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Smut Manchester 2015: Erotica with a Flogger and a Smile

This weekend I was lucky enough to be in Manchester for one of the best erotica gigs I have ever attended- Smut Manchester .


Hosted by the always amazing Victoria and Kev Blisse, sponsored by AMAZINGO.co.uk, and located in the Bangkok Bar, Smut Manchester was so packed with things to report that I fear I am bound to miss things out! So let’s go for the edited highlights!

Bangkok rooms

Top moment number one (beyond catching up with my fellow Smutters!!) has to be having the opportunity to meet so many of the Brit Babes Street Team. It was no surprise to find that each and every one of them was totally delightful. I’d like to extend a special thanks to all of you for coming- your support is incredible.

Emma, Victoria, Kay, Lucy, Kd, Steph and Cheryl

Emma, Victoria, Kay, Lucy, Kd, Steph and Cheryl

Next, I must mention Kink Craft! Who would have thought I’d ever own a flogger (OK, point made) Lets rephrase that- who’d have thought I’d ever make my own? It was so much fun!


I must thank the Kink Craft folk for being so patient teaching me to make my gorgeous little toy- I can do most things with words, but practically I’m a bit hopeless!

Making a flogger with Street Team members, Steph and Pamela

Making a flogger with Street Team members, Steph and Pamela

Everyone who attended was allowed to make one for free, and so I advise you all to behave in the presence of all Brit Babes now, in case they have a hidden weapon about our persons….

Kd Grace makes flogger with KinkCraft

Kd Grace makes flogger with KinkCraft

Of course, being a Smut event, there were plenty of erotica readings. The quality of the stories was incredible high, and we all laughed, ooh-ed, aah-ed, squirmed, and shuffled as was appropriate!

Zak Jane Keir has us in fits of laughter with her smut!

Zak Jane Keir has us in fits of laughter with her smut!

There were three workshops, one from the lovely Ashley Lister and Liv Honeywell, who gave us tips on how to read erotica aloud. It’s an often neglected subject- and as writers are frequently called upon to read their work at events, with no thought to whether they are comfortable with the idea or not.

The unstoppable Zak Jane Keir presented her workshop on the importance of World Building within your work. The essential skill of making sure that, whichever genre you are writing, you get the back story correct- that you remember that some situations (such as a 22yr old not being able to send an email, not owning a mobile, and being a virgin….) just suspend belief far too much!

There was one more workshop- mine! I have to admit I was nervous. I have helped run workshops before, and I have attended dozens, but this was my very first solo class. I decided to spend my 45 minute lesson reinforcing the importance of keeping erotica within the realms of possibility. Erotica that people can read and think, “Ohhh…I could do that…” is very sexy.

Entitled Everyday Kink, I took everyone on a trip around Kaybury’s Supermarket, and asked them to sex up an item off my shopping list. From celery to cling film, and cheese slices, to tins of pears, the possibilities that were dreamt up were wide and various. I was particularly impressed with the ideas of the non-writers. You can tell those folk read a lot of erotica!


Once everyone had their ‘mundane’ item kinked up, it was time to introduce an ‘unknown’ element to their imaginations. Everyone within Kaybury’s was sent to the back of the supermarket, where ‘something’ awaited them. After 10 minutes of writing a passage that combined their ordinary item and ‘whatever scenario they walked through the back door into’, there was some very impressive story ideas forming. I look forward to reading a few of the finished tales one day.

During the entire event, the Club Lash dungeon was available…for those who dared enter. I popped by after my workshop was over…You can imagine how much my story writing gene went into overdrive can’t you!

Cara Sutra teaches Victoria Blisse a lesson!

Cara Sutra teaches Victoria Blisse a lesson!

The day came to an end in spectacular style with a group trip to Dr Sketchy’s. Led, Pied Piper style by the gorgeous Jay through the streets of Manchester, we all gathered around the stage in Chapter One (the most amazing bookshop in the world).

