I’ve been tagged by the gorgeous Kd Grace to take part in this Blog Hop- so here we go!!

If you could achieve anything with your writing in 2014, what would it be?

What I’d love above all else is to achieve enough book sales to release my novels from Print of Demand to full print runs so they could be found in actual shops. You remember bookshops right? But unless there is an economic miracle this year, I can’t see that happening!

What are the top three demons you must slay to achieve your goals in 2014?

  1. Self doubt- I never believe my writing is good enough.
  2. I have to stop being so nice. It has been proved to me over and over again that certain publishers confuse my being kind with the right to walk all over me. I have to toughen up!!
  3. The fear of branching out into new genres.

Name three things that inspire you to write

  1. New locations
  2. Overheard conversations
  3. Song lyrics

What advice do you have for a new writer who is considering writing fiction?

Take no notice of what other people are writing, or tell you to write- write what makes you happy, what drives you. If you don’t feel a passion for your subject it’ll never work, so do what makes you feel good.

And edit- a lot!!


Time to tag another writer friend!!

Keep an eye out at Lexie Bay’s site- www.lexiebay.co.uk – I am hopping the blog her way…

Happy Reading

Kay xxx