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Release Blitz from Cleis Press: Three of Hearts: Erotic Romance for Women

We’ve all heard the expression “three’s a crowd.” But in Three of Hearts: Erotic Romance for Women, two plus one equals three times the excitement, emotion, and romance. Whispers of love now have an audience, the thrill of sex is heightened by the voyeur—even the question of who to kiss, first, brings forth potent sensuality. Editor Kristina Wright, described by The Romance Reader as “a budding force to be reckoned with,” has compiled a collection that uses the power of three to inspire all this and more in the erotic and romantic fantasies of women.



Extract from – “Old Habits” by Mina Murray

I leaned down to press my lips to his, sucking his tongue into my mouth. His moan vibrated low in my body. I undulated to drive him deeper, slammed my palms down on his shoulders. Leverage.

“So good,” I crooned.

Luke let me set the pace. But that didn’t stop him grabbing my ass with those big hands of his and thrusting up to meet me. His fingers soon strayed across my flesh, between my buttocks, finding the tightness of my asshole.

There was a question in his eyes.

I bit my lip and nodded.

When he pushed his finger inside me, I swear that I saw stars. That forbidden friction, the way his cock stroked over my G-spot, the way the root of him brushed against my clit, set off sparklers throughout my body.

“Come with me, babe,” Luke urged.

And I did. I cried out my pleasure into the silent night, wondering the whole time I was coming if Alyx could hear me, down the hall.

We spooned for a while, until Luke fell asleep. My body was sated, and I knew I was physically tired enough, but I just couldn’t drift off the way I usually did. I lay there for a half hour, before I figured a shower might help.

When I got out of the bathroom, the door across the hall opened, and Alyx ducked her head out.

I stared at her coldly.

“Eve, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“I’m tired. Whatever you have to say to me can wait until morning.”

The door opened a bit wider.

“It’s just…I just wanted to apologize.”

“Then you can do it in the morning.”

Footsteps followed me, all the way to my bedroom door.

“Eve, please!”

I turned with a sigh and was surprised by what I saw. Alyx looked contrite. Genuinely contrite. Not at all the crocodile-tears expression she used to wear when trying to talk herself out of a jam.

“I should never have come here. I was an idiot to think that things could be different. Not after everything that happened, not after…” She shook her head.

But I wasn’t letting her off that easy.

“Not after I caught you, you mean? Fucking my boyfriend, in my bed?”

She nodded, miserable.

“Do you have any idea how much you hurt me? How long it took me to get over that? You were my best friend. I loved you.”

“Not the way I loved you.” She lifted her eyes to mine. “It was never about the guys, Eve. It was always about you. I wanted it to be just us, just you and me. I wanted to prove that none of those guys deserved you. But then I didn’t deserve you either. I just didn’t see it at the time.”

She took in a shaky breath.

“So I wanted to say sorry, for then and especially for tonight. I insulted your hospitality, I offended your boyfriend and I acted like a fool.”

I wasn’t sure what to say to her. Everyone has those imaginary conversations in her head, where she rehashes old conflicts, tries to work through them. But I never imagined ours going like this, with me barefoot and in a bathrobe, hair dripping wet, my boyfriend snoring in the room behind me.

“I’ll be gone in the morning, don’t worry,” Alyx said. “I just wanted to say good-bye first.”

I could think of a hundred good reasons for why what I was about to do was a terrible idea. But when I kissed her, swallowing her sound of surprise, none of them seemed to matter. Nothing mattered except the lushness of her body, pressed up against me, and the way her perfume filled my senses. Nothing mattered except the way she kissed me back, desperate and fierce and tender. She was crying, I could tell. Or maybe that was me.

After a few intense moments, my head was spinning, and I had to break the kiss. I took her face in my hands and leaned in close.

“You’re not going anywhere,” I said. “Understand?”

“Can I…can I kiss you again?” she asked, as if she had to, as if she didn’t know what rights she had over my body.


Her fingers traced the column of my neck. I guess I should have been more specific when I granted her request, because she slipped the robe off my shoulder, baring one breast, and pressed a wet kiss to my nipple.