Dr Sketchly

With clipboards and pencils to hand, we then watched two beautiful women entertain us over three incredible acts- and then we drew them! (Badly in my case) I have never been to an experience quite like that before- and I loved every single second.

Belly dancePole dance

Bed of nails 3

With the day drawing to an end, it was time to reflect on the event, and what better way to do that, than over dinner with friends.

Chilling with Emma- with an unseen Kd Grace acting as chief photographer!

Chilling with Emma- with an unseen Kd Grace acting as chief photographer!

I’ve been home from Smut Manchester for a few hours now, and my head is still buzzing with it all. A huge thanks to everyone who made the event possible- it was a wonderful day.


Kay xx





Guest post from Jacqueline Brocker: A Sense of an Ending

I’m delighted to be able to welcome my friend, and fabulous writer, Jacqueline Brocker, to my site today, with not one, but three new stories to talk about…

First, let me thank Kay for giving me space on her blog to blather at you, and second, to congratulate her on the awesome ETO win! Isn’t it just marvellous?

Aww- thank you- I’m still in shock!

And now, on with the post…

A Sense of an Ending

Why am I here? I’ve had three short stories come out this year from Forbidden Fiction – two m/m (Bare Blue Steel and Precious Metal), one f/m (Fool’s Gold), and each in different genres (Precious Metal is science fiction and Bare Blue Steel is contemporary, while Fool’s Gold is historical fantasy). All of them are also erotica, but none are really romance. (I feel almost duty bound to say this, because people can get confused these days). Maybe sort of if you squint at two of them, but I’d be hesitant to recommend them to a romance reader. Why? They may not get that Happily Ever After that a reader expects with romance.


It’s a tricky thing coming up with a good ending for any story, and it seems to be an increasingly fraught issue with erotica. I’ll come to that in a moment, but first I’d like to look at the idea of happy endings.

There are two things that I want to focus on first. On the one hand, there is the idea (I don’t have evidence for this, more gut instinct) that if you say you don’t write happy endings, people interpret that to mean all your stories are Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet – tragic endings with half the cast dead and the scene awash with blood. On the other hand, there is another idea that happy endings immediately render the story inferior in quality, that happy endings are ‘disney-fied’ and pandering to the audience – as if the Hamlet-esque ending makes the story somehow superior just by the nature of its ending. It is, I suspect, one of the reasons that romance is often sneered at (there are other reasons that I don’t have the space to discuss here).

Two extremes, and anyone who has read a lot of books, watched a lot of films, partaken in any kind of story telling medium, knows this is nonsense. Anyone who has read a lot knows there is a whole range of possibilities, not even a sliding scale between happy and tragic, but ideas all over the map of what makes a good ending. Trouble is, it’s starting to feel like erotica can only have the happy ending, that it is an off-shoot of romance so ergo must follow its conventions, that it must offer either a sense of optimism or a level of comfort. Neither of which are bad in and of themselves – for the right story, they’re perfect and absolutely the way those stories should end. It worries me though when writers – especially those like me who write what they think is erotica rather than romance – feel obligated to make sure that’s the kind of story they are telling in order to get published. Or even just to be read.


Does this mean I want blood-soaked tragedy and sense of hopelessness at the end of my tales? Hardly. My belief with endings is that they have to make sense to the story and to the characters. And there is such a gamut of ways to end a story: philosophically, optimistically (even if the romantic pairing aren’t together), pensively, ambiguously. Maybe you’re satisfied with where the characters are at in life, maybe it leaves you wondering what happens next. Maybe you’re fearful for their fate, but it’s been left hanging in the balance. Maybe there is a mix of hope and despair, maybe it is bittersweet. Maybe they are together, but oh dear, you think, what a terrible idea! Or maybe the characters going their own way is the best and happiest thing for both (or all three, or more…) of them. There is such a variety of ways a story can end that is such a shame to feel trapped by just one.

