kinc_1

Amazon.com- http://www.amazon.com/Quick-Kink-Two-instruction-ebook/dp/B008GU41P6/ref=pd_sim_sbs_kstore_1

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow, when I’ll be treating you to a bit of BDSM…

Kay xx




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Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters!! Day 1- Quick Kink One

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August 26  |  eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

It’s the last week of August, and therefore the last week of me being Xcite’s author of the month!

I thought it would be great to celebrate by taking a dip into my Xcite works, and revive the Tasty Tasters Fortnight I ran on my site last year!

So brace yourselves, for I am about to fill the next seven days of my blog with chunks and tit bits from the Kay Jaybee archive!!

Then next week, to welcome in September with a bang, I will be handing over to my fellow Brit Babes, who will be sharing some of their delicious offerings with us!

What better way to kick off Day 1 this exploration into my past works, than to offer you two books at once! Fancy a bit of Quick Kink?

Let’s start with a mini morsel from Quick Kink One…



Quick Kink 1 recounts bite-sized erotic tales of dominance, submission and bondage, as well as instruction, voyeurism and romantic lust.

From the unusual use of a dictionary (A Delivery of Words), the bizarre obsession of an Egyptologist (Bastet), and the afterhours indulgences of the staff recreating life in a strictly run Victorian manor house (Through the Crack), to the tale of an intensely sexy female threesome (Routine), Quick Kink 1 provides twelve delicious fixes of straight, bi, and lesbian fantasy.

Both Quick Kink One has a Brit Babe rating of…



A Delivery of Words

‘I have a confession to make.’

As my courier sat down opposite me at a small table in my local café, I waited for him to expand on this unexpected statement. What could this man, who I didn’t know beyond the fact that he was called Joe, and that he had driven his van to my home once a week for the past eight months, have to confess to me? After all, we only see each other for 30 seconds of chat every seven days, while I sign for my parcels of editing. That works out at an average of two minutes interaction a month. I was intrigued.

‘A confession?’

He dropped his deep brown eyes to his plate of chips, whether in mock-confession or with genuine embarrassment, I’m not sure. ‘Ever since you told me what you did for a living – you know, what you write about, what you edit and that, well, I haven’t been able to shift you from my head.’

When he looked up to see my reaction to his stumbled statement, despite his 30 or so years, Joe blushed like a teenager.

It would be untrue to say I’d never fantasized about him and what might happen if I was ever to see the inside of his big blue van. But then that’s my job, to fantasize; to create an erotic situation out of anything and anywhere. We are certainly not talking hearts and flowers here.

Joe’s short, strawberry blond hair had obviously been recently cut, and his green polo shirt was either on its second day of wear, or he’d got very hot in the van that morning. A vague, not unpleasant, odour of maleness mixed with deodorant, wafted across the table at me. I could just see the bottom of a tattoo poking out from the edge of his short sleeve. His arms were muscular, but not over-worked, and had probably been built up via the heavy lifting of parcels and packages rather than working out in a gym.

Leaning forward, I fixed him with my professional stare, but still allowed a flicker of a smile to play at the corner of my eyes. ‘The idea of me sitting here innocently writing obscenities in public? Or the fact that I spend most of my time thinking about sex? What’s the thing that gets you going exactly?’

He returned my steady look, but I could see amusement struggling to escape from the corner of his lips, which gave an involuntary twitch as he sat fiddling with his fork.

‘I asked you a question?’

Joe grinned, giving me a glimpse of surprisingly white teeth. ‘I guess it’s the innocence thing.’

‘Innocence? That’s not a word I’m usually associated with.’

‘I bet it’s not!’ He picked up a chip and slipped it into his mouth. ‘At least, not by people who know you. To the rest of the world, well, you look so, so …’

‘Ordinary?’ I smiled to let him know the word wasn’t offensive to me.

‘Well, yes, I mean, you’re attractive and all that, but you don’t look like a queen of porn.’


‘I’m sorry?’

‘I don’t look a threat, so people tell me things. Their most intimate secrets. It’s a bit like being an actress really. I adopt different personas to get information and stories out of the unsuspecting public, and then I write about what they’ve told me.’

‘So you don’t make it all up then?’

‘Not always, no. Sometimes I invent short stories, but most of the time I record the weird and wonderful exploits of the unbelievably warped British public.’


I could tell he was mildly disappointed, so I leant forward, and gave him my flirtiest conspiratorial look. ‘Any stories you wish to share with me? You could star in my next book.’

Now he looked really embarrassed. ‘Not really. Nothing unusual enough for you, I’m sure.’

‘Would you like there to be?’


And that’s where we left it. I’d already finished my coffee, so I decided to let Joe ponder what I’d said, and went home to do some writing.

He came to see me the next afternoon.

The day after that, Joe found me in a coffee shop. He sat down and told me a story.


‘She’d obviously been expecting me, and had prepared carefully for my arrival. In fact, I’d told myself I wouldn’t be calling on her that week, for I had no parcel to deliver, but of course I went. She knew I would, and I did.

