An Erotic Halloween

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October 31  |  Book Publications, eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

Happy Halloween!!!


October is the time of the year when the Ancient Gaels believed the fabric between the worlds of the living and the worlds of the dead thinned, and broke open, so that on Samhain- later known as All Hallows Eve, and then Halloween, evil spirits would be released into the world, spreading pestilence and plague.

To ward off these forces of evil, huge bonfires were lit, and people dressed up in frightening masks to scare the spirits away, and therefore keep themselves, their families and their harvests safe.

It was also thought at this time when, if an offering of some burning hay was held up to the heavens, then souls trapped in purgatory could be freed.
trick or treat

Okay- enough of the history lesson! I could go on, and on, and on about the history behind Halloween…But that’s not why you stopped by today! You came to see what I could offer to tease and perhaps even scare you!

I’m not known for writing paranormal stories, but hey- for you guys, I’ll do anything (well, almost!!)

So here’s a little taster from a special one off short story called Blinked


(copyright Kay Jaybee 2013)

Human minds are so unimaginative, so closed. There’s usually a soft blue glow surrounding them. Not this one.

The taste around him was sharper, it tingled against my skin, zesty with an edge of…what to call it? To say it felt sulphuric would suggest it was accompanied by an unpleasant odour, but that wasn’t the case. The aroma emanating from this human was irresistible, yet it was oddly metallic in its intensity, in its bitter tang, in its…

He turned and looked directly at me, cutting off my line of thought. I was startled by the piercing nature of his deep brown eyes, and began to wonder if he already knew, if he could tell what I was?

The hairs on the back of my neck bristled beneath my red ponytail. He really was something different. My green eyes narrowed, my heart-rate, always rapid, increased further, and I felt the familiar swell of my chest and a twitch at my crotch as I observed him watching me.

Mentally I admonished myself. There was no way he could possibly know.

The hum and buzz of the bar faded to a mere background annoyance. He should have come to me by now. Impatience rose in my throat. This was unsettlingly strange. My quarry usually comes to me as soon as my craving for them enters my psyche. It’s part of the power; an automatic response. I want them, so they want me; madly, insanely, and without a hint of uncertainty, for the desire was all. The desire IS all. Hunger, sex, success, power and control. Without them the blood I crave is simply a nice warm drink.

My senses constricted further, tuning out the other drinkers. Confusion edged uninvited into the corner of my brain. Conquest should be easy. Then the small part of me that remembered what it was like to be human, reminded me that sometimes the pursuit was as exciting as the capture. Yeah, right!

I went to him, my head held high, my pony tail swinging purposefully behind my back. His lack of instant obedience wasn’t my failure, it was his, and he would pay for such insolence.

Essential need had taken me over, and as my breasts pushed against the satin of my black bustler, and the thud behind my ribcage became louder, I stood only inches away from him. Then instinct took over, and I moved in for the kill. My eyes, blazing dangerous lust, met his without flinching, without wavering, without blinking.

He blinked. That was when I knew I’d won. That whatever strange game he thought he’d been playing, it was already over. He blinked, and I didn’t. He had a weakness I had long since cast off. Simple.

We didn’t speak. I just nodded and turned around, walking purposely towards the exit, my hips swaying, my tight leather mini-skirt revealing the tops of my stockings and the contours of my backside. I could already taste his drooling mouth as he picked up the bag that had sat at his feet, and followed me, finally my slave.

His mind had cleared of the haze that had first kept me away. All he thought now was of his need, the need to fuck. To fuck me.

I kept walking. I didn’t look back, I knew he was there. I could smell the chemically caustic edge of his presence, even if I couldn’t see him.

My flat, small and obsessively neat, was only a short walk from the bar. I unlocked the front door and pointed inside, watching as he followed the line of my finger with his eyes, before obeying the unspoken request and entering the dark hallway.

Locking the door behind me, I led him to the bedroom, and began to unbutton the studs that held my top together down my right hand side, enjoying the sight of his wide hungry eyes and his parted lips. Hell, he was virtually panting like a dog.

Dropping my bustler to the ground, I showed him I wore no underwear beneath, and that my tits were more than ready for his touch. He was clearly in need too. The bulge beneath his denims was all but breaking out on its own. I smiled, but did nothing about his growing discomfort, instead, I commanded him to remove his black t-shirt. My crotch gave a twitch of anticipation as he obeyed without question.

I admired the torso before me, the beautifully thick neck, its veins running blue, pulsing slightly just below the surface. I would visit that neck soon; linger over it, but not yet. I had learnt to be disciplined, that the wait for the kill was more fun than the moment itself. For once the second of victory came, it was soon over, and then the hunt would have to begin again.

Walking around my guest in a wide circle I nodded in approval. His head turned with me, his brown eyes never leaving my chest, his mouth watering. This was obedience.

