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COMING SOON- Cover & Blurb Reveal- The New Room

The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, and the initial trials of Miss Jess Sanders may be over, but when Xcite asked me to write one just more story about Jess and her colleagues at The Fables Hotel, I was delighted.

The New Room– which carries on from the final book in the trilogy- Knowing Her Place, will be out in late February.

Here’s the first sighting of the cover and the blurb! Hope it takes your fancy!!


Miss Jess Sanders, resident submissive of the Fables Hotel’s adult entertainment floor, has been instructed to test out the new facility that her manageress, Mrs Peters, has designed for the sexual pleasure of her clients.

With a dungeon, Victorian study, medical bay, school room, and the daunting White Room already available for their guests, Jess can’t begin to imagine what lies behind the innocent-looking door to the new room.

Under the supervision of dominatrix, Miss Sarah, and with the assistance of her colleagues, Jess steps into the new room and quickly discovers she is about to experience far more than she bargained for … and at freezing temperatures.

With the feeling that she’s acting in a play that everyone knows the script to but her, the Fables perfect submissive is challenged to the limit in Mrs Peters new room, and beyond …



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Happy reading,

Kay xx


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COMING SOON- Available for Pre-Order- THE NEW ROOM


  1. Liz Castillo

    Love it! Looking forward to it!

  2. I can’t wait . . . tingling already!!!
    Xxx – K

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