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It’s December!!!

A great many of you lovely folk will be juggling your already busy lives with Christmas shopping and preparations, so I thought I’d give you an excuse for a five minute sit down!

Sat down? Kids out the way? Peace and quiet? Need warming up? Right then- here you go…


Santa’s Little Helper

Jay gazed approvingly at her reflection in the tinsel decorated mirror. The gold material shimmered as she turned from side-to-side. Cut to fit tightly against her chest, the bodice section gave way to an extremely short, almost tutu style skirt, of the finest silvery gauze.

Her fingers trailed through the soft folds before she reached around to stroke the feather like wings that protruded from her back.

The fabric curtain was drawn back and the sales assistant drew breath. ‘You are possibly the most beautiful fairy ever destined to top a Christmas tree.’ He pulled the ties tighter at the back of the bodice, forcing Jay to stand up taller. ‘You are also the sexiest.’ He pushed two exquisite high-heeled shoes towards her white stocking clad feet, enjoying the view as her tiny gold thong flashed in front of his eyes when she bent slightly to slip them on.

As a final touch he slid a delicate glittering tiara onto her short curled hair, and put a wand in her hand. ‘Now, all that’s missing is a smile.’

‘I am smiling.’

‘That’s not a smile, that’s the evil grin of a wicked slut who knows that every guy that claps eyes on you is going to be asking Santa Claus if he can screw you for Christmas.’

Jay laughed.

‘I was thinking you could go for the child friendly smile. After all, you’re supposed to be Santa’s Little Helper at one of the department stores right?’

Jay nodded, and tried to wipe the lust off her face. Not easy when she felt so damn horny dressed like an expensive tree decoration. She thanked the assistant, paid the costume hire charge and, wrapping a large black cloak around her shoulders, left the shop for her place of work.

The shop assistant had been right, she was to be Santa’s Little Helper, but this was not a grotto for children; his joke had been closer to the truth than he’d thought. As Jay reached ‘Spanks’, the club she’d worked in for two years, she slipped into one of the back rooms, and into the discreetly advertised grotto.

Santa, already dressed in his traditional red and white, with huge false beard and hat in place, stared at her with giveaway young eyes as she hung up her cloak. He didn’t say anything, but slipped a gloved hand up her skirt and slowly stroked the tops of her legs. Jay purred at him, enjoying the sensations for a few seconds before moving away.

It was show time.

The queue was fairly small, but as visits to Santa had been by appointment only, this was not a surprise.

After the first five men had sat on Santa’s lap and asked to have their Christmas wishes granted, for which they had already paid handsomely, Jay was glad to have a break. She needed a drink to remove the taste of condom and sweat from the three blow jobs she’d given, and needed to calm her own rising desire after the last two guys activities.

They had visited Santa together, sitting on a knee each, they’d requested an intimate examination of her chest. Santa had obliged, removed his gloves and undid her bodice, revealing her bare tits. The visitors fell on a breast each, both using their given five minutes to gorge on her, and feel up as much of her body as they could.

Jay knew that she had at least four more customers to grant wishes to before she could even think about her own satisfaction, but her tits, now firmly secured back behind the gold fabric, nagged at her for more attention, and she knew that she was far more tuned on than was professional.

Santa stuck his head around the door. ‘Five minutes honey.’

She nodded and took another sip of water.

He paused, ‘Do you think you’ll make it? I’ve never seen you so horny, I can practically smell you?’

‘Shit, it’s this outfit. I’ll be fine.’

‘We have a little time. I could help.’

‘Santa, what do you mean?’ Jay adopted a little girl voice and fluttered her eyelashes provocatively.

‘I mean, my dear little fairy, that it’s time you had a quick turn on my knee.’

He sat on his ‘snowy’ cottonwool covered throne and patted his lap.

Jay swiftly lifted her skirt and arranged herself over his lap. Face-to-face with Santa Claus, she shuffled forward so she could feel the bulge in his trousers rubbing against her. His hands squeezed her encased chest, forcing a sigh from her slightly open mouth.

‘What would you like Santa to give you for Christmas little one?’ he whispered through his whiskers.

‘Fuck me Santa. Do it now.’ Jay became breathless as his glove free fingers worked their way inside her panties and began to rub her damp nub.

She pulled back a little, forcing his trousers open at the fly and, after some grappling, released his solid cock. Jay knocked his hand away and lowered her pussy over its length. Gasping in union, they rocked frantically against the chair, until he shot his off creamy load.

‘Time is short fairy girl, come here.’ Santa pushed her hastily off his legs and, flipping her across the chair, knelt behind her, lapping up their combined juices, making sure he caught her clit with each stroke of his tongue.

As she screamed into the fake snow, Santa rose and adjusted his spunk-spattered beard. ‘I believe your Christmas wish has been granted honey.’

Jay grinned and, pulling her costume back into place, nodded coyly, and went to await Santa’s next customer.


Hope you feel all warmed up now!!

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