Beneath his left shoulder blade there was a small tattoo. It was a black Celtic cross. I moved closer, and with a single blood red fingernail traced its outline. A sudden chill engulfed me, but that was all. I didn’t disappear in a puff of smoke. I wasn’t reduced to a pile of ash upon the floor. Religious symbols versus the vampire. The vampires won that battle years ago. We are simply too strong to be beaten that easily.

I felt his flesh quiver beneath my touch, but to his credit he didn’t move, although his breathing did quicken, and the gleam in his eyes said more about his requirements than any words could have expressed.

The air between us began to change as his aura altered. The sulphuric tang was evaporating and red hot chemical desire had taken its place. Still not quite what I’d have expected from the average human, but this guy was so together, literary pulsating sex; he was everything I wanted.

From nowhere, I heard my mother’s shrill voice from centuries ago, telling me not to play with my food. A disobedient child to the last, I began to do just that, and ran my tongue up and down his back in long languid strokes. As I savoured the salty sweat against my taste buds, my self-control began to wane, and I felt the yearning for blood creep up my spine, heightening my senses further, clouding my eyes so that they are but a black focused fog, taking in nothing but my victim and the overriding longings of my body.

I tore off his remaining clothes with a speed that was beyond mortal, clawing them so they lay in mere shreds upon the floor.  At that moment his semi-hypnotised state broke, and with a hunger I would normally only associate with the un-dead, he returned my urgency with fervour. Peeling off my tight skirt and boots, a flick of his brown eyes showed brief pleasure at my lack of knickers, as I pushed him back onto the bed.

If he was surprised by my strength then he didn’t show it. His heavy masculine aroma, his lust, intoxicated me as I sat astride him, impaling myself to the hilt. Rocking back and forth, and sliding up and down in alternative motions, I revelled in the expression on his face. His eyes closed in concentration, as I snaked my right hand beneath us, and stuffed two sharp fingernails up his arse, making him yelp in surprise.

I tore off his remaining clothes with a speed that was beyond mortal, clawing them so they lay in mere shreds upon the floor.  At that moment his semi-hypnotised state broke, and with a hunger I would normally only associate with the un-dead, he returned my urgency with fervour. Peeling off my tight skirt and boots, a flick of his brown eyes showed brief pleasure at my lack of knickers, as I pushed him back onto the bed.

If he was surprised by my strength then he didn’t show it. His heavy masculine aroma, his lust, intoxicated me as I sat astride him, impaling myself to the hilt. Rocking back and forth, and sliding up and down in alternative motions, I revelled in the expression on his face. His eyes closed in concentration, as I snaked my right hand beneath us, and stuffed two sharp fingernails up his arse, making him yelp in surprise…


So where can you read the rest of this tale?

Gratis cover2-smash-150x150

It is tucked away inside the FREE anthology, Gratis: Midwinter Tales


Happy Halloween Reading,

Kay xx

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Guest Post by Lily Harlem: Have You Been Bitten Yet?

October 28  |  eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

It’s almost Halloween, so why not sit down and indulge your reading muscles in some steaming paranormal erotica? And who better to provide you with some sexy shivers, shocks and shimmers than my good friend, and fellow Brit Babe, Lily Harlem? Over to you Lily…


Have You Been Bitten Yet?

Thanks so much for inviting me over today, Kay. I’ve brought with me some hot vampires and seriously sexy shifters! My two newest releases are Bite Mark and Claw Mark – do read Bite Mark first! – and I’m very excited about my first dally into paranormal erotic romance. I’ve mixed my supernatural heroes with one of my other favourite sub genres – ménage a trois – because I’m never one to say three is a crowd! Right since the start of my writing career throwing a plus one into the bedroom has been a bit of a habit of mine.


bite mark

There is something about ménage a trois relationships that really sparks my imagination. I love the dynamics and the endless possibility for conflicts, sexy positions and happy ever after’s. Throw in fangs and claws and I had a great time writing these books, I hope you’ll check them out.



Bite Mark

Life in London as a butcher girl is hard enough, but when my best friend Denny went missing it became miserable. So stumbling into the Worshipful Company of the Ancient Order while searching for him was like a breath of fresh air. Especially because sexy, sophisticated Aimery promised to help me. But Aimery’s friend Ryle wanted in on the action. My head was spinning, my body reacting to theirs whenever they were around. But I had questions: What was their obsession with my rare blood type? How did they always appear when I needed them? And how old were they? Learning the truth about my lovers brought new fears and delights. They could take me higher than I’d ever gone before, show me pleasures I’d never imagined and were prepared to kill to protect me. Being mortal had never been so much erotic fun—or so deliciously dangerous.


claw mark small


Claw Mark

This book is a sequel to Bite Mark; to ensure full enjoyment of this book, please read Bite Mark first.   Being married to two sexy vampires is as exciting as it is dangerous. One minute I’m on top of the world, the next I’m running for my life. But it’s okay with Aimery and Ryle at my side—they’ve sworn to love and protect me and keep me satisfied until I’m old and tray. But when everything crashes down, literally, I can see no way out of the darkness—death my best option. Until two unusual men come bounding to my aid. Gentle Caleb and prickly Isaac have secrets. They’re full of passion, desire, love and lust and their isolated lives are weaved with mystery. But I know what they are. I’m also craving some serious satisfying, a distraction from my dilemma, and it seems these guys are up for the job. Will my life always be turbulent, terrifying and tempting beyond belief? Nothing is certain in a world of vampires and shifters.

