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Guest Post- An Interview with D D Byrne

I’m delighted to be able to welcome fellow Cariad, Xcite author, DD Byrne (aka the poet Daryl Baldwin), over to my site today to answer a few questions about his extremely busy writing life!!

Thanks Daryl!

What sparks your imagination first, a character, a word, a sound…?

My creative process can be sparked by any of the above. For example, when I wrote my erotic romance novella Drawn, my inspiration came from a Mary Chapin Carpenter song called What if we went to Italy. As soon as I wake, I check out the day’s emails and news channels. Then I play film soundtracks to listen to whatever I’m writing at the time. Sometimes there is a phrase or news ‘sound bite’ that catches my attention, but usually it is just in the everyday mundane routine that sparks a creative splurge.

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You write stories, poems and screen plays- which is your first love and why?

That’s a really interesting question because that has changed over time. I’ve always enjoyed writing but scriptwriting was the first serious attempt at writing in which I wrote a Thomas Hardy biopic called The Torn Letter. However, since then, I’ve dabbled in and honed my writing voice in poetry and fiction.

I have an extensive movie collection; modern, classic and world cinema. For me it’s all about the characters and their stories. For example, Lawrence of Arabia is my favourite movie and how the character is in love with the desert. Casablanca is also highly watched because of its sharp dialogue; not one word is wasted and that to me is poetry. So, for me, there is no first love any more. If there is a story, I write it in the medium that will achieve its maximum potential.

Of all of your pieces, which do you most resonate with and why? Name the story/poem and where to find it.

That would be a poem called ‘Reflection’ in my poetry collection Angles from an amber glass. It was one of those moments when I looked at my son and could see him growing and turning into me. But as I thought about that, it wasn’t a joyful experience because I’d also turned out to be like my father in some ways. I love the brevity of poetry and how so much can be said in so few words. I’m sure most people can tell by the tone of a lover’s voice and facial expression how much is meant by the three words ‘I love you’

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 Please give a short outline of your writing process.

A typical writing day begins whenever I wake up. There’s usually a thought or image from the story I’m writing, or maybe for a totally new story. There’s no time wasted and I get it written down. Sometimes, it could be 3.30 a.m. and the muse will strike. Writing is like breathing. I have to do it!

If it’s poetry, I just write off the cuff until I finish. Then I edit like I’m cutting meat from the bone. With a novella or novel, I like to write scenes and see where my ideas are taking me. Then I stop and see what is good. Then I make detailed plots on what I’d like to keep and where the story may end up. I guess that’s where the filmic plotting comes in . . . I do tend to use the three act system as a focus point for my storytelling.

What are you currently working on?

I have two novels in progress. One is a family drama spanning five decades and how one word can betray a person’s trust, which almost leads to tragedy. The second, which will be penned under DD Byrne, is a contemporary romance, written from a female POV about the graphic design industry.

Would you like to share a sample of your work?

I’d like to share the opening to Drawn because it’s the first novella in print and holds a special place for me.

Clasped in her partner’s arms, the woman gazed at the bay of Naples. Neapolitan lights surrounded the bay and the blood orange full moon’s reflection rippled on the sea. Across the bay, the black hulk of Mount Vesuvius stretched toward the darkening sky.

I laid the open travel brochure on my bed. Maybe I should treat myself to a holiday. Without Tom by my side, there wasn’t much to look forward to. Was there anything exciting about a woman in her 30s touring alone? As I flicked to the next page, I could almost taste the food, savour the smells emanating from rustic backstreet grocers, and soak in the sea, but there’d be nobody to share it with. A sigh rose from my lips as I glanced at the couple in the photograph, imagining what they would do next. They’d enter a swanky restaurant where they’d order a spicy meal with an exotic name that meant nothing to them, while drinking wine they could buy in Asda. The intoxication of Naples would satisfy them and they’d lose themselves in sexual heat before they slept in each other’s arms. But at least they’d have each other. A holiday is exactly what you need, I told myself. It’ll get you away from here … even if it’s only for a short time. And you never know; you may even find a man who’d do all that for you. Hah! There was more chance of Vesuvius erupting.


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Huge thanks for coming over today Daryl- wonderful interview. I totally relate- writing really is like breathing!! Without it I couldn’t function!

Happy reading everyone,

Kay xx






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  1. Enjoyed this glimpse into the life of DD Byrne/Daryl Baldwin and take from it that the secret of writing is 1: have a routine and 2, draw inspiration from every shooting star and passing shadow. Writing erotica is also about seeing and crossing and understanding barriers, as I discovered from Kay Jaybee’s fascinating blog: http://chloethurlow.com/2014/07/boundaries/

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