She opened the door to her terraced home with a knowing expression on her face, and I felt momentarily cross with myself for being so weak, so predictable. But that feeling didn’t last, as the woman I know only by her initials, led me into her home.

It wasn’t at all what I’d expected. No silk throws, no red leather furniture, no fluffy, feathery cushions. It was just a house like any other. She seemed to understand my disappointment, or at least my confusion, and explained how the house was a short-term rental for the duration of her writing project in the south-west of England. She told me, quite firmly, that she wasn’t a tart, she was a writer.

With the mention of her writing, I felt a frisson of lust shoot down my spine, and my eyes were drawn away from my companion to the desk in the corner of the living room. It was cluttered with pens, pencils, and reams of paper. Next to a closed lap-top lay a pile of books, a few of them obviously tomes on erotica, but the one on the top was a dictionary. Somehow the very ordinariness of the dictionary extinguished my desire; it seemed wrong for someone like her to own any literature that wasn’t lurid in some way.

Her gaze followed my own, and she picked up the large, obviously well-thumbed, paperback. “The dictionary. The dirtiest book ever written.”


Lowering her voice until it reached a slow, husky, sexy tone, she said, “It contains every word I use. Every word. Every sentence I write comes from in here.” Standing only inches away from me, her unblinking eyes, bored into mine. “I mix the words, change them, arrange them into whatever I want … whatever you want.”

The author was almost whispering now, and I was hanging on her every utterance. All I could think of was the very nearness of her, the fact that I was so close to her moist lips, her neat breasts and her soft, bobbed red hair.

“Say a word Joe. Any word from the dictionary.”

I regarded her blankly for a second, distracted from my craving for her body by a request which seemed quite out of keeping with our situation.

“A word, Joe. Say the word you want to say right now.”

My brain clicked into gear as she fanned the dictionary in front of my eyes, as if it was some sort of naughty sex toy, and I said, “Kiss.”

I had expected her to kiss me straight away, but she didn’t. She nodded, as if to say I’d done the right thing, took a step away from me, and turned to the relevant page of the dictionary.

“Kiss: to touch with the lips in an expression of greeting; to join lips with another in love or desire.” Then, placing the book down on the short sofa behind her, she turned back to me, “I think we can manage that, don’t you?”

Then her lips met mine. Her kiss went way beyond the dull description she’d just read. This was a woman who knew how to kiss, how to have sex with just mouth to mouth contact and, when she pulled away, I felt bereft, but she just looked calm and returned to flicking through her dictionary.

I said nothing. I realised then, as I beheld her cool composure, what I suppose I’d known all along – that this was just research for her. An interesting anecdote for her to share with me, and then immortalise in her next anthology. I should have minded, had some pride or something, but I didn’t, for she was already asking me for another word, and my brain was reeling with possibilities…


If you want to know what other words this lucky courier discovers, then you can buy Quick Kink One from Xcite with 25% off!! Or on…

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/Quick-Kink-One-bite-sized-ebook/dp/B008GU4372/ref=sr_1_1? ie=UTF8&qid=1367596740&sr=8-1&keywords=Quick+Kink+One+kay+jaybee

Amazon.com –http://www.amazon.com/Quick-Kink-One-bite-sized-ebook/dp/B008GU4372/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1367596989&sr=8-1&keywords=Quick+Kink+one+kay+jaybee

See you tomorrow for some Quick Kink Two!!

Kay xx

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BARGAIN!!!!! The Collector ONLY $1.18 or 77p!!

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August 9  |  eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

I am delighted to say that my very first solo book- the e-version  linked anthology/novel THE COLLECTOR is on special offer until 13th August!!!!

It is ONLY $1.18 or 77p on Amazon!!!!



The 21 stories included in this book have been compiled by an anonymous central narrator referred to as the Collector, who either acquires the tales from a willing third party (Cupboard Lust), or overhears information and fills in the blanks herself (Learning). Not a call girl or a sex club queen, she sits in coffee shops by day, gaining a strange pleasure from writing up her salacious literature in public. Travelling on public transport as much as possible, listening to conversations in restaurants, pubs and cafes, she keeps her eyes and ears open for potential material. When sources run dry the Collector takes matters into her own hands, engineering situations worth writing about by doing some direct research (Treasure). Occasionally she visits the select clubs and private houses of the Home Counties, which guarantee to provide the type of material required to retell the most erotic of adventures (Tequila). Divided into chapters, the stories vary in length from 250 words to c.4000 words. Each tale is pulled together with a short narrative, which offers a brief history to the piece, without frustrating the reader intent on the stories themselves. From New Territory, which provides information about both our narrator and her writing, to Alone, The Collector takes the reader through every gambit of the sexual experience. Lust, submission, dominance, instruction, voyeurism and masturbation, are all observed within the genres of heterosexual, lesbian and solo sex. 

I had SO much fun researching this book- there are so many stories out there in the world…my eyes and ears are always open- so be careful what you say if you see me coming!!



