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Brit Babe Nominations at the ETO!!

Forgive the brevity of this post- I am neck deep in edits, am planning the next novel, and my ‘real’ job is chilling at me from the corner of the room- oh, and there is ironing to do (when isn’t there?!)- but I just had to nip by to shout YIPPEE!!!

I have just heard that for the second year running I have been nominated in the Best Erotic Writer category at this year ETO Awards!!!

ETO mag

As if this wasn’t fantastic news enough, I am up there with two of my dearest friends and colleagues, the wonderful Kd Grace and the non-stop Lucy Felthouse- both part of the Brit Babe team! Believe me when I tell you that without the support of the Brit Babes, I’d have given up this writing lark a long time ago!! Their support and encouragement is constant and essential!!


Not only that- but the fourth lady in the five nomination line up is the one and only Violet Blue!! A leading figure in sex education, editor of some of the best anthologies in the business and- most important of all (to me anyway)- Violet was the first person to publish any of my work in a book!!

The final runner in the best writer group is the one and only Sylvia Day, waving the flag for hot romance for the second year running!!

ETO nominations

I’ve placed my vote- which was very very difficult- not just within the writer a category, but for best publisher (I’ve written for all buy one of the 5 nominees), best retailer, best product….the list is long, and each nominee really deserves to be there!!

So if you are in the trade, and can vote- please do!! http://www.erotictradeonly.com/

Four of the Brit Babes will be attending the awards at the NEC in June this year- myself, KD Grace, Victoria Blisse, and Lexie Bay – so if you’re coming along- do find us and say hello!

Happy voting everyone,

Kay xx


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  1. Huge congratulations Sweetie! So looking forward to celebrating with you and the Brit Babes in Birmingham at the ETO awards banquet!


    • Kay Jaybee

      And congratulations to you hun! Let’s aim to have even more fun than last year-if that’s possible! X

  2. My goodness . . . K’s J and G, Blue, Day and Felthouse . . . it really will be like the Oscars! Glam, Glitz AND Style!!!
    Congratulations to all.
    Xxx – K

    • Kay Jaybee

      Thanks hun!! W’ll have a wonderful time whether we win or not! Are you coming along to ETO this year?x

      • Ooohh . . . will have to check my diary, but not being a “professional” I probably wouldn’t qualify for entry.

        • Kay Jaybee

          I don’t know if you’d noticed- but you are every bit as professional as I ma- you write- I write- same thing- apply to vote- and vote, and then come along!!! xx

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