She may as well have kissed my clit, the effect was so electrifying.

“Oh god,” I murmured, as she drew the tight peak into her mouth and bit gently.

Her hand found the cord of my robe and tugged it loose. The satiny garment practically fell off me then, leaving me naked in front of her.

I wasn’t normally like this, so passive, so acquiescent. But I didn’t resist when she placed her small hand flat against my breastbone and pushed me into the bedroom.

“I’ve missed the way you come under my tongue,” she whispered.

I don’t know how she could see so well in the dark, but she managed to get us into the room without any noise, and without me tripping over something. An impressive feat, considering I was lust-dazed, walking backward, and clumsy at the best of times.

She moved me to the foot of the bed and gently pushed me onto my back. My head was cushioned on the mattress, my body on the blanket box, my legs draped over her shoulders.

And then she put her mouth on me, and I almost wept. I had forgotten what it was like to be with a woman, but Alyx reminded me with her slim fingers, her soft skin, her long hair brushing silkily along the inside of my thighs. It was hard not to whimper when she tongued my bud delicately; harder still to bite back the moan when she captured it between her lips and sucked.

That Luke was sleeping not two feet away from me only made me more aroused. I shut my eyes as Alyx flattened her tongue and swept it over me. It felt like she was everywhere at once…

Available March 17, 2015




Happy reading,

Kay xx

Guest Post from Cleis Press: Alison Tyler’s Book-Bundle Blog Tour!

Today I’m sharing some delicious extracts with you from the brilliant Alison Tyler’s collection of BDSM anthologies. (Published by Cleis Press)

Wrapped Around Your Finger by Alison Tyler

A Tyler - WrappedAroundYourFinger_hires

Excerpt from Chapter 4: Wonderful Tonight

“Payment,” he said again, forcing my focus back on him. “Payment starts tomorrow night.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m taking you to dinner with several of the partners. You’ll have to be on your very best behavior.”

I sat up straighter. Jack and I rarely socialized with the people he worked with. This was something new. “We’re going to pass you around the table…” Jack continued.

New and terrifying I should add.

I was already trained better than to say, “You’re going to what?” But the words were in my head.

“I know you want to,” Jack said. “I’m only going to make your deepest, darkest fantasies come true.”

“What fantasies?” I had to ask. What did Jack think my fantasies were?

“We’ll have the big back room at the restaurant,” Jack said. “When we arrive, you’ll strip down and get on your knees. I want you to service each man there.”


“With your mouth, baby. With your mouth. I want you to suck them all until they’re rock hard and ready. Your mouth is so sublime. I feel guilty that I’ve been so greedy with you. I should have been sharing this whole time. When the men experience that wet heat on their Johnsons, well. There’s no saying what will happen. I’ll have to take charge, to make sure they go slow. Then we’ll really see what you’re good for.”

Was Jack fucking with me? I couldn’t find my voice, couldn’t figure out where to look. Jack’s eyes were giving me no clear message. I sensed no level of teasing now. I stared down at the plate.

“And then?” I managed to ask, directing my query more to my food than to Jack.

“You want me to tell you everything, don’t you?”

I nodded. I could feel the throb in my sex. My clit was swollen, my pussy sodden. I wouldn’t have thought that those words would have turned me on so much. But Jack was spelling out desires I had never confronted in the past.

“We’ll spread you out on the table, and we’ll go to work. One man will eat your cunt while you suck another’s cock. We’ll get you so you don’t know if you’re coming or going. You won’t know which way is up. By the end, Sam, you’ll be this mess of longing, and we’ll take you exactly where you need to go.”


Twisted Edited by Alison Tyler

A Tyler Twisted_hires

Excerpt from “Love to Hate” by Molly Moore

The cuffs are tight on my wrists and ankles, and when I pull on them I can hear the distinctive sound of chains. The room is silent but for that, and I lie there behind the dark of the blindfold playing with my own bonds. Pulling and twisting, making them talk to me. Their voice fits perfectly into my darkness, and despite knowing I’m here in this room, my mind slips to dungeons, guards and an evil captivity.

