Last weekend, at the not so tender age of 41, I went to be very first rock concert- at Wembley in London no less. I swear my head is still buzzing with the experience.


Within Temptation, a Dutch gothic rock band whom I LOVE, are currently on the UK leg of their sell out tour- and having seen them, I have no problem at all in seeing why Wembley was packed to the gunnels- they were beyond incredible!

Within Temp tickets

But I’m getting ahead of myself (not unusual)- the tickets to see Within Temptation where actually a present for my daughter. Her birthday looms; and as WT have been her favourite band ever since she saw them on Kerrang a few years ago, it was a dream come true for her- and indeed for the rest of the family- as we have all grown to love their music over the last 48 months.

Within Temp hydra

Personally, although the lead singer, Sharon den Adel’s, voice is enough to blow anyone away, it is the lyrics of the songs that “do it” for me. Every song is a story. Each word is there for a reason, and not a single bar of the song is wasted- a skill that sadly a lot of song writers have not grasped.

This tour is a promotion of WT’s new album, Hydra,- and like with their previous albums, it tells a thumping good story- I won’t ruin it by telling you what it is- have a listen- see if you can find your own story in the words. I suspect the tale heard will be different for everyone who listens…

As I write this blog I am listening to one of favourite songs, What Have You Done?- (which was brilliantly performed as an encore on Saturday night) This song always makes the hairs on the back of my neck rise.

Check it out-

It is this song that- a year ago when I heard it for the first time- got me thinking. If ever a band deserved their songs into a musical it is this one. I can see it so clearly- a sexy gothic rock thriller… And if I ever find anyone with enough money to back me- I might just write it… (Seriously- I have the story firmly fixed in my head!)

So a HUGE thank you to WT- and to their support act, Delain- who were also “totally epic” (direct quite from my children)- my first rock gig was not going to be my last. Come back to the UK soon- PLEASE!!

Kay xxx