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Guest Post from Kitti Bernetti: Search and Rescue

I’m delighted to welcome fellow Xcite author, Kitti Bernetti, to my site today to tell us a little about her brand new release, Search and Rescue.

Over to you Kitti…

I’m honoured to be here on your blog, thank you so much for inviting me. I write erotica with a heart. I hope to bring readers the sort of emotional romance that can bring you to tears but that is hot, hot, hot… And I’d like to share with you how I came up with one of my favourite heroes.

Now, don’t we all love a superhero? Those amazing guys who flash across our screens in lycra and capes saving towns, cities, even the world with their superhuman powers. But, bringing us back down to earth, I was struck one day when watching the news how we have superhero guys right in our midst, in our own cities, in our own towns. The news I was watching concerned a disaster which had struck a small American community. There on the screen were these great hunks of guys, the search and rescue crews, digging for hours, days even. Covered in mud, they were pulling people from under fallen rocks when all hope had disappeared. In the background were snow capped mountains and awesomely beautiful lakes. It was so gorgeous I decided I wanted to set a story there.

Search and Rescue cover sent from Accent

This got me to pondering on those men with their huge boots and massive chests and how it must be to be the strong one, to have everyone rely on you in a crisis. To have families desperate for you to find their loved ones. What’s more, I loved the phrase, ‘Search and Rescue,’ it encompassed strength and nurturing. I wondered what it would be like if one of those oh so capable guys had a hidden flaw, a weakness, a dreadful secret he couldn’t declare to the world. It fired my imagination to produce my own search and rescue hero, Gig Briggs, a man his community look on to save them and nurture them. Gig has his faithful friend, a former police dog Diesel and a beautiful girlfriend, Milandra. All should be perfect in his world. But I needed as an author, to give Gig a hard time. I needed to test him and put him through hell to have a good story. So, while he’s strong and invincible on the outside, it is his inner demons he cannot defeat. That’s where Dr Desree Cain comes in. She’s the renowned sex therapist he absolutely does not want to consult. And boy are they opposites. She’s a city woman, he’s a country boy. What’s more, she’s scared. Someone from her own dark past is hunting her down. That’s why she’s come to hide in this small mountain community. The last thing she needs is Gig Briggs getting under her skin and awakening her as a woman. That’s when things get hot, too hot to handle. For the last thing any therapist should do is fall for her client…

I absolutely loved writing this book, so much so that I might even take one of the other characters, Gig’s best friend Clint and give him his own book one day. But then that’s another story!


Search and Rescue, a steamy Cariad romance is available now from Accent Press, and all other good e-retailers.


Follow Kitti on Twitter @KittiBernetti

And on her website at http://www.kittibernetti.moonfruit.com/


Many thank for coming by today Kitti.

Good luck with your new hot romance.

Happy reading everyone,

Kay xx


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