Welcome to my thoughts and inspirations page.

Here, I’ll be sharing a few of the ponderings that kick around my constantly active imagination; from plot line creation, to the influences of everyday life on my writing. The most mundane overheard conversations in cafes, on the bus, or in the supermarket can light the touch paper when it comes to writing, as can quotations, art work, and music. In fact, there is very little that won’t trigger something in my mind, and lead me towards another naughty little story…

I can’t promise they’ll be no moans and groans on this page! After all, this writing lark may be wonderful, but boy it can be frustrating sometimes!

Now and again, I’ll also be treating you to some brilliant art work, sketched and painted by a very dear friend, who has inspired my plotlines on many occasions with her incredible pictures; be they erotic or not, and who, I’m proud to say, has been inspired in return by my stories.

   To celebrate the launch of my new site- I’m treating you to one of my favourite sketches, entitled ‘Undone’.  Something about this drawing just sets the imagination off; Where is she? Is she alone or in company? If she isn’t alone, then who is she with? What are they about to do? What has happened to get her semi naked? Did she have a bra on before? If so, where is it, and how did it get removed? Is she gay, straight or bi? Is she pulling her shirt from her jeans because she wants to, or is she following orders? I could go on and on…..

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  1. Karyn Vincent says:

    This sketch is beautiful! Does leave a lot of room for your imagination to fill in the blanks which is thought provoking and emotionally stimulating! Love the detail in the blouse and hands and of course the tits are very nicely done as well! Would love to see more from this talented friend of yours!

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