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Nine Years of Smutty Wordage!!! Kay’s Anniversary Blog

September 9  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

As ever, I can’t believe another year has rolled around, and here I am writing an anniversary blog to mark my ninth year of writing erotica!!

Book row 3

I always seem to start these blogs with cries of- ‘I can’t believe where the time has gone!’ and ‘How can it possibly be this long already?!’- And once again, I’m wondering those very things!

One minute I was sat in a cafe in Scotland writing a very kinky cross-dressing story down on a napkin (just because it had popped into my head and I felt I had to get the idea out), and the next, I’m sat in a cafe on the south coast of England having written a respectable handful of novels, with another about to be released, and a few more lined up…

So – what a year it has been!

I’ve taken part in the opening of a new Adult Boutique outside Canterbury, read at the wonderful Sh Woman’s Store a few times, appeared in the Huff Post, Woman’s Own, and the Daily Mail, and been nominated for Best Erotic Author 2013 by the ETO.

I became a Brit Babe!! Joining the fabulous Kd Grace, Lucy Felthouse, Lily Harlem, Natalie Dae, Tabitha Rayne, Victoria Blisse, and Lexie Bay, in a joint blog that provides a wonderful reference to the best erotica available today!



I’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to the wonderful Modesty Ablaze– who I’m proud to say is a big Kay Jaybee reader- and had a fantastic time meeting and re-meeting a whole host or erotica folk at the Eroticon UK conference in March- the highlight of which had to be the poetry lesson by the brilliant Ashley Lister– I’m still laughing!!

On the actual writing front things have been as hectic as ever (not a complaint!!)- I was over the moon to be asked by Xcite Books to turn my BDSM novel The Perfect Submissive into a trilogy- and so I have spent the majority of the last six months writing Part 2 of the story of Miss Jess Sanders! Entitled The Retreat, this novel continues with a BDSM theme- but with extra spanking. It will be out on 10th October… Watch this blog for more details very soon! If you can’t wait- you can pre-order the paperback version from Amazon UK and already!!

The Retreat- New rope

Alongside this novel, I’ve been scribbling away at a handful of short stories for the a number of anthologies, including, Best Bondage Erotica 2014 (Cleis Press)

BBE 2014

And, just to add some icing to the erotica cake, I’ve been working on a new anthology! There will be a special ‘Kay Jaybee Kinky Christmas’ collection hitting the eBook world- but more about that later in the year…

Blimey- I had no idea I’d been so busy!! And life is about to get a whole lot busier- for not only am I Kay these days- but also Jenny Kane!! (See the box at the top right hand of this blog page).

Jenny’s first novel- the contemporary romance- of the non-soppy variety- is called Another Cup of Coffee– and I’m pleased to say, has been going down very well so far! Phew!!! I was very nervous about branching away from the erotica!!

ACOC- cover

So- from tomorrow, when my lovely daughters will be back at school for the new term (both at High School now!!- How did that happen?!), I will be beginning not one, but 2 new novels!!- Part 3 of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, and the second Jenny Kane novel- oh, and I’d better go to work as well, or my courier boys will be wondering where on earth I’ve got to…

No rest for the wicked….hee hee hee….

Happy reading!!

Kay xx



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