My lovely friend and fellow Brit Babe, the amazing Lily Harlem, has dropped by today- and boy has she bought a heap of deliciousness along with her…

Over to you Lily…


When the brief for a military m/m story came in from Totally Bound I was in the middle of a TV splurge on Strikeback – – and having very lustful thoughts about sexy mercenary and all round hero soldier Damien Scott – played by Sullivan Stapleton. Oh, yum, there is just something about him and with plenty of naked, sweaty scenes that feature his hot butt and him grunting and groaning through orgasm after orgasm I was inspired to write! The result was Who Dares Wins.

sullivan stapleton

But not all of my heroes in Who Dares Wins are soldiers. The protagonist, Ken is not a solider, he’s a garden centre manager living in the UK in a quaint little cottage he shares with his lover, Jack. Jack is a soldier, he’s SAS and he and Ken have enjoyed a D/s relationship for years. It’s not common knowledge amongst his colleagues that Jack is gay, but on one particular occasion he brings a fellow soldier home who just happens to prefer men to women. Ken and Jack are very close and have shared all of their deepest fantasies, one of which is Ken’s desire to experience a menage a trois. And… you can guess what happens in that pretty little thatched cottage when two lusty soldiers who are not only trained to kill but also determined to be the best of the best – whatever it is they are doing – set themselves on little submissive Ken!

Thank you, Kay, for letting me come over and play with my military hunks.

Lily x

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Thanks Lily!!

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