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 Cream_ An Erotic Romance - Lana Fox

Hi Kay, and thanks so much for inviting me to guest post! It’s a delight to be here.

I’m a big fan of music, so it was most enjoyable to write my new novel Cream: An Erotic Romance, which is about jazz singer Caroline Spence. In the novel, there is certainly a fetish for double cream on warm skin, but the title also speaks to Caroline’s smooth voice and the way her fans so ardently admire her.

I had a wonderful time writing Cream, and I’m not just talking about the tiramisu scene! For me, the novel’s soundtrack was also one of the many joys. Numbers like “Cry Me a River” and “My Baby Just Cares for Me” are central to Cream, as are the smoky performances that Caroline gives at the Cry River Club. (You can actually hear the Cream soundtrack on Spotify or via Go Deeper Press.)

Frankly, music is central to my whole life—as it is for so many of us. And it can teach us so much about erotica and romance. Of course, a sizzling sex scene isn’t only powered by the words a writer chooses, but also by the rhythms their language creates—the natural crescendos of sex and passion. As readers of erotica and romance will know, we need to really feel the rhythms of sex and/or desire in a story.

And how is a writer meant to help herself when dessert and music are both part of her novel? Let’s just say, I ate plenty of creamy dessert while playing Nina Simone….

Here’s the blurb for Cream:

Sultry jazz singer Caroline Spence has a penchant for smokier numbers—and, as it turns out, men of a similar temperament. So when the darkly dominant Marcus takes her on as his submissive, she surprises him by sharing his love of double cream, both in a bowl and on her body, as well as a passion for kink that could lose him his job.

Still, it turns out Marcus isn’t the only one who wants Caroline. The young, rich, and audacious Kyle could listen to her sing forever. Caroline soon finds out, however, that Kyle’s obsession has a dangerous side. But with his charm and smouldering good looks, she finds it easy to let him push her a little too far.

Two men. One siren.

And a challenge that changes her life.

Cream Print Cover

And here’s an excerpt from the novel:

Here, Marcus has poured Caroline a bath. He has also brought up a glass of white wine for her, along with a terracotta jug of cold double cream:

“Now,” he said. “Are you ready for cream?”

Cream, Sir?”

“Double cream,” he said. “Like your safe word. Get ready for some coolness on your back.”

Then he held the jug over me and poured. It was the most incredible sensation. Thick cream—the kind you whip into clouds—fell down my back, unctuous and cool. I moaned just to feel it, and I heard him moan, too. Then I felt his hands on my back, rubbing the cream into me, massaging my skin. I relaxed into it, aroused by the sensations, and asked, “What are you doing?” before quickly adding, “Sir?”

“Cream is a perfect reward,” he said, “and you’ve earned it, Miss Spence.” There was a heaviness in his voice—a lustful appreciation—as the cream swirled through the water and against my thighs. Then he rose to his feet and made me fall back into the bath before slowly pouring more of the cream over my chest. It splashed onto me and ran over my breasts in rivulets.

I gasped to feel the cool thickness pouring over my nipples, caressing them, chilling them, hardening them with pleasure.

I heard him unzip and when I looked up, he’d set down the jug and was producing his hard cock. “Rub it in,” he said, cock in hand, his voice faltering slightly with lust. “The cream.” He was breathless now. “Rub it…into your breasts.”

I did as he asked—and God, did I feel horny, my fingers rubbing voluptuous cream into my nipples and skin, while Marcus Sir breathed heavily above me, his hand jerking faster and faster on his cock.

“God, Miss Spence,” he said. “How many times can you make me come in one single night?” He moaned again, long and low. “This is a record.” His face seemed to pain with pleasure as his gaze swept down my body. “Rub the cream into your pussy, too,” he said.

The cream had trickled down my belly, so it was easy to arch my spine a little and rub the silken fluids into myself. Marcus Sir was jerking off crazily now, his teeth gritted, his eyes filled with the wildness of an orgy. I felt it, too—and just rubbing the cream into my clit was enough to bring me to the brink of climax. I rubbed harder and harder and he didn’t tell me to stop—just kept moving his hand faster until he stumbled forward, gasping, “I’ll cream your body, I’m going to…,” before coming over me in streams.

Against the coldness of the cream, the heat of his come felt warm, and I found this so deliciously dirty that I climaxed against my fingertips, bucking and bucking as the room spun and blurred. When I finally came down from the high, the bath water was a mess of spinning, clouding cream. I saw him above me, candlelight flickering over his features as he gently tugged at his still-hard cock. His gaze seemed to be filled with glistening amazement. “God, you,” he said. Then he repeated, “I knew you were extraordinary as soon as we met. But I never imagined you could make me lose control.”

I smiled, parted my lips, and sang the opening bars of The Mamas & The Papas’ “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” telling him that the stars were shining brightly, and the night breezes were whispering “I love you.” And when I sang those words—I love you—they didn’t seem out of place at all.

From Cream: An Erotic Romance by Lana Fox (Go Deeper Press)

E-book and print book are available on Amazon:

Lana Fox

Lana Fox

Lana’s bio:

Lana Fox is Co-Founder of Go Deeper Press, and is the author of Cream: An Erotic Romance (Go Deeper Press), Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee (Harper Collins’ Mischief), Paws Off My Bone! An Assertiveness Guide for Dogs and Their Owners (Go Deeper Press & Here Booky Booky), and the taboo Con, Book 1: You Can Play it Safe When You’re Dead (Go Deeper Press). Fox’s stories have appeared in numerous erotic collections, including Best Women’s Erotica 2015 among others. She is also the Editor of several Go Deeper Press anthologies, including Dirty Little Numbers, Femme Fatale, and Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame. An avid blogger, Fox’s articles appear at My Yoga Online, Spirituality & Health, Boston Magazine, Glo Magazine, and elsewhere. Fox was proud to be the 2012 Nonfiction Fellow at the Writers Room of Boston. Find her at and


Many thanks for coming by today Lana. Music plays a big part in my writing life as well. All of my novels have their own private theme tunes. We should produce the erotica writer’s playlist!!

Happy reading everyone,

Kay xx