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ETO Awards: The Best Erotica Writer of 2015 is…

I’m a thrilled to bits to be able to announce that, for the third year running, I have been nominated for the ETO’s Best Erotica Author of the Year award!!

ETO 2015

As ever, the competition is fierce!! So if you’re in the trade, and eligible to vote, make sure you do!! erotictradeonly.com

ETO award noms

The choice is between myself (novels, novellas, and short stories), my fellow Brit Babe, Kd Grace (novels, novellas, and short stories), EL James (nothing since 2012), Tiffany Reisz (romances with sexy episodes), and Emily Dubberly (series of quick erotic reads). I’m glad I don’t have to choose the winner!!

There are loads of other categories to vote for as well, including Best Journalist, Best Shop Manager, Best On-line Retailer and so on…

Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated!!!

Huge thanks in advance for voting, and for supporting the ETO!

Kay xxx


Release Blitz from Cleis Press: Three of Hearts: Erotic Romance for Women


Smut By The Sea: Scarborough 23rd May


  1. I’m Knowing My Place, there is no Retreat, it’s Perfectly clear!
    So vote I shall !!!
    Xxx – K

    • Kay Jaybee

      Bless u hun!! You are very kind. The more votes for the whole event- not jut me- the better! The ETO Show and Award night is so much fun! xx

  2. that was some pretty stiff, you should pardon the pun, competition. CONGRATULATIONS oh exalted one!

  3. Great post, Hon! It’s gonna be so much fun!

    K xxx

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