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Guest Post from Yolanda Shoshana – The Magick of Scent

I’m delighted to be able to bring you a brand new guest to my site today- the incredible Yolanda Shosha- witch, clairvoyant, seduction alchemist, and so much more…this is fascinating…

Over to you Yolanda…

I love talking about the power and magick of scent which is why I recently created delicious scents based on my characters in my new magickal novelette, Coven of the Courtesan. Each character has a sexy perfume potion inspired by them and then there is the Goddess Magickal Mist based in rose water to heighten a woman’s vibration. Totally thrilled to bring this conversation to here. Thanks so much Kay Jaybee


One of the best tools for foreplay in the art of seduction is magickal aromatherapy. It was the Egyptians who first created perfume and the bases for what is known as magickal aromatherapy. In fact historical seductress, Cleopatra, use to wear jasmine perfume on her lips. When her lovers kissed her, it would leave her scent with them. Her intent was to make men think of her after she left their presence. She also would put jasmin on the sails of her boat so that Mark Antony would smell her in the distance as she was on her way to him. Now you see why she gave him a hard on right?!

Magickal aromatherapy uses the power and healing of scent with visualization to conjure what your heart desires. Using magickal aromatherapy can help you conjure seduction and sex that brings passion with a heightened vibration.Smells affect all of your senses which is why it is such an aphrodisiac.

Here are four suggestions for notes that conjure love and sex magick. You can simply use put oils on your body, in a burner or use them in candles to ignite scent into your boudoir what I also like to call the “love temple”.

Vanilla- Most people are familiar with this scent. It is one of the top smells that men love. It is great for sexual arousal. Light up a vanilla candle to set the sensual mood.

Cardamom- A luxurious scent that simulates the  appetite. It works well to conjure love, lust and sex. A good one to have in the nightstand if you know what I mean.

Fressia– The lovely scent is great to smell for a loving relationship. It also frees your mind in case you have has a lot of things going on in the relationship.

Lavender- This lovely and popular scent conjures up divine love. Great for your tantric make out sections.

Incorporate magickal aromatherapy into what you wear for your perfume as well, the more natural the perfume the better. Though there are some smells such as gardenia that do not come in an essential oil, so in those cases use what you have.

As you look for a perfume to add to your tool box for seduction think about what you would like to allude.  Do you want to be sexy, flirty or all about sex? Be known for leaving a smell in the air that makes everyone think “oh la la” or “oh hell yes.

Yolanda Shoshana is a Minister of Magick, Courtesan Curator, Clairvoyant, Witch, and Seduction Alchemist that helps women have amazing love, toe curling sex, and release their magick. For more about her work and magkical aromatherapy: http:www.yolandshsohana.com. Check out her new magickal novelette series, Coven of the Courtesan which is Charmed meets Sex and the City.

Young woman with long slim sexy legs in black shoes

Thank you so much for coming to visit today Yolanda! I’ve always loved stories of Cleopatra, and the more I learn about her, the more I am sure she was one woman who knew exactly how to get what she wanted in every  respect!! I’d love you to come back soon and tell us more about your fascinating life!!

Happy reading everyone,

Kay x




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  1. Great post, Yolanda!

    Fascinating topic, scent — especially for those of us who live by our noses and, as mammals, we all used to, didn’t we?


    • Kay Jaybee

      Too true Kd- my Grandfather had no sense of smell (chemicals killed it during the Second World War) and I always felt so sad for how much he was missing. I always think life has a way of compensating though- his eye sight was incredible. My own sense of smell is really acute- I’m sure it’s my reward for having such poor hearing xx

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