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Day 12- Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters: The Perfect Submissive (Book 1)

It’s Day Twelve of my Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters series! Today is all about my BDSM novel The Perfect Submissive – the first part of my popular (I love that I can say that!!) trilogy of the same name. The Per Sub- new rope


Hidden behind the Fables Hotels respectable facade, five specially adapted rooms wait; ready to cater for the kinky requirements of its guests. When Mrs Peters, the mistress of the hotels exclusive entertainment facility, meets the new booking clerk, Jess Sanders, she instantly recognises the young woman’s potential as a deliciously meek addition to her specialist staff. All it will take is a little education. Under the tutelage of the dominatrix, Miss Sarah, Jess learns to cope with her unexpected training schedule, the increasingly erotic chill she experiences each time she survives a new level of correction, and a truly sexy exercise routine. Temporarily distracted from her intimidating rule over Fable’s top floor by  an enigmatic artist, Mrs Peters begins to plan how she can secure his obedient assistance, in grooming Jess into the perfect submissive…


I am delighted at just how well my BDSM trilogy of novels is being received at the moment- it has been very difficult choosing a piece to share with you that didn’t ruin the story before you’d read the book. I think perhaps Chapter Seven, when Miss Jess Sanders embarks on an interesting new exercise routine, might just whet your appetite without spoiling the plot!!

