Erotica 2011- Xciting Times!

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There is something about my train journeys home from London. They are always a reflective time, a few precious hours in which I can digest all the sights and sounds of which ever gig I have attended, and time to undergo the coming down process. For my trips to the big smoke are truly like some sort of drug, sending me on a massive high. They also enable me a few precious moments to sit and write this blog!

On this occasion I, like so many of my colleagues, attended the Erotica 2011 extravganza at Olympia.

Erotica 2011 Before The Masses Hit!

Last year I attended the event purely as a spectator, this year however, I was there to work, and proudly sported my staff pass curtesy of Xcite Books. After Matt – Xcite’s latest computer whizz and extra smily recruit- had found me to give it to me!!


On arrival to the seething masses of Olympia- having given myself the required ten minutes to get my head around the fact I really am watching people considering buying dungeon equipment- I headed to the Xcite book stand to meet up with the gorgeous KD Grace and crew, to galvanise ourselves, before heading to the London Seminar room to read our smut to whoever cared to pop by to listen!  Along with Liz Coldwell, KD Grace, Lucy Felthouse, Victoria Blisse, Georgia McCrae and, making her Erotica reading debut- Lexie Bay, I happily (but nervously) launched into my work.

Reading The Perfect Submissive

I decided that, as it is to come out in paperback soon (after a year as an e-book), I would read a section from The Perfect Submissive– which seemed to go down well!

The moment the reading was done, and with the wonderful husband brigade in tow, coffee was most certainly required- so we all retired to the balcony where we could enjoy the best part of Erotica- people watching!!!  Burly men walking around in bright red high heels with far more grace and style than I could ever aspire too, slaves crawling around on their hands and knees at their master or mistresses say so, women in bravely revealing net outfits, men dressed as babies- and everyone looking so wonderfully relaxed and happy- I swear there is nowhere else in the UK where everyone can be exactly who they want to be without fear.  Perfect.

I was joined on the Saturday afternoon writer’s panel by the wonderful Victoria Blisse, Lucy Felthouse and Kitti Bernetti. Our compare and interviewer per excellence was Jane Wenham-Jones– who ran the session with a smooth professionalism that swiftly banished all nerves. (At this point I would also like to thank Jane and the girls for altering the seating and table position during the room- just so I could hear everything from the crowd and the discussion- many thanks.)

For the first 40 minutes we discussed how we wrote, where our ideas come from, and what sort of erotica we wrote. As always it amazed me how wide and varied our ideas, styles, and writing techniques are, despite us all aiming to achieve the same goal in the end- producing read hot stories providing a plot line strong enough to keep the reader interested between the steaming sex scenes!

Writers Panel at Erotica 2011

Once our discussion was over, questions were opened to the audience. It always feels rather strange to me that anyone would consider me worth asking anything- but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t give me a bit of a buzz! As did signing copies of my anthologies along with my colleagues once the discussion was over. Many big smiles and cheek kisses were exchanged!

As always when I am in good company, and having an indulgently writing weekend, the time flew at a frightening rate! No sooner had I unpacked my little holdall of clothes, than it was time to pack it again, and start my journey home again.

I had SO much fun though- and I would like to say a huge thank you to Hazel and the crew at Xcite for asking me to take part in their book promotion.

Roll on next year!!!!

Xcite Books

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8 Responses to Erotica 2011- Xciting Times!

  1. Sounds like an amazing time Kay!!

  2. K D Grace says:

    Thanks for bringing all back to me again, Sweetie! That’s one of the best things about the events we all share, is reliving them through each-others eyes! It was fabulous to see you! Can’t wait till next time!


    • Kay Jaybee says:

      All the blogs have been great- the same event- but all very different angles!! So much fun to see all the different perspectives xxx

  3. It was a pleasure, as always, to see you Kay and what an experience Erotica is!

  4. Rebecca Bond says:

    Aw, Kaybee – what a fantastic event with such fantastic people, all my favourite writery bods (plus Parv – who in my opinion always manages to outshine us all – how does she do that?!)

    Great blog post, buddy!

    R x