So, does all that entice you to read any of the stories I’ve written to see how I’ve concluded them? Well, how that ends, dear reader, is up to you…

Blurbs and Information/Buy Links


Fool’s Gold

When Anne Delahaye, captain of the pirate ship the Merriment, is lead to a chest of coins with unusual markings, she assumes that she’s been cheated. But when she learns that the coins may be the key to a strange cave where desires become reality, she goes to find out for herself. What she finds there brings up memories and desires of a life she thought was gone.

Information (Except, Content Labels): http://forbiddenfiction.com/story/JB1-1.000237

Buy Links: http://fantasticfictionpublishing.com/product/fools-gold

Precious Metal

Hector’s life as a cyborg, after an accident that left him with a mechanical arm and metal jaw, shouldn’t affect his sex life—but his partner, Kay, can’t bring himself to be intimate with a man who’s half-machine. Hector needs to find a way to convince Kay that LanceCorp didn’t replace the most important part of him—his heart.

Information (Except, Content Labels): http://forbiddenfiction.com/story/JB1-1.000194

Buy Links: http://fantasticfictionpublishing.com/product/precious-metal

Bare Blue Steel

Jimmy adores his boyfriend Tom, with his slick suits, fedoras, and cool demeanour. When Jimmy discovers a revolver in Tom’s bedside drawers, he is confronted with the truth about Tom’s business activities. How did he miss the signs? Or has Jimmy been ignoring the truth about Tom to hide from the truth about himself?

Information (Except, Content Labels): http://forbiddenfiction.com/story/JB1-1.000193

Buy Links: http://fantasticfictionpublishing.com/product/bare-blue-steel


Social Media

Website: http://jacquelinebrocker.net/

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/jacquib19/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ms_jacquelineb

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jacqueline-Brocker/350975778281809

Instagram: https://instagram.com/jacquibrocker/


Many thanks for visiting today Jacqui!

Happy reading everyone,

Kay xx


It’s all in the setting

There are many elements needed to produce a good story, erotic or otherwise. For me, the first and foremost element to start a story is location. If I can’t picture clearly in my head where the action takes place- be it an intensely hot screw in a store cupboard (The Collector), a solo walk in the park, (Quick Kink One), or a stomach churning encounter involving garden twine in a shed (The Voyeur)- then the words simply do not flow.


It is for this reason that every single story I’ve ever written, from the shortest piece of flash fiction, to my longest novel, have all been set in genuine locations. What happens in those chosen places may be entirely fictional (with the occasional exception!), but every background setting within a Kay Jaybee tale is 100% real.

On occasion, I have tried to invent places in which to gather people, and then take their clothes off (or not), but none of these stories have worked. I need to be able to feel the vibe of a location. To know how the air conditioning hums, or how the damp aroma of rain soaked wood would affect the characters in a certain environment. And to accurately assess these environmental conditions, then each location has to be real.

Digging Deep

An excellent example of this can be found in my latest erotic creation, the e-novella Digging Deep (Xcite Cariad Romance, 2013).

Blurb- Dr Beth Andrew’s first foreign excavation as a site leader, which she co-run’s with the American archaeologist Dr Harrison Harris, gets off to a shaky start due to the jealous interference of Harrison’s ex, and an overzealous student… Love and lust really can cloud even the cleverest person’s judgement!

I have long wanted to use some of my experiences as an archaeologist in my work. In this case it wasn’t so much the amazing excavation I was part of that attracted me to write Digging Deep, but the difficulties of doing such work under the trying circumstances the location had to offer.