Chapter Seven

Although she had visited the majority of the facilities provided by the hotel, until now Jess had managed to avoid the gymnasium. The bookings to use the spa and sports equipment were handled by a separate reception at the entrance to the gym, and the closest Jess had got to it was to point the Fables guests in the right direction. Waiting just inside the sports hall, Jess was reminded of the horror of games lessons at school, the humiliation of the changing rooms, and the hour of hell she’d endured three times a week when she’d totally failed to be good at any sport at all. A humiliation that had stayed with her, putting her off all sport for the rest of her life. She hated the smell of the place, the sort of antiseptic chlorine-style aroma with an undercurrent of sweat. The air felt heavy and trapped, as if impatient for the day’s activity to get underway. Even though it was only seven in the morning, Jess could see two eager tennis players making their way to a court at the far side of the hall, their footsteps echoing against the floor. Notepad and pen firmly to hand, Jess looked around impatiently for a member of the sports staff to arrive. The gymnasium had been closed for a safety and stock check, and Jess was required to take notes of any adjustments or purchases that needed to be made. She checked her watch again; her accomplice was already ten minutes late. She was just considering reporting back to Reception when she saw Miss Sarah approaching, suitably attired in a figure hugging Lycra sports top and leggings. For a fleeting second she considered it a possibility that Miss Sarah was coming to help her stock take, but dismissed the idea as ridiculous. She could have been coming for a workout and hadn’t been told the gym was closed for the morning. There was no doubt that the woman did work out. Jess had seen the physical results of the way the dominatrix kept herself in trim. I’ve been set up. The familiar prickle of sweat crept up her spine, as she did her best to shake the thought from her almost continually lust focused mind. Gripping her stationery, and feeling frumpy in her black trousers and white blouse, Jess wondered what was going to happen to her now. ‘Miss Sanders.’ ‘Miss Sarah?’ The greeting was not exactly friendly, but at least it stopped short of frosty. ‘I have been sent to inform you that the stock take has been postponed until nine a.m. A far more civilised hour, don’t you think?’ Jess didn’t reply, her eyes straying to the bunch of keys in Miss Sarah’s hand. ‘I always workout here. Where do you go?’ ‘I don’t. I can’t really afford to join a gym.’ Dismissing this as a minor matter, Miss Sarah replied, ‘But can you afford not to? Besides, free use of this gym is available to all Fables staff before eight in the morning, and after nine at night. Did no one tell you?’ ‘No they didn’t, but to be honest I’m not keen on exercise anyway.’ ‘That …’ the older woman regarded Jess very carefully, ‘… is all too obvious. I think you should accompany me.’ She unlocked the door to the gym and waited for a reluctant Jess to push her way through the double doors. Four exercise bicycles, some rowing machines, a variety of lifting weights, and numerous other ways to voluntarily exhaust yourself, met Jess’s gaze. She knew she wasn’t as fit as she ought to be and that she was more curvy than slim, but if she didn’t care about that, and was healthy, then so what? ‘I have a confession.’ The expression on Miss Sarah’s face confirmed Jess’s suspicions that this was not an accidental meeting. ‘Mrs Peters has asked me to take on a task in addition to my usual duties.’ The paper between Jess’s fingers began to feel damp as the foreboding that had been nagging her surged forward. ‘What task?’ ‘Mrs Peters is happy with your progress – on the whole. There are issues that need attention however, improvements that need to be made.’ The fifth floor’s deputy began to pace around the gym, her fingers running lovingly over the shiny metal machines. ‘Our clients have requirements we are duty bound to meet, however cliché they might be.’ ‘Please, Miss Sarah, what task?’ ‘Personally I think Mrs Peters is wrong. No need to look so shocked. I happen to know this room is not bugged, so I can do and say what I like. I’m also confident that you are not foolish enough to share my thoughts on this.’ Still unsure exactly what Miss Sarah was suggesting, Jess simply agreed that she did indeed know when to keep her mouth shut. ‘She thinks your over-round figure is attractive. You are, after all, simply a shorter version of her own shape, but she concedes that the customers tend to prefer slim waists and slender hips along with a large chest.’ Jess swallowed nervously. She could see where this was going, and she didn’t like it. ‘I, on the other hand, think a strict regime of exercise will not only get rid of that excess fat, it will install in you some much needed discipline and obedience.’ Trying to think when her obedience could possibly have been questioned, Jess’s eyes followed Miss Sarah as she continued to stride around the gym, stopping every now and then to caress the equipment. ‘And as I’d heard the gym was going to be closed to guests for a while today, I arranged things so that you and I can make a start on the routine I have put together for you.’ ‘But I don’t have time.’ Jess knew there was no point in telling her she didn’t want to take part, but the pile of work on her desk made what she said perfectly true. ‘You do. I have arranged things.’ ‘But …’ ‘Enough. You are our employee; consider this one of those “other duties” in your contract. Now, please remove your outer garments; there is no way you can exercise in those.’        Shooting a look of uncertainty towards the doors in case anyone else was about to come in, Jess reluctantly slipped off her shoes and began to undo the buttons of her shirt. ‘Don’t worry, I’ve locked the doors.’ Miss Sarah went over to a pile of mats in the corner and pulled out three, laying them together on the floor, forming a softer surface on which to work. ‘Hurry up, girl, we only have an hour and then you have a stock take to do.’ Peeling her shirt off and tugging down her trousers, Jess stood in her white satin underwear, her arms crossing self- consciously over her chest. ‘For goodness sake, girl, after six months working here, seeing you semi-naked is hardly going to shock me.’ Acknowledging that for the truth it was, Jess forced herself to lower her arms. ‘Right, come here please.’ Miss Sarah pointed to the spot directly in front of her on the mats. Her body shaking, Jess obeyed, her bare feet sticking a little against the plastic surface. Placing her hands on Jess’s elbows, Miss Sarah then levered her arms up so that the clerk was stood with them out at right angles to her body. ‘I want you to keep you arms there. You are not to move. While it is important to tone up that stomach and shave some fat off those hips and your arse, it is equally important to increase your upper body strength, but without decreasing that generous chest of yours.’ Without taking her eyes off her student, Miss Sarah reached for a water bottle, and filled it from the cooler before taking a long swig. ‘Hydration is very important.’ Jess, her arms already aching from being held stiff at an unaccustomed angle for so long, could almost taste the chilled liquid as it ran down Miss Sarah’s throat. ‘Two more minutes and I’ll let you have some water.’ Sitting down cross-legged on the mat in front of Jess, the other woman looked up at her thoughtfully. ‘I bet you’re beginning to feel all hot. I might let you take your bra off in a while. It’s a shame to keep that chest hidden away. I’ll see how well behaved you are – we could call it a reward for doing as you’re told.’ It hadn’t occurred to Jess that her chest was getting warm; she’d been concentrating so hard on not putting her arms down and relaxing the muscles, which had begun to scream for some relief, she hadn’t thought of anything else. Now the idea had been put into her head her breasts felt clammy, and her nipples began to chaff at the inside of her bra cups. ‘One more minute.’ Miss Sarah looked calm as she sat sipping the cold water, watching the perspiration that was gathered on Jess’s forehead. The clerk couldn’t believe how much staying perfectly still was hurting her. The longing for a drink battled with the need to lower her arms as she shuffled her feet a fraction, trying to shift some of the tension that was coursing down her back. ‘You moved.’ The other woman sounded more resigned than cross. ‘Shame, you won’t be rewarded with free tits now.’ ‘I couldn’t help it! This hurts so much.’        ‘Good. Your stamina is pitiful and needs improving. You have 20 seconds left.’        Counting down in her head, her teeth gritted, Jess kept her feet firmly glued to the floor.        ‘Time up.’        Jess found she couldn’t lower her arms as quickly as she’d have liked to. Her muscles had seized, and the only way to manoeuvre them was slowly.        Miss Sarah rose from the floor and passed over the bottle, ‘Here, you must keep your fluids up.’ Gratefully, Jess glugged back some water, flexing her feet, legs and shoulders as she did so. ‘I’d like you to lie on your back on the mats now, with your arms stretched out above your head and your knees bent.’ Glad to at least be lying down, Jess obliged, surprised by how comfortable it was to have her limbs pulled out in a different direction for a moment. ‘Bring your arms down and place them under your head.’ Jess’s hair felt hot between her fingers as she listened to the next instruction, ‘You will raise both your legs a fraction off the floor, hold them for the count of two, and then lower them. Begin.’ It was harder than it sounded, and Jess was soon struggling to hold her legs in the air for even the count of one. The perspiration that had dotted her forehead turned to sweat, and she could feel droplets run between her cleavage as her breathing became laboured. ‘Honestly, Miss Sanders, you’re in an even worse state than I feared.’ The mistress stood astride Jess’s stomach. ‘Keep going.’ Staring down at Jess’s face, she tilted the water bottle slightly, and as Jess watched a tiny drizzle of water began to fall, almost as if in slow motion towards her chest. The second it hit, Jess cried out, it was so cold it almost burnt her hot flesh, and she stopped moving as the liquid seeped into her bra. ‘I told you to keep going.’ Miss Sarah held the bottle steady, and the drip drip of water continued to trickle across Jess’s cleavage and bra, running down her stomach while she struggled to keep her legs moving. ‘Hold in those stomach muscles.’ Openly panting with the effort, Jess’s breasts had changed from being hot and uncomfortable to being soaked with a sodden bra clinging to her skin, making her nipples more enlarged than ever. After three more lifts, Miss Sarah righted the water bottle, ‘Stop.’ Jess’s legs positively crashed to the floor with exhaustion, not moving as her companion crouched next to her head and whispered, ‘That was pathetic – how on earth are you going to manage the sit ups you are about to do?’ Shaking her head from side to side, Jess cried out, ‘I can’t. I’m sorry, I just can’t.’ Every muscle in her body was tight and sore from the unaccustomed workout she hadn’t even been allowed to warm up for. ‘But you can, and you will.’ Miss Sarah sat astride Jess’s legs, trapping her in place against the gym mats. Splayed fingers ran provocatively around the outline of Jess’s tits, igniting every nerve in her body, ‘I have an incentive scheme in mind. Sit up.’ Jess struggled to her elbows and Miss Sarah deftly reached around her back and undid her bra, peeling it off with a sticky sucking sound. Then shuffling forward, she licked the nipple of each breast just once, sending shock waves of pleasure through Jess’s tired frame. ‘Each time you sit up properly, you will have a nipple tongued.’ Wishing this wasn’t such a strong incentive, but privately knowing it was Jess nodded, her face flushed with shame. ‘Good girl, I knew you would.’ With a deep breath, her hands behind her head, Jess sat up, but failed to get as far as Miss Sarah and sank back in defeat. ‘Again.’ Jess winced as she rose upwards, determined to reach the mouth that was already parting to take in her right teat. The contact was fleeting and moist and delicious, and Jess suddenly found she had the hidden reserves to move again, this time being rewarded on the left side. Five sit ups later and Miss Sarah began to laugh, before saying, ‘Enough,’ and Jess sagged back, relieved, but instantly missing the stimulation and violently aware of the heat that was coursing between her legs. Rising abruptly, Miss Sarah returned to her usual business-like demeanour. ‘Up.’ Taking her time to rise to her quaking legs Jess did as she was told, before drinking from the water bottle that was offered to her. ‘A quick cycle I think.’ Jess walked unsteadily to the nearest bike and went to sit down, but was stopped. ‘These need to be put in place first.’ Jess’s eyes goggled at the tiny set of love balls Miss Sarah had produced from nowhere. Tug those pants down, girl and open those legs.’ Clumsily, the clerk did as she was told, almost coming as the slender fingers slipped the weighted spheres easily inside her wet channel, before pulling up the knickers to keep them in place. ‘Cycle.’ With every laboured turn of the pedals the love balls slid around inside her, and Jess could feel the knot of an orgasm rise in her like fire. ‘Hold in those stomach muscles. Keep control, girl! Consider this a practice for when I make you do this exercise without knickers on! ’ Jess pulled in her tummy for all she was worth; the tighter she clenched her muscles the more the balls stayed still. But each time she lost concentration, the heavy spheres rolled towards the mouth of her vagina, and Jess had to re-double her efforts to keep them contained; their pressure adding to the need she felt magnifying by the second. By the time Miss Sarah shouted ‘Stop,’ tension oozed from every pore of Jess’s shattered body. The moment she stopped pedalling the love balls swung within her, and unable to stop it, a climax zipped through her untutored flesh and she shook and shuddered against the bike. Not daring to look at Miss Sarah, Jess quickened herself, the disapproving silence of the room enveloping her. Her voice surprisingly neutral, the dominatrix said, ‘Come here, and pass the balls to me.’ Tugging her knickers down a little, the balls plopped out of their own accord. Jess shamefacedly gave them back to Miss Sarah. Why isn’t she cross? ‘We are almost out of time. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you these sessions are to become a regular thing, and, if you do as you’re told, then I will be rewarding you -occasionally. Now, we’ll finish with a run. This is only a small room, so I suggest four circuits of the perimeter.’ Jess looked at her in exhausted horror, ‘I can’t.’ ‘Not like that you can’t, certainly. Take those knickers off; you need to get some air down there, girl.’ No longer caring about anything but the possibility of a rest, Jess dragged the wet satin away, and following the direction that Miss Sarah was pointing in, began to jog around the room. Her breasts swayed madly and the air seemed to caress her body, inflaming it all over again. Observing the figure that was obeying her, knowing she’d only have to say the word and she’d willingly allow herself to be fucked, Miss Sarah frowned to herself. Mrs Peters might have designs on forming this girl into the ideal submissive assistant, but she began to wonder if this girl could be dangerous. She had spent a long time building up her guest list; did Miss Sarah really want Miss Sanders muscling in on that?…

*** T

he Perfect Submissive is available in all formats from Xcite, Amazon, and all good retailers.

COMPETITION ALERT! At the end of the fortnight you’ll have a chance to win any of the stories featured you like in e-format! More news on Day 14!!

Tomorrow we’ll take a peep at Book 2 in The Perfect Submissive TrilogyThe Retreat.

Happy reading,

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