I’m happy here in this place, naked, vulnerable and blind. I wait for you, knowing you will come for me. For now my mind draws pictures for me, of who you are, and why you have me here like this. I know I should be scared of the unknown and ashamed of my nakedness, but then I have never been very good at what I should be; why should chains and darkness and an electric fear change that now?

My body aches. I am glad of the moment’s respite from your abuse and yet I miss you already. My playful toying with the chains soon turns to a restful impatience. I hate waiting, I hate being left. I hate not knowing. I hate being played with. I live for this hate and the way you make me face my darkness. I love my hate. It is a passion.

The sound of the whip still rings. My body twitches at the memory of the split ends trailing their evil kisses across my breasts leaving bright red welts in their wake. I moan at the memory, and I crave more. I know the heat between my thighs betrays my love of the hate.

You’re silent in your approach, and I’m so lost in my own body and mind that it’s not until I feel the bed shift under your weight that I know you’re back. Without a thought of the consequences words of admonishment spit from my mouth….

“Don’t leave me like this. Just do what you want with—”

The rest is muffled by your hand, words of venom and anger lost into your grip and silenced completely by your soft gentle, “Shhhh.” My tongue flicks out, tasting your palm; tentative at first, then with increasing greed until I am suckling on the soft flesh at the base of your thumb. I feast on you, my mouth consuming anything that you’re willing to give.


The Big Book of Bondage edited by Alison Tyler

A Tyler Big Book of Bondage

Excerpt from “Meltdown” by Jax Baynard

I followed Morgan into the game room and he stood at the appointed spot. I got the restraints and latched them around his wrists, one at a time, being rougher than I needed to be about it. He let me manhandle him, watching my face.

“How are you, Faith?” he asked softly, and now he did sound concerned. That wasn’t my name, just the one I’d given him.

“Just ducky,” I said sarcastically and winched him up until his heels were off the floor.

I stalked to the rack on the wall. “Which one?”

He pointed with his chin to the one at the end.

“This one?” I asked, touching it, wanting to be sure of his choice. I stroked the leather handle, remarkably soft and shaped more or less like a phallus.

“Yes,” he said calmly.

It was a twelve-strand plaited Australian stock whip made of kangaroo hide, a working job. Serious. I could do a lot of damage with it if I wasn’t careful. Rage boiled up inside me, a black wash, coloring everything. “You are really pushing your fucking luck,” I said through my teeth. He flipped his wrists so that he was holding the restraints instead of them holding him. I wondered if his arms were already starting to ache. He smiled at me, feral, a look I had never seen before on his civilized face, and I snarled. “You asked for it,” I said and moved around behind him.

I snapped the whip a couple of times, limbering up, trying to think calmly. What was he after? If I knew what it was I could either give it to him or not, my choice. But I didn’t know, and the anger and the hurt running beneath it, the hurt I was trying frantically to stay on top of, made it impossible to think rationally. So I hit him. Despite my threats, I pulled a few punches. I pulled all of them, actually, practicing restraint as a cautionary measure. After a minute or two he said conversationally,

“You probably deserved it.”

“What did you just say?” I asked.

“You heard me,” he said, which, of course, I had.

“You shouldn’t have said that.” I saw him brace himself. Then I hit him, again and again, until his back was a mass of red welts, until my arm ached and instead of every strike being smooth, they fell rough and unaccomplished across his back and ass and thighs. He did not protest. He did not say anything. He barely moaned…


About the Author/Editor

Alison Tyler has made being naughty a full-time job. Her sultry short stories appear in more than 100 anthologies, and she is a prolific editor of bestselling erotic anthologies like Twisted, Bound for Trouble, and The Big Book of Bondage. In all things important, she remains faithful to her husband of 15 years, but she still can’t choose just one perfume. Find her at alisontyler.com and alisontyler.blogspot.com

Purchasing Links:

Wrapped Around Your Finger: A Story of Submission by Alison Tyler




Twisted: Bondage with an Edge edited by Alison Tyler




The Big Book of Bondage: Sexy Tales of Erotic Restraint edited by Alison Tyler




Happy reading everyone,

Kay xx









Dark Secret Love: A Story of Submission

By Alison Tyler

$16.95, Trade Paper

232 pages, 5” x 8”

ISBN: 978-1-57344-956-4


The Delicious Torment: A Story of Submission

By Alison Tyler

$16.95, Trade Paper

240 pages, 5” x 8”



Wrapped Around Your Finger: A Story of Submission

By Alison Tyler

$16.95, Trade Paper

240 pages, 5” x 8”



The Big Book of Bondage: Sexy Tales of Erotic Restraint

Edited by Alison Tyler

$15.95, Trade Paper

352 pages, 5 x 7

ISBN: 978-1-57344-907-6


Twisted: Bondage with an Edge

By Alison Tyler

$15.95, Trade Paper

240 pages, 5.5” x 8”


Alison Tyler has made being naughty a full-time job. Her sultry short stories appear in more than 100 anthologies, and she is a prolific editor of bestselling erotic anthologies like Twisted, Bound for Trouble, and The Big Book of Bondage. In all things important, she remains faithful to her husband of 15 years, but she still can’t choose just one perfume. Find her at alisontyler.com and alisontyler.blogspot.com

Interview with Joan Price: The Ultimate Guide to Sex after Fifty

Today I am joined by Joan Price, a senior sex expert who has just written The Ultimate Guide to Sex after Fifty. As you can imagine, I had some questions I was just dying to ask her.

Most sex guides are aimed at the 20-30 age groups. What made you decide to write a book specifically for the 50+ population?

JP: Exactly because most sex guides are for younger folks! At 20-30, you’re discovering what works for you sexually, how to communicate what you need to your partner, how to satisfy yourself on your own, and how to please a partner.  At our age (I’m 71 as I answer your questions), the issues are similar, but not the same. We’ve had a half century or more of figuring out our sexual needs, but now we’re walloped by physiological changes, relationship changes, emotional changes. We need to educate ourselves all over again to keep sex vital throughout the rest of our lives.

Ultimate Guide to Sex after Fifty updated cover

The Ultimate Guide to Sex after Fifty is actually my third sex guide for the over 50 population. Each time I go deeper into the concerns that affect my age group. This latest book is the most comprehensive yet, with a lot of medical information as well as relationships, dating, safer sex, and all those other topics that affect us.

Do you find that people over 50 find it more difficult to talk about sex than younger folk?

JP: It depends. Many people in their fifties and sixties are used to talking about sex, but they’re not used to admitting that they’re having sexual problems. People over 70 had a more repressed upbringing – their sex education was more “don’t do it” than “here’s how to make sex satisfying.”

Do you think people who are over 50 need different advice to those ten or twenty years younger?

JP: Sure, because many of the issues are different. People 50 to 80-plus may experience arousal difficulties, orgasm difficulties, erectile dysfunction or undependable erections, medical conditions and medications that affect sexual function or sensation, stale relationships, a partner’s reluctance to spice up the relationship, the challenges of being single after decades of being partnered, and so much more.

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Website/blog links?

JP: I’ve led many lives! I was a high school English teacher for 22 years. Then I was a fitness instructor and health/fitness writer for 15 years or so. I started writing about senior sex at age 60 because I was in a passionate love affair with the love of my life, the artist Robert Rice.

Joan Price headshot

We met when I was 57 and Robert was 64, and it was the best sex and the best love relationship either of us had ever experienced. That led me to write Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty, to celebrate the joys of senior sex. After that, huge numbers of seniors started sending me their stories and asking me their questions about how to improve their sex lives, so I wrote Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex, which won two major awards. Then I edited a hot, steamy anthology of erotica featuring writers over 50 and characters over 50: Ageless Erotica.