Tunisian Olive Groves

Tunisian Olive Groves

Tunisia might well be the perfect place to soak up the sun as a tourist in a nice luxury hotel, but outside of tourist world, it is a very different story. I wanted to capture how challenging, both physically and mentally, it is to sleep in a freezing cold half built house, on bare concrete floors, and then bake by day beneath a 120+ degree sun. Add to this the frustration of digging in sand, with its oh so annoying habit of backfilling in on itself every few minutes, and you have the perfect location and situation for even the most intelligent people to lose their sense of perspective- something which happened in real life as well as in the pages of Digging Deep– although in a completely different way!!

You can buy Digging Deep from all good book and e-retailer from-


It is my practise of using real locations in my manuscripts, which has led me to develop the habit of greeting every new place I visit with a silent surveillance of erotic suitability. There can’t be a café, library, museum, shop, store cupboard, or indeed anywhere, that hasn’t been corrupted Kay-style in my mind, as my ever active imagination seeks out new stories in every place possible!

So be warned- don’t invite be to your place – unless you want your living room to turn up in a future Kay Jaybee number!

Happy reading,

Kay xx

Curious to the Core!

I’m often asked what the major driving force of inspiration is behind my writing. There are many things that influence me; overheard conversations, musical lyrics, friend’s fantasies; but at the very back of all that is a basic curiosity- a curiosity that always wants to know what is going on beyond my point of vision!

Not that I’m an eye to the keyhole sort of person (like Maggie in my story Through the Crack; Quick Kink Two). Nor would there be any point in me jamming my ear to the crack in the door (I’m deaf as a post); it’s more that I can’t stop my imagination from filling in the blanks. I just simply can’t stop from musing over what ‘might be’ going on. What could be happening, is often so much more interesting than what is happening!


What could the top floor of a nearby hotel really contain? Is it full of nice normal bedrooms, in which tired out members of the business community can crash after a meeting? Or is it, as in my series, The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, a hotbed of private services and kinky sex?

Per Sub 3

When you see a sign on a lift saying ‘staff only’ where does that lift actually take you? When they announce over the loud speakers in the shop or club ‘Would a member of staff come to the storeroom,’ what happens when they get there? Are they sold to aliens for experimentation? Is there some erotically eccentric Sheik waiting to whisk them away to his harem? I always hope they aren’t just going to do something as dull as unpack boxes. I want them to have as much fun as the bar girls, and the young man they lure into their storeroom, in my story Break Time (The Collector)


When you meet a stranger on the train; a stranger who catches your eye and sends your pulse racing- what would happen if you asked them out? Would you have coffee, maybe visit the cinema- or would you find yourself in the backroom of an exclusive club, doing sexually interesting things you hadn’t ever dreamt about, like the lead character in my story Black? (Yes Ma’am)

Yes Ma'am promo 2015


So basically I’m curious- or should that be nosily inquisitive- but only for what might happen- not for what really is happening- it’s far more fun that way!!

Happy Reading

Kay xx

SMUT Luton- March 7th 2015



The Hat factory, Luton will host the first smut event of 2015 sponsored by House of Erotica. Smut Events are fun, safe, inclusive days out when erotica & erotic romance readers and writers get together to socialize, exchange ideas and inspire one another.

The theme for Luton is Kinkification. We’ll be adding a little kink to your life with some great workshops, demonstrations and performances. Not to mention the book stall where you can pick up some sexy reading material and the erotic raffle where you’ll be able to win prizes from Bondara.co.uk , Segzi.co.uk and a special something from Smut UK.


Charlie J Forrest will be showing off some rope tricks and answering your questions on getting your lover all tied up, Zak Jane Keir will be talking about taking your hobbies and giving them a naughty spin for your erotic writing and sexy play and Victoria Blisse will be exploring all the senses and how they can heighten your sexual arousal on the page and in the bedroom.

We’ve got readings from Lucy FelthouseJennifer Denys, Charlotte HowardBella SettaraCharlie J ForrestMeg PhilipAnna Sky, Cara Sutra and Victoria Blisse that are sure to tempt and tease.


Pick up your tickets at Smutluton.co.uk and join the facebook event to keep up with all the event news.

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