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Smut Manchester 2015: Erotica with a Flogger and a Smile

This weekend I was lucky enough to be in Manchester for one of the best erotica gigs I have ever attended- Smut Manchester .


Hosted by the always amazing Victoria and Kev Blisse, sponsored by AMAZINGO.co.uk, and located in the Bangkok Bar, Smut Manchester was so packed with things to report that I fear I am bound to miss things out! So let’s go for the edited highlights!

Bangkok rooms

Top moment number one (beyond catching up with my fellow Smutters!!) has to be having the opportunity to meet so many of the Brit Babes Street Team. It was no surprise to find that each and every one of them was totally delightful. I’d like to extend a special thanks to all of you for coming- your support is incredible.

Emma, Victoria, Kay, Lucy, Kd, Steph and Cheryl

Emma, Victoria, Kay, Lucy, Kd, Steph and Cheryl

Next, I must mention Kink Craft! Who would have thought I’d ever own a flogger (OK, point made) Lets rephrase that- who’d have thought I’d ever make my own? It was so much fun!


I must thank the Kink Craft folk for being so patient teaching me to make my gorgeous little toy- I can do most things with words, but practically I’m a bit hopeless!

Making a flogger with Street Team members, Steph and Pamela

Making a flogger with Street Team members, Steph and Pamela

Everyone who attended was allowed to make one for free, and so I advise you all to behave in the presence of all Brit Babes now, in case they have a hidden weapon about our persons….

Kd Grace makes flogger with KinkCraft

Kd Grace makes flogger with KinkCraft

Of course, being a Smut event, there were plenty of erotica readings. The quality of the stories was incredible high, and we all laughed, ooh-ed, aah-ed, squirmed, and shuffled as was appropriate!

Zak Jane Keir has us in fits of laughter with her smut!

Zak Jane Keir has us in fits of laughter with her smut!

There were three workshops, one from the lovely Ashley Lister and Liv Honeywell, who gave us tips on how to read erotica aloud. It’s an often neglected subject- and as writers are frequently called upon to read their work at events, with no thought to whether they are comfortable with the idea or not.

The unstoppable Zak Jane Keir presented her workshop on the importance of World Building within your work. The essential skill of making sure that, whichever genre you are writing, you get the back story correct- that you remember that some situations (such as a 22yr old not being able to send an email, not owning a mobile, and being a virgin….) just suspend belief far too much!

There was one more workshop- mine! I have to admit I was nervous. I have helped run workshops before, and I have attended dozens, but this was my very first solo class. I decided to spend my 45 minute lesson reinforcing the importance of keeping erotica within the realms of possibility. Erotica that people can read and think, “Ohhh…I could do that…” is very sexy.

Entitled Everyday Kink, I took everyone on a trip around Kaybury’s Supermarket, and asked them to sex up an item off my shopping list. From celery to cling film, and cheese slices, to tins of pears, the possibilities that were dreamt up were wide and various. I was particularly impressed with the ideas of the non-writers. You can tell those folk read a lot of erotica!


Once everyone had their ‘mundane’ item kinked up, it was time to introduce an ‘unknown’ element to their imaginations. Everyone within Kaybury’s was sent to the back of the supermarket, where ‘something’ awaited them. After 10 minutes of writing a passage that combined their ordinary item and ‘whatever scenario they walked through the back door into’, there was some very impressive story ideas forming. I look forward to reading a few of the finished tales one day.

During the entire event, the Club Lash dungeon was available…for those who dared enter. I popped by after my workshop was over…You can imagine how much my story writing gene went into overdrive can’t you!

Cara Sutra teaches Victoria Blisse a lesson!

Cara Sutra teaches Victoria Blisse a lesson!

The day came to an end in spectacular style with a group trip to Dr Sketchy’s. Led, Pied Piper style by the gorgeous Jay through the streets of Manchester, we all gathered around the stage in Chapter One (the most amazing bookshop in the world).

Dr Sketchly

With clipboards and pencils to hand, we then watched two beautiful women entertain us over three incredible acts- and then we drew them! (Badly in my case) I have never been to an experience quite like that before- and I loved every single second.

Belly dancePole dance

Bed of nails 3

With the day drawing to an end, it was time to reflect on the event, and what better way to do that, than over dinner with friends.

Chilling with Emma- with an unseen Kd Grace acting as chief photographer!

Chilling with Emma- with an unseen Kd Grace acting as chief photographer!

I’ve been home from Smut Manchester for a few hours now, and my head is still buzzing with it all. A huge thanks to everyone who made the event possible- it was a wonderful day.


Kay xx





Workshop Thinking: Smut Manchester


Next weekend I will be making my way across England so that I can attend Smut Manchester! I am looking forward to it so much! Not just because any Smut event is great fun- and often a little bit eye opening- but because it gives me the opportunity to catch up with many of my fellow smutty readers and writers.

I have to admit however, that I am a little bit nervous about this latest Smut adventure, as I will be presenting a workshop entitle ‘Everyday Kinky’ to help writers sex up ordinary items. I’ve already constructed the workshop, which I hope will be 45 minutes of wordy fun.

If you fancy coming along, then all you will need is a pen some paper and a healthy imagination. There are still a handful of tickets left- http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/smut-manchester-2015-sponsored-by-amazingocouk-tickets-16087184201


Although there will be many new writers, as well as a heap of people who just love a bit of erotica and erotic fun, some of the people attending Smut are amongst the best erotica writers in the world! Talk about teaching your gran to suck eggs! Maybe if I wear a short enough skirt and stockings they won’t notice that I’m telling them stuff they already know!

The full line up for Smut day (24th October) is mouth watering indeed- hope you can come along!

Smut Manchester 2015

Preparing the ‘Everyday Kinky’ workshop has been a lot of fun- and it got me thinking. There are loads of creative writing courses out in the world- some cover erotica- but not that many…So should I? Should I start a series of erotica writing workshops for those who want to put a shine on the work they’ve already written, or who have a story stuck inside their imagination bursting to come out?

question marks

I will be sat on a train for a long time on Friday. The train from Devon to Manchester is not known for its punctuality or its speed, so maybe I should put that ‘sat down’ time to good use. Perhaps I’ll be workshop thinking rather than story writing?

If any of you lovely folk have any thoughts on the subject of erotica workshops I’d love to hear them.

Happy reading- (Hope to see you in Manchester next weekend!)

Kay xx



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