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Day 2- Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters: Quick Kink One

It’s the second day of my Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters blog special!

Today I am featuring my first solo anthology – Quick Kink One

There are 12 stories in Quick Kink One– each very different from the next; some kinky vanilla, some S&M, BDSM, MMF, FF and so on. It is therefore impossible to provide you with an excerpt that sums up the style of the book.

So, I closed my eyes and randomly pointed at the contents page! Thus, today I have picked a sexy vanilla piece for your pleasure- Hope you like it!

The Bookshop

Over the past few months she’d brought far more books than she could possibly have had time to read in that period. She knew it and so did he.

The looks they half gave each other, half gave the deserted bookshop in general, spoke volumes. For exactly thirty-two weeks the frisson between them had grown with each of her visits. Yet he’d never left the safety of the shop counter and they’d never exchanged a word. Not even a ‘thank you’, or a ‘goodbye’ on the completion of a sales transaction.

 As soon as she pushed the stiff door open that summer morning she felt a change in the stuffy bookish air. It was as though the game they’d been privately playing was ending. It was time for the finale.

She experienced a brief stab of regret. This silent flirting had become so much part of her days, her nightly dreams and consequent quiet satisfaction. The thought of it not being there anymore felt like an immediate bereavement, and yet she knew, as she watched the tall bookseller come, unprecedented, out from behind his counter, that the moment her body had longed for had finally arrived.

She looked at him, desire silently welling up within her, realising she’d only ever seen him from the waist up before. Taller than she’d imagined, his dick was obviously and unashamedly straining beneath his grey combat trousers.

Her own crotch twitched against her silk panties as the blatant lust of his gaze focused on her chest, forcing her nipples to stand to attention, and her breasts to fill her bra until it felt unbearably tight.

The bookseller gestured towards the far corner of the shop, before walking there himself. With only a brief uncertain glance towards the unlocked door, she followed. The quiet of the travel section provided a modicum of privacy from the shop’s entrance, as he pushed her firmly but gently back against the black shelves, and trailed a single finger over her cotton shirt. She stared into his brown eyes, her arms limp at her sides, not quite sure if she was allowed to touch him in return.

One by one he undid her shirt buttons until it hung open. Then, with an urgent tug, he pulled her bra beneath her tits. She moaned softly as he stooped down, enclosing his warm mouth around a nipple. More certain now, her hands moved through his short rough brown hair.

His tongue began to lap at her tits, harder and harder, first the right and then the left. She dug her fingernails deep into his shoulders as he sent her into a silent orgasm, enflaming her whole body and soaking her knickers.

As her shivers subsided he stood, his eyes boring into hers. Understanding what he wanted, she fell quickly to her knees, forever mindful that a customer catch them at any moment. Deftly, she undid his flies and sprang his cock free. Its hard thick length felt warm and firm in her mouth as she gobbled and licked at his taught ribbed skin.

His breathing became faster, but rather than thrust his groin closer to her face he pulled away. This withdrawal only caused her a moment’s confusion as he produced a condom from a shirt pocket and hastily applied it along his shaft.

Without waiting for his assistance, she yanked her own black panties to the floor, before allowing him to hoist her up. Wrapping her long thin legs around his waist, she murmured thankfully as he impaled her, pushing her roughly against the International Travel Books, which she hardly noticed, despite their spines digging into her back.

Rucking up his shirt, her hands held his smooth back tightly as he rutted into her, grunting out his creamy load.

He caught his breath for a second, before lowering her onto the dusty frayed green carpet and, pushing her legs wide apart, knelt to lick out her wet pussy, causing her to spasm once more against his greedy tongue.

As her sighs of pleasure grew quieter, he left her. She sat up, caught between shock at her night-time dreams coming true, and wonderful bodily satisfaction. Adjusting her clothing she returned to the counter.

He stood as always, a seductive smile across his lightly freckled face. He said nothing, but he did point. Point to something she’d never noticed before. It was a security camera, and it was focused right on the hidden travel section.

As she walked home she imagined him replaying their instant of passion over and over again. The thought re-inflamed her body, and in that moment she knew she’d been quite wrong. The fantasy wasn’t over. It was only just beginning.


Quick Kink One is available from Xcite, Amazon, and all good e-book retailers.


COMPETITION ALERT! At the end of the fortnight you’ll have a chance to win any of the stories featured you like in e-format! More news on Day 14!!

Don’t forget to pop back tomorrow to take a peep at Day 3’s free read!

Happy reading,

Kay xx



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