Did you hear that? That yell that sounded rather like an elephant trampling a hobbit under foot? That was me (I’m so tone deaf that I’m told my yells of yippee are rather painful to hear- so I apologise for the racket!)

And why the out of tune celebrations?

I’ve just handed in the edited version of Knowing Her Place, the third and final adventure in The Perfect Submissive Trilogy.

Knowing Her Place-New rope

Leaving Miss Jess Sanders and the Fables crew behind feels very strange- and although I am far from idle (the copy edits will soon be though, the publicity will need addressing, and my Jenny Kane persona has a new novel due asap), for the first time in almost a decade, I am unsure where to take Kay next…

I’ve concocted inventive uses for ropes, paints, cuffs, tape, cake mix, hose pipes, sweets…. I’ve detailed every sort of ouch, ohhh, and ahhhhhh going. There has been romance, anger, love, lust, addiction, obsession and nonstop unstoppable physical desire…. and WOW it has been fun.

So dear loyal lovely readers of kink – those of you who visit this blog often, occasionally, or even if you are a virgin reader – and those of you who have been kind enough to buy my books- I am asking for your opinion.

What would you like next from the Kay Jaybee pen when it is next picked up? (Kind answers only please!)

Another novel?

More short stories?


A new series?

BDSM? Romance? Both? Neither?

books 2


I confess I am in a quandary- not from lack of ideas- but from what my readers would prefer. As any of you who write yourselves will know, there is no money in writing erotica, and the situation is getting worse rather than better, so if I’m going to keep doing what I love, then I’d like to at least produce what makes my readers happy! That has always been the biggest kick for me, and I’d like to keep doing just that once my Jenny Kane work is done.

So- if there are styles of books/stories you prefer from me/would like me to try, then this is your chance to tell me!

Thanks everyone


Kay xxx