This coming Monday (28th July) sees the beginning of this years Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters- my annual look back through my erotica archive. Everyday for two weeks I’ll be sharing a delicious extract from fourteen of my kinkiest books.

In September this year, I’ll be marking the 10th anniversary of my first erotica publication, and today I thought it was high time I started to sort through the huge pile of notebooks and files that I’ve accumulated since I began- and look what I found!!

Collector- original notebook

This notebook belongs to the collector- let me explain…

Once upon I time I was a fledging writer. I’d had one short story published by Cleis Press, and one poem and several stories taken by the much missed Oysters and I had finally discovered something I loved to do- something that would fit easily into my family life- but could I do it? Could I go that one step further and write a complete book?

Anyway- the date was 5th March 2006 and I was sat in Heathrow airport waiting for a flight to Scotland, when one of my dearest friends phoned me up. He didn’t say that much- just, ‘Go and buy a copy of The Observer- read the magazine. You could be one of those women. You could even do better.’ Then he was gone.

I rarely buy newspapers, but I did what he said- I discarded the newspaper and opened up the magazine- this very magazine-


– and I read an article all about the rise of British women writing erotica… I sometimes wonder, if my friend hadn’t got me to read that article, would I have kept going with the erotica, or would I simply have got a proper job, and kept writing as an occasional hobby…

However, having read the article, I sat and thought for a while as I watched all the people dashing by. Then suddenly I had an idea, I knew I wasn’t ready to write a novel. I wasn’t confident enough in my work, nor was I yet good enough to sustain a longer storyline. But everyone hasd a story to tell, everyone around me, everyone everywhere…so I started to collect them. To listen, to interpret other peoples most secret tales and fantasies…The first of which you can see drafted in the notebook above.

Those tales in that notebook became The Collector– a linked anthology of kinky confessions and dreams t- my first ever solo publication.


On Monday The Collector will be the featured book on the first day of my Tasty Tasters fortnight…I hope you’ll come along and join in the fun, and help me celebrate the book that was, to my amazement and delight, popular enough to keep me writing.

If you’d like to buy The Collector– you can find it as an e-book or paperback at –

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Happy reading,

Kay xx