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ETO 2014 – A Brit Babe Weekend!

My eyes are just about open as I write this blog on my way home from the ETO awards and show for 2014!


What an occasion! Not only did I get to look around the wonderful stalls, marvel at the vast arrange of sex toys and erotically enhancing products that make even my imagination boggle,  but I got to hang out with four of my fellow Brit Babes!

Lexie, Victoria, Kay, Kd and Tabitha

Lexie, Victoria, Kay, Kd and Tabitha

As all the Brit Babes live miles from each other, literally from the top to the bottom of the UK,  we rarely all meet in person. So you can imagine how much catching up we had to do as Lexie Bay, Victoria Blisse,  Tabitha Rayne,  Kd Grace and myself chilled over coffee, laughed over cockrings, and snacked in fine style on delicious fruit flavoured lube covered ice cream, courtesy of the lovely Becky at System Jo– yes really! The only thing that could have improved it, is I missing Babes, Lucy Felthouse, Lily Harlem, and Emmy Ellis could have been there.

Eating Lube Flavoured Ice Cream!!

Eating Lube Flavoured Ice Cream!!

lexie and lube

Lexie Picking A Lube Flavour!

Then, still digesting our unexpected snack, we zipped back to the hotel to prepare for the main event- the ETO awards!
With 3 Brit Babes up for the Best Erotica Author Award- (myself, Kd Grace and Lucy Felthouse)- spirits were high as we donned our posh frocks.

Vic and TAb

Victoria and Tabitha

Lexie and Kay

Kay and Lexie

The meal was delicious,  but was soon over, and before we knew it the ceremony had begun.

Dale Bradford and Lee Schofield hosted the event with style and opposing coloured suits- and it all seemed to happen so fast!

From Best Stand to Best Consumable, and on to Best Lingerie Retailer… in no time it was time for Best Erotic Book Brand.

Kd and I had been elected to represent Xcite books,  but as they had already won for four years running, we’d assumed someone else would win- but no! Fifth year running!
We were up on that stage receiving cheers and claps. Magic moment. Very proud that my work might have helped with the win in a small way!

Collecting the Best Erotic Book Brand for Xcite

Collecting the Best Erotic Book Brand for Xcite

It only seemed like seconds later that the best author category came round.
With Sylvia Day and Violet Blue in the running us Brit Babes had a tough call to win. But we did SO want one of us to win- and I am delighted to say my dearest friend, and right arm, Kd Grace got it!

Kd Grace Gets Best Erotica Author Award!

Kd Grace Gets Best Erotica Author Award!

I couldn’t be more thrilled. So well deserved. Kd was- without doubt- the best writer of erotica from the five nominated- and my voice is still hoarse from cheering and my hands are sore from clapping!

Five Brit Babes and Two Awards!

Five Brit Babes and Two Awards!

I’ve had some wonderful emails and messages from people saying how sorry they were I didn’t win. Thanks to you all- but don’t you be sorry- I am on cloud nine!  I know it is the ‘done thing’ to say how proud I am of Kd, and that I don’t mind not winning.  But I am an erotica writer- I don’t do the done thing. So when I say that, I mean every word of it. I couldn’t be prouder of Kd if I tried!! Frankly the Brit Babes rock! And boy did we whoop up the fun in the dancing afterwards!

Anyway, back to the awards ..

Next was Best Journalist and our table was on its feet again as Cara Sutra won her second award- and then, to add a cherry to our cupcake- Renee Deyer of Sh won Best Manager. In each case, a better person could not have won. They both work so hard and, on a personal level,  have done so much for erotic writing, that we writers were backing them both to the hilt.

With happy tears in our eyes,  sore throats, and heads buzzing with it all we hit the dance floor.
The music was fantastic, with vocalists who were top notch.

Then it was back to the hotel were we chatted until the wee small hours.

awards and champ

And now, after a bleary but happy breakfast, I am on my way back to reality.


What can I say?
Thanks ETO.
Thanks to everyone who voted
Massive congratulations to all the nominees and winners.
Oh- and see you next year!

Happy reading

Kay xx

PS- More photos to follow x


Sweet Spot – A New Lesbian Sports Romance by Lucy Felthouse!


Calendar Men: Mr June – The Other Brother by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985)


  1. Lovely account, Sweetie! Bringing back SO may amazing memories! Thanks SO much for being you and being wonderful! There’s no one I would have rather celebrated with than you and the Brit Babes.

    K xx

  2. peter hill

    Well earned, well deserved and we’ll pleased, you keep going from strength to strength. Keep it like this for years to come! xxx 😉 😉 😉

  3. Debi

    You all look so lovely. Tabitha is going the right way for a smacked bottom!
    You are all winners in mt book! I am glad you all had a wonderful time.

  4. Love the smiles on all your faces. Congrats and well done!!! Actually just finished KD’s “Petshop” on the weekend . . . AND started “Not Her Type” on the bus today!
    Xxx – K

    • Kay Jaybee

      Thanks hun. Hope you like my courier kink! We had brilliant time xx

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