Or get it in paperback for only £2.99 from Austin & Macauley!!!
Happy Reading Everyone
Kay xx
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August Alfresco

August 6  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

It’s AUGUST, and that means it ‘s time to think picnics, woodland walks, paddling in the sea, licking ice creams (oh, watch that bit, it’s dribbling down your chin…), and sunning yourself (okay, so that depends where you’re living), out in the great outdoors. What better way to relax on those deck chairs, loungers, and picnic rugs, than with a little bit of smut…


I’m delighted to be joining in with the Blisse August Alfresco event! To take part in this fabulous chance to win some BRILLIANT prizes, just check out these instructions…

Comment on this post to be in to  win one of these fabulous prizes:

A  Kindle  and £50 worth of Total-E-Bound ebooks.

or  £50 worth  of Xcite ebooks

And be sure  to check out all the August Alfresco posts at http://smutalfresco.co.uk and comment on each one to have more chances to win. 

All terms and conditions  are available at smutalfresco.co.uk and the winners will be announced on the  1st September at the website.


So- what tasty outdoor morsel can I tempt you with while we enjoy all things alfresco?  How about a snippet from my BDSM erotic romance Making Him Wait?


One of my favourite things to do in the summer is to walk in the woods- although my walks never end up like this one has for artist Maddie and her intended partner, Theo…

“What’s in the bag?”

Theo’s enquiry brought Maddie back to the reality of her plans. She began to walk as they talked, leading Theo into the woods in the opposite direction to the public footpath. “A few essentials – picnic, rug and stuff. Just the basics.”

“Sounds good.” Theo began to follow, but suddenly he stopped dead.

Something about the way Theo was staring into the trees sent a quiver up Maddie’s spine. “You okay?”

Theo shrugged. “I keep having this weird feeling I’m being watched. It’s nothing. Probably a deer.” He caught up with Maddie, gallantly taking the bag from her shoulder and slinging it over his own. “So where are you taking me?”

“You’ll see.” Striding ahead again, Maddie’s trainers picked their way over the network of tree roots. “Come on, Mr. Electrician.”

They walked on in silence, the trees becoming denser as Maddie followed the route her memory had sketched out the night before. Twenty minutes later she pointed to a fallen tree on the ground in front of them.

“Here we are.” Maddie sat on a fallen tree trunk which hovered just above the mossy, twig-strewn ground.

Theo stood in front of her. “And ‘here’ would appear to be the middle of nowhere.”

“Yes. Perfect for what I have in mind.”

“And that would be?”

“I told you. You really must pay more attention to the texts I send you, Theo. I am going to tie you to a tree.” Maddie gestured to the trunk on which she was sitting. “This tree, actually.”

Only the faintest hint of surprise tinged Theo’s voice as he said, “And what makes you think that I am simply going to let you fasten me to that?”

Maddie undid the clasps that secured her rucksack and produced two long leather straps, complete with buckle fasteners. She ran them lovingly through her fingers. “Because you want to know how it feels to be on the receiving end of my attention. Because the dick that is so obviously challenging your shorts right now wants to sink itself inside me, and because I promised that I would tie you to a tree – and I always keep my promises.”


“Eventually.” Maddie laid the leather straps over the round curve of the trunk. The afternoon sun hadn’t yet perforated the canopy of trees and as she stroked the space on the trunk next to where she sat, Maddie found that it was still damp from the rain of the previous evening. “Come here, Theo.”

Theo sat as instructed, his legs stretched out in front of him, one hand resting on his knee, the other lightly on Maddie’s bare leg. “I see the remaining paint has come away now,” he remarked.

In no mood for small talk, Maddie lifted his palm from her leg and placed it on his other knee. Then, facing Theo, she smoothed her fingertips around his waistband. Pushing the flat of her palms up under his t-shirt, absorbing the heat of Theo’s torso, edging his top higher, until he automatically raised his arms and she could take it off over his head. “Turn around.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Theo appeared sincere as he obeyed, and the stirrings of power that had gathered at the pit of Maddie’s gut began to swell.

“Stay still.” Maddie knelt to her pack, producing a picnic rug, which she lay over the trunk of the tree. Then, satisfied that Theo was waiting as instructed, she returned to her bag and took out the short white cane she’d used to attack the duvet only the night before.

She hadn’t heard him move. Maddie shrieked as two firm arms wrapped round her waist and lifted her bodily off the ground. Kicking against him, Maddie struggled to be free, but Theo’s grip held fast.

Dropping her to the rough ground, Theo placed one foot on the middle of her belly, pressing just hard enough to pin her down. “Did you honestly believe I would forgive you that easily? That I would simply roll over because Maddie Templeton told me to? After being teased, being forced to wait and being made to feel foolish?”

Maddie’s heart beat so fast it felt as if it was going to break out of her chest. She could have twisted away from him. It would only have taken one quick lurch to the side. But she didn’t move. What was worse was that Maddie knew Theo was aware she could escape…and yet she didn’t. Instead, her mind was frantically working out how to retrieve the upper hand with maximum dignity…


Well I hope that whetted your appetite for a bit of alfresco fun- or at least a bit of an outdoor read!!

Enjoy all the August Alfresco blogs folks!! Don’t forget to check them all out- and you must comment to be in with the chance to win!!

Happy reading everyone!!

Kay xx


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