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The Power of the Little Red Dress- Blissemas Kissmas from Kay Jaybee

I’m delighted to be taking part in this years Blissmas Kissmas…


I thought I’d bring you a kiss from my new festive anthology, Christmas Kink today- from the story, The Little Red Dress.

In this snogging extract, normally sensible Alice, is being swayed by both the wanton behaviour of the gorgeous little red dress she has been persuaded to wear to the office Christmas party, and her desire for revenge against Gary, the man who publically dumped her at the Christmas party last year…

Letting the dress do the thinking, aware that Gary would be there any moment, with her pulse thumping faster and faster, and her blood coursing through her veins with a strange chilled heat, Alice tiled her stomach forward, so it met the blondes and said, ‘I think we should give him much more to think about than that…’ And, before she had given herself a chance to think, Alice leant forward and brushed Susie’s lips with her own.

She hadn’t been prepared for the shot of electricity that instantly ricocheted through her frame. Alice wasn’t sure if she’d planned to kiss Susie harder all along, or if that first small kiss had been intended to be a one off, but suddenly there were no doubts and no questions. There were just hands and lips.

As Susie’s palms pressed Alice’s breasts through the scarlet material, she whispered, ‘Your first time with a woman?’

‘No, but it’s been a long time.’ Alice reciprocated by rotating the flat of her hands over Susie’s breasts, ‘Gary has no idea I’m flexible in my approach to sex.’

‘He will have in a minute.’ Susie kept up the pressure of one hand over Alice’s left breast, while hooking her other hand under the little red dress, working it up the clinging fabric.

Alice gasped, in the concentrated buzz of adrenaline her new circumstances had bought she’d totally forgotten that she was going commando. Her pussy twitched with desire as one of Susie’s fingers met her smoothly shaven mound.

The gasp was echoed by Susie, whose blue eyes dilated like saucers, ‘Wow, you beautiful hussy you! I had expected a thong!’

‘Complaining?’ Alice rocked her hips further forward, so that more of her pussy could feel the exploring finger.

‘Oh hell no.’ Susie began to match the rotations of Alice’s palms at her chest with the movements of the digit, while adding a thumb to the mix; using it to nudge Alice’s clit every few seconds.

With their mouths glued together, Alice’s world became focused on the tongue, lips, and fingers of the woman opposite her. She was so close to climax. All evening it had been as if her dress had been subconsciously goading her on, and now all Alice wanted to do was come against this unknown woman, and then return the compliment.

No sooner had she had the thought, than Alice’s channel muscles began to spasm and flex, her stomach flipping with pleasure, as the hand at her breast abruptly thrust itself down her cleavage and pinched a rock hard nipple, forcing an orgasm to wash over her…


Christmas Kink

You can find out what happens next, and enjoy the four other kinky festive capers in Christmas Kink by buying it from –


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Merry Christmas

Kay xx






  1. Lol. She’s flexible. Great snippet. Merry Blissmas!

  2. Stephanie

    Sounds like merry revenge!

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