As much as I love writing novels, the erotic short story will always have a corner of my heart. I just adore creating tales that have immediate impact on the reader (at least, I hope they do!).

Whenever I write a short tale, my aim is to hook the reader by the end of the second paragraph; to make them want to know what is going to happen next, or at least to be curious enough to wonder what the hell is going on! It is this aim, that makes the first few paragraphs the hardest to write, and it isn’t unusual for me to actually pen the introductory sentences after the rest of the tale is complete.

Tied to the Kitchen Sink

The three BDSM stories within Tied to the Kitchen Sink are all examples of this ‘writing the beginning at the end’ technique.

BLURB- Will can hardly believe his eyes when he receives the ultimate in birthday gifts. Karen, the girl of his fantasies, has been left tied to his kitchen sinks’ taps, ready to be played with exactly as he chooses. Meanwhile, Becky is having a spank filled first day in her new job, and a BDSM curious male allows himself to be lured into a dominatrix’s layer, by the tempting lyrics of a truly bad poem. Whether bound in ropes or handcuffs, as they are shackled to the bed, kitchen sink, or within the confines of a fetishists supply cupboard, the willing victims of Tied to the Kitchen Sinks’ kinky S&M and BDSM action, find their darkest and sexiest dreams coming true.

For me, a short erotic story has to be believable enough for the reader to be able to imagine themselves in the scenario described, but also stretch reality enough to make the words wrap around the reader in a fantasy of erotic dreams. Of course, everyone’s idea of a sexual fantasy is vastly different from the next- but if you like your kink to be a little on the “OUCH and OOOHHH, Master, Mistress and Submissive” side, then this anthology could well be the one for you!


Here’s the beginning of Tied to the Kitchen Sink to whet your appetite,

‘Hi, you must be Will; Happy Birthday.’ The girl smiled a dazzlingly set of white teeth in his direction, as she turned her head away from the washing up.

Will stopped dead. He had gone through Ben’s back door into the kitchen, expecting it to be deserted as usual; but it wasn’t.

It wasn’t her smile that caused Will’s feet to feel as if they’d become super glued to the floor, and his trousers to tighten. It was the fact that she was stood there, smiling at him in long black high heeled boots, and absolutely nothing else.

‘You look pale honey,’ the girl’s eyes twinkled, ‘why don’t you have a little sit down over there’, she pointed to an armchair in the corner of the room. ‘I can’t join you I’m afraid’, she raised her hands, revealing long thin silver chains attaching her to the taps. ‘I’m tied to the kitchen sink at the moment.’ As she laughed, the dark pig tails which hung down her back quivered against her bare flesh.

‘Um, well, I…’ Will stumbled over his words as his eyes scanned every inch of her. ‘Where’s…?’

‘Ben?’ she finished for him. ‘At the pub. He thought you would enjoy your birthday present more if he wasn’t here. I’m Karen.’


‘Are you okay? Ben seemed to think that I was exactly what you wanted for your 21st. If not, perhaps you could unlock me.’ She indicated a small pile of keys on the table, conveniently placed next to a pack of three. ‘Ben said that you fantasised about finding a woman tied to the sink.’ She looked up though her fringe with mock shyness.

Will was torn between simply walking out, untying the girl or…who was he kidding? His head swam with erotic images. She was real. He’d already pinched himself and this was not a dream. His dick stirred as he stared at her.

Tall and slim, her tanned skin shone against the dull kitchen units. Will focused on the soft flesh that appeared out of the top of her killer boots. He could almost taste her already.

‘Who are you?’ Will took a deep breath and walked towards the sink. ‘Why the hell not?’ he thought ‘It is my birthday.’

‘I told you, I’m Karen.’ She sighed as he trailed a finger around her neck. His hard, denim encased, cock rubbed against her arse as he stood beside her. ‘A friend of Bens. You thought I was a hooker?’

‘Well I…’

‘You aren’t the only one with fantasies you know.’ She stroked his cheek with her polished silver nails. ‘I’ve seen your picture on his mobile.’ She turned as much as her tethers would allow and ran wet hands over his thin shirt. ‘Now, I think that’s enough questions. What would you like to do for your birthday?’

She looked at him beseechingly. ‘Are you going to leave me tied here to do all this awful washing up Sir? Or are you going to let me have a little lie down on that nice table? Or maybe a rest in that armchair?

Will smiled; so, Ben had explained his fantasy to her. He was in charge. He stripped off his damp shirt and stood next to her in just his jeans. ‘I think you should stay exactly where you are until all that work is done don’t you?’

‘Oh Sir, but I am in so much need here, and the water is making my skin all dry.’ Karen looked up at him though her eye lashes.

‘It’s like acting out a bad porn movie.’ Will thought. ‘Fantastic’…


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Happy reading!

Kay xx