There was still more to say, still more questions to answer, still more people who wanted help resolving their problems, so I spent the last year and a half writing the most comprehensive self-help book on senior sex: The Ultimate Guide to Sex after Fifty, which just came out January 2015. I’m very proud of it.

Buy links:

Joan Price website: http://www.joanprice.com/

Naked at Our Age blog: http://www.NakedAtOurAge.com

Better Than I Ever Expected US: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1580051529/ref=nosim/joanprice-20

Better Than I Ever Expected UK:


Naked at Our Age US: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1580053386/ref=nosim/joanprice-20

Naked at Our Age UK:


Ageless Erotica US:


Ageless Erotica UK:


The Ultimate Guide to Sex after Fifty US: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1627780963/ref=nosim/joanprice-20

The Ultimate Guide to Sex after Fifty UK:



I’d like to pass on my thanks to Joan- what a brilliant, candid and informative interview. Good luck with your book xx

Happy reading,

Kay xx

Hot Highlander Anyone?

Today I delighted to be able to bring you a HOT extract from the new Cleis Press anthology Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors: Erotic Romance for Women – edited by Delilah Devlin


This excerpt is from “To Love A King’s Man” by Emma Jay…

“A knock on the door startled him. He turned to see a copper tub edging into the room, borne by two strapping lads, followed by three maids, all lugging steaming pots of water. The boys set the tub by the fire, and the young women filled it, watching him through their lashes. All but one, who met his gaze straight on. He wondered if she’d be the one to bathe him.

His loins stirred at the thought. She was a pretty thing, and bold. He liked a bold woman in bed. He opened his mouth to send the others off when the door opened and Evanna stepped in, a towel draped over her arm, a basket in her hand.

When last he’d seen her, she’d been all legs and arms, so scrawny a good wind could blow her away, her hair wild down her back. She’d run after his horse the day he’d left, tears streaming down her cheeks. Now she was a woman grown, her expression serene, her hair confined in a net at the back of her head, a net he suddenly wanted to toss away. He blamed the errant thought on his earlier arousal. She was his hostess and the sister of his best friend.

His gaze drifted over Evanna’s simple dress, the soft fabric following the lines of her body, curving over her full breasts, hugging her trim waist. The shape of her body was imprinted on him since he’d held her against him on the stairs.

She dismissed the servants with a word, and they were alone, the only sounds the crackling of the fire and his pulse beating in his ears.

Impossible, since all his blood now pooled between his legs.

She set the basket on the chair by the fire. Soap and other supplies peeked out. “You don’t mean to bathe me.”

“It’s my duty.”

“Evanna, it’s not… I’m bastard born.”

“And a champion to the king. I’m honored to do it.”

He blew out a laugh. “It is…odd.” She’d been just a girl, and now she was his hostess.

“But not distasteful, I hope.”

The baldness of her words shocked him into stillness.

“You won’t be the first man I’ve bathed. I am a widow.”

He’d known her husband, the old lecherous bastard, about the size of one of Conal’s arms, and with half the number of Conal’s teeth. Conal doubted the old man had shown his young wife the pleasures that could be had between a man and a woman.

The pleasures Conal wanted to show her. If he took off his clothes in his current state, his intentions would be clear.

How would she react? The way she watched him now, he couldn’t be sure…


You can buy Hot Highlanders in e-book and paperback format from all good retailers including-

Here are the buy links:

Happy reading everyone,

Kay xx



Wrangling Angels with Janine Ashbless

Today one of my very favourite erotica authors, Janine Ashbless, is here to talk about her latest novel Cover Him with Darkness. I just LOVE this blog- I can picture the historical frustrations so clearly! Over to you Janine…

Cover Him

Wrangling Angels

Getting angels to stand in neat lines is like herding cats. They just will not co-operate.

Imagine you’re writing a novel with the central theme of fallen angels, like I did with Cover Him with Darkness. And imagine you are, like me, a history snob who longs for compatibility with original “authentic” angel lore, in order to lend some plausibility to your fiction – instead of making up stuff like “Billy-Bob the Archangel of Table Manners.”

