Comfort Zone

November 17  |  News, Uncategorized  |   Kay Jaybee

It is often said that we should all do something that scares us every day. That it is healthy to take ourselves outside of our personal comfort zone.

As a child, just the act of having to answer a question out loud during class was enough to scare me to death. My comfort zone at that time could have been described as being where I was either on my own, or with friends who wouldn’t ask me tricky questions! Things haven’t really changed much, yet these days I seem to be living outside of my comfort zone more and more often.

Writing erotica in itself is pretty wide of my comfort zone – at least it used to be. Over the last six years however, I have become at home with the smutty words and phrases I write- it is now the act of marketing my work that takes me out of my zone.

To write about myself, my work, to ‘BIG IT UP’ is so unlike me. Even carrying business cards with the words, Kay Jaybee’ Writer of Erotica’ on them, is rather like hang gliding over enemy lines!

Extreme bravery is required whenever I travel to London to read my material at Sh!, or when I attend the Erotica expo’s at Olympia, as I will this coming weekend- despite really looking forward to, I know I will be the victim of sweaty palms and a nervous stomach!!

I, and many of my colleagues, will be reading short excerpts from our work. In my case, I shall be regaling passersby with a five minute extract from my Fem Dom e-novel, The Perfect Submissive. I am particularly delighted to be reading from that story as I have recently heard it will be turned into a paperback, with a brand new sexy cover- which I will share with you very soon!

I will also be on a writer’s panel, answering any questions you may have about the art of writing this genre, and what on earth made me do so in the first place! It is this that makes me more nervous than anything! What if I can’t answer the questions? What if I can’t hear the questions in the first place? What if? What if?
For me, it is like being ten years old all over again, not understanding a word my English teacher said to me!! Yet, I know full well, that once I have done it. Once the panel is complete- I will have loved every second of it!!

If you fancy coming along to Erotica 2011 to have a mooch around the incredible delights available on the sales stands, and watch the variety of shows on display, it would be great to see you. Click here to see the events time table. If last year’s show was anything to go by (see my blog all about it), it should be an excellently kinky weekend.

At a more local level, as more people become aware of what I do for a living, I find I am asked to step a toe out of my comfort zone here to. Just last weekend for example, I found myself roped- with a huge amount of nerves- into being a model for a fantastic new boutique called Snob, at a fashion show in a local hotel. An excellent evening of jazz and singing could so easily have been spoilt by me falling off my gorgeous boots, or falling to turn, move in the right way, etc, etc, etc…..

To say the adrenalin was pumping puts it mildly- but, with hair that was styled into something that I can only describe as ‘French Aristocrat on the way to the guillotine’- held together with an ozone layers worth of hairspray and 37 bobby pins, I wiggled the hips and waggled my fingers in the words most beautiful mittens, and survived the experience! It was- as you’d imagine, good fun. So why do I get into such a state before hand!!?? Stage fright will be the death of me!!

I’m off now to hide under my scarf, hat and dark glasses, to bustle my way through town, writing my naughty words under the cover of ‘woman writing shopping list’ in the corner of the library. See you at Erotica 2011!!!

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4 Responses to Comfort Zone

  1. Justine Elyot says:

    Oh wow, the modelling sounds tres glamorous! I’d love to have seen you, bet you were ace.

    Have fun at Erotica xx.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Thanks honey- modelling was fun once I made myself do it!! Sorry there are no pics or anything- would have given away where I live!! Sorry we won’t see u at Erotica xx

  2. I think we’ll all be somewhat nervous at Erotica! Looking forward to seeing you, love (and you can always ask one of us to repeat a question if you need to!) xxxx