Best Lesbian Romance of the Year, Volume 1, is Radclyffe’s seventh term editing the Best Lesbian Romance series!

“[Radclyffe] presents a view of lesbian life that isn’t common yet, but is growing.” —Straight Arrow Reviews

Romance is as eternally new as the unique connection between lovers, and so too these eighteen stories of attraction, desire, and passion from best-selling romance authors JL Merrow, Sacchi Green, Giselle Renarde, D. Jackson Leigh, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Radclyffe and others. The stories in Best Lesbian Romance 2015 will have you falling in love with love all over again. A celebration of the swooning sensation of a first crush, the dizzying feel of a first touch and the raw electric elation of sexual passion are all captured here. Radclyffe, the highly lauded romance novelist and master editor always covers the full range of lesbian love- a real spectrum of experience with plenty of room for passion and possibility, as praised by The Advocate, “Every story the human heart can tell.”

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Waterfall by LT Masters

She propped herself up on her elbow, her head resting on the palm of her hand. “I always go for a swim first thing in the morning. Wanna join me? The water would be good for your ankle.”

She tossed me my T-shirt, helped me to my feet and knelt down to inspect my ankle. It was still tender but nothing like the day before. “You should be able to walk today as long as it’s not too far.”

Seeing her in front of me on her knees was having the kind of effect I wouldn’t want her to see. I took a step back, hoping that she hadn’t noticed the wet spot forming in my panties. The heat in her eyes told me she had definitely noticed. I looked away and motioned toward the river. I leaned on her and hobbled to the river. Seeing the waterfall up close in the early morning light was mesmerizing, like something out of a fantasy movie. The water spilled over the edge of massive boulders, crashing into the pool below. The rocks, the crystal-blue water. It was…

“Breathtaking, huh? Come on,” she said, grabbing my hand, pulling me forward. “Let’s swim.”

“I can’t,” I said. “No swimsuit.”

She released my hand and laughed as she pulled her sports bra off. “No need.”

My mouth fell open as she stripped off her clothes and dove into the water. Her body was so beautiful, muscular and golden brown. I watched as she swam to the pool beneath the waterfall.

“Hurry,” she yelled, waving to me.

Remembering that I hadn’t experienced anything similar to a shower in three days, I quickly stripped off the T-shirt and thong and joined her in the water. She’d already seen me topless. Hell, she’d spent the night in the same sleeping bag with me in nothing but my thong. At least in the water I’d be submerged. The icy-cold water made me gasp but it soothed my aching body as I swam to meet her, and I felt refreshed.

“This is the first time I’ve been here with someone.”

“Really?” I said. “What’s so special about this place?”

“Let me show you.” She swam to where the water was falling into the pool.

I swam closely behind her, and when she disappeared under the surface I did too. The water was pounding into the pool, creating a magical sea of bubbles underwater. I swam fast to keep up with her, trying not to stare at the long, shapely legs or firm ass in front of me. Within seconds we surfaced.

She lifted herself from the water and leaned over to help me.

“What is this place?” I asked.

“Nature’s canvas.”

I stood in awe, trembling, hugging myself. We were in a massive cave behind the waterfall, shut away from the outside world. Glimmers of sharp sunlight slipped through the cascading water, illuminating and reflecting off the stone walls. On the other side of the waterfall the water drained from the pool, splashing over the rocks, creating a small stream that lazily cut its way down the mountainside. The rocks we stood on were polished smooth and I slipped a little as I turned to look around.

“Careful,” she teased, “don’t aggravate your injury.”

Playfully she grabbed my hands, lacing her fingers between mine. Dangerously close, I attempted to move away from her, but my back was pressed firm against the cold stone wall. She kept hold of my hand and moved with me. I shivered from the chill of the stones and the excitement of her warm body pressed against mine.

“Are you scared?” She gazed at me, her eyes hungry and full of desire.

“No,” I lied.

She lowered her gaze to my erect nipples pressed firmly against her breasts. My fleshy pale 38Cs pushed flat against her much smaller breasts and her bronzed, muscular chest made an interesting sight. The contrast was…sexy. Hot. Erotic…


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