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Yesterday a few of my Brit Babe friends where sharing these ‘muse’ secrets- today it’s my turn!


There are many things that influence me; overheard conversations, musical lyrics, friend’s fantasies; but at the very back of all that, my driving force if you like, is my muse- a muse who is most certainly female, and is driven by a basic curiosity- a curiosity that always wants to know what is going on behind closed doors.

Not that I’m an eye to the keyhole sort of person (like Maggie in my story Through the Crack; Quick Kink Two, it’s more that I can’t stop my imagination from filling in the blanks. Even when the blanks aren’t even really there to be filled!

If you’ve read my blog on the subject over on the Brit Babes site, you’ll know that I often refer to my muse as Miss Dubious Enterprises. Steering me along my erotic path, my muse takes me by the hand and points me in the direction of every possible source of inspiration.

She prods me as I sit on the bus, and gestures to the couple chatting on the seat opposite, urging me to observe their body language and reproduce their moves on paper at a later date. She reminds me to listen as I stand in shop queues, just in case someone says something I can use to kick start my imagination, once I’m happily settled with my notebook and pen.

Ever since I began my foray into the world of erotica ten years ago, I have seen and heard so many things- so many ordinary things- that my naughty little muse has twisted and turned, a flirty smile upon her face. Each word she utters has been moulded into stories and poems that are designed to – let’s be honest- make the reader feel rather more than hot and bothered!

I wrote A Delivery of Words for my anthology Quick Kink One, after my goddess had pointed out a rather attractive bloke unloading a pile of dictionaries from his lorry, outside the local bookshop. It wasn’t long before my imagination had moved both the man, along with one of the dictionaries, to my home, and started to play with them…


What could the top floor of a nearby hotel really contain? Is it full of nice normal bedrooms, in which tired out members of the business community can crash after a meeting? Or is it, as in my BDSM series, The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, a hotbed of private services and kinky sex?

When you see a sign on a lift saying ‘staff only’ where does that lift actually take you? When they announce over the loud speakers in the shop or club ‘Would a member of staff come to the storeroom,’ what happens when they get there? Are they sold to aliens for experimentation? Is there some erotically eccentric Sheik waiting to whisk them away to his harem?

That bring me to my highly kinky novella, Not Her Type– with this book my muse really took over- and joined forces with a few of the delivery men with whom I work in my ‘real’ life- and boy did they go to town on the inspiration…if you like your erotica hot, then I’m told this is the novella for you!

Young couple, isolated on grey background

The only trouble with Miss Dubious Enterprises, my ever present muse, is that she never leaves me- never. No situation is too mundane to be used within my work. As I buy shoes, she whispers to me that the heels could be used as a dildo, (Bad Behaviour in The Collector). As I walk in the park, she remarks on how much fun it might be to wank on a park bench (A Leading Conversation in Quick Kink One). She points out a passing bus driver, and tells me that I could write off all his clothes… (Check out my short story Mr Greenline, coming out very soon…)


Rest assured though, my muse knows the rules, and has never strayed to the criminal, vile or horrific. Yet she never calms, never slows, and never stops- and every now and again- without wanting to be ungrateful my dear muse, I’d like to switch you off!

But not today…

Happy reading,

Kay xx


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  1. Karen Shenton

    Love this, thanks Kay 🙂

  2. Debi

    Oh Kay I love your dirty mind! I am glad I am not the only one who looks at things and thinks dirty thoughts…

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