So you go to the Bible first, don’t you? I did. The keystone of my whole book is from Genesis Chap 6:

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the

earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the Sons of God saw

the daughters of man, that they were fair. And they took them wives of

all which they chose.

Everything follows on from this throwaway line about horny angels.

What else does the Bible say about the hosts of heaven? Well, this is where you start running into problems which will eventually send make you bang your head repeatedly onto the keyboard and cry. It depends which version of the Bible you turn to. In the Protestant tradition which I grew up in, the only angels named in the Bible are Gabriel and Michael (and Satan). But the Catholic Church includes the books of the Apocrypha as canon too, which means they can bring in Raphael (from the Book of Tobit). That’s what you’ll find in all those Italian Renaissance paintings.

Those three are commonly counted as the archangels, the highest of all. But WAIT! The Eastern Orthodox Church (which is just as old as the Catholic one) recognizes seven (or sometimes eight) archangels. Judaic tradition suggests seven (or eight) too, but no – not the same seven (or eight). Islamic tradition suggests four, but not all directly from the Qur’an. Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel get a name-check in most of the longer lists, but after that all bets are off.

My head is starting to hurt.

In fact the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church – and bear in mind that Ethiopia is the oldest Christian country in the world, they converted before the Romans did – may be most relevant to my novel because it’s the only Christian tradition that regards as canon the Jewish Book of Enoch (largely because they were the only ones who knew it existed, for over a thousand years. Nowadays you can read it online). The Book of Enoch is a mad-ass visionary text that fills in the whole story around the Genesis quote at the top there. It’s full of the most beautiful stirring imagery and reads like it was written by someone who’d been snacking on the wrong sort of mushrooms. Woohoo! Bingo! So I should take my lists of angels from the Book of Enoch, right?

Wrong. The angel names and spheres of responsibility aren’t even consistent within the goddamn Enoch text. *Author throws a sulk.*

And then we get onto the medieval Angelologies as Kabbalists and occultists start weighing in, adding angels and attributing them stats like Top Trumps Cards. It’s starting to look like the rules sets for a load of competing and completely incompatible role-playing games.

At this point the divine Billy-Bob begins to seem appealing and I pour myself a very large gin and decide not to stress about getting it “right.” There is no “right.”

So next time you are watching a movie or TV series which describes Azrael as the Angel of Death and you go, “Oi! The angel of death is Uriel, you idiots! I saw it on Supernatural!” … you know why.

Janine Ashbless


Cover Him With Darkness Blurb

If You Loved an Angel… How Far Would You Fall with Him?

What happens when the daughter of the village priest falls in love with an archangel banished from heaven? Milja’s heart is struck when she catches a glimpse of the preternaturally beautiful prisoner her father keeps captive beneath his church’s altar. Torn between tradition, loyalty and her growing obsession with the fallen angel, will Milja risk losing her family, and her eternal soul, for the love of this divine being? Janine Ashbless will transport you to a world where good and evil battle for true love.




Janine Ashbless is a writer of fantasy erotica and steamy romantic adventure – and that’s “fantasy” in the sense of swords ‘n’ sandals, contemporary paranormal, fairytale, and stories based on mythology and folklore.  She likes to write about magic and mystery, dangerous power dynamics, borderline terror, and the not-quite-human.

Janine has been seeing her books in print ever since 2000, and her novels and single-author collections now run into double figures. She’s also had numerous short stories published by Black Lace, Nexus, Cleis Press, Ravenous Romance, Harlequin Spice, Storm Moon, Xcite, Mischief Books, and Ellora’s Cave among others. She is co-editor of the nerd erotica anthology Geek Love.

Her work has been described as: “hardcore and literate” (Madeline Moore) and “vivid and tempestuous and dangerous, and bursting with sacrifice, death and love.”   (Portia Da Costa)



Janine Ashbless Facebook

Amazon UK Author Page

Amazon US Author Page


Many thanks Janine- Cover Him with Darkness sounds amazing.

Happy reading,

Kay xx










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