Buy Links Bite Mark

Ellora’s Cave


Amazon UK


Claw Mark  

Ellora’s Cave


Amazon UK



Lily Bio

Lily Harlem lives in the UK and is an award-winning, best-selling author of contemporary erotic romance. She writes for publishers on both sides of the Atlantic including Ellora’s Cave, HarperCollins, Totally Bound, Xcite and Sweetmeats Press.

Her Hot Ice series regularly receives high praise and industry nominations.

Before turning her hand to writing Lily Harlem worked as a trauma nurse and her latest HarperCollins release, Confessions of a Naughty Night Nurse, draws on her many experiences while nursing in London. Lily also self-publishes and The Glass Knot and Scored have been blessed with many 5* reviews since their release in 2012.

Her novel, Breathe You In, a super-sexy romance with a twist that will not only heat you up but stay with you for years to come, was named a USA Today Reviewer’s Recommended Read of 2013.

Lily also co-authors with Natalie Dae and publishes under the name Harlem Dae – check out the Sexy as Hell Box Set available exclusively on Amazon – The Novice, The Player and The Vixen – and That Filthy Book which has been hailed as a novel ‘every woman should read’. One thing you can be sure of, whatever book you pick up by Ms Harlem, is it will be wildly romantic and down-and-dirty sexy. Enjoy!

Lily Links  
Facebook author page
Raw Talent
Hockey Romance
Newsletter Subscription
Hot Ice
Harlem Dae


Many thanks Lily,

Happy reading everyone,

Kay xx

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Getting Into a Sticky Situation

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October 24  |  Book Publications, eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

My novella A Sticky Situation is an erotic romance with a decidedly tasty edge…

Sticky situation- cariad

If there is a paving stone to trip over, or a drink to knock over, then Sally Briers will trip over it or spill it. Yet somehow Sally is the successful face of marketing for a major pharmaceutical company; much to the disbelief of her new boss, Cameron James.

Forced to work together on a week-long conference in an Oxford hotel, Sally is dreading spending so much time with arrogant new boy Cameron; whose presence somehow makes her even clumsier than usual.

Cameron on the other hand, just hopes that he’ll be able to stay professional, and keep his irrational desire to lick up all the accidently split food and drink that is permanently to be found down Sally’s temptingly curvy body, all to himself.

It could be a very long week- unless Cameron can find a way of making Sally slop so much of her after show champagne, that he has no choice but to march her off and relieve her of her sodden clothing… He is sure that, if he could find a way to stop Sally resenting him taking her previous bosses job, then they could enjoy no end of sticky situations together…

After the arrival of new boy, Cameron James, to Zelcon Pharmaceuticals, Sally takes and instant dislike to him- a dislike that is tainted further with distrust when she learns that he is to be her new boss. Cameron however, has serious sexual fantasy issues about his new assistant- but he just can’t see how someone so clumsy can be as good at her job as everyone says she is…

Not only was this my first proper erotic romance (no whips or chains!!!), but Sticky Situation was my first foray into the word of food (and indeed drink) sex- and it was terrific fun to do!

Initially inspired by spilling my breakfast of marmalade on toast down my front in full view of an entire cafe full of people, I began to wonder how I could work my own regular foodie clumsiness into a sexy love story, and which foods I could play with!

I toyed with the idea of a variety of fruit juices running over naked bodies; ice cream deserts being smeared into interesting places, and even selectively dotted spots of marmite- however, on this occasion, these foodstuffs didn’t make the grade! Avoiding my usual BDSM moments in the interests of a softer romance, I nonetheless stayed faithful to my kinky story style with the help of champagne, ice, and even a vast helping of Chinese noodles…


…Resting Sally’s juddering frame against the bed, Cameron’s eyes fell on the carton of noodles. Taking up a single strand of the cold sticky string, he held it between finger and thumb, bringing the end against Sally’s hypersensitive nipples. It was high time he lived out one of the fantasies she had inspired…

Her eyes flew open as the tacky pasta began to circle her right tit, reminding Sally of the snake hidden away on his backside. Her breath caught in the back of her throat as she watched, mesmerised, as the elongated noodle began to hide her boob.

Picking up another noodle with quiet reverence, Cameron said, ‘I was going to tell you about my fantasy…’


Buy Links-…/dp/B00L4N4JZE/ref=sr_1_13…

Amazon UK

Happy reading,

Kay xxxx

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Guest Post from Toria Lyons: Does Your Mother Know?

October 20  |  Book Publications, eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

As you’ll know if you follow this blog, I just love to have guests come and visit. Today I’m delighted in welcome one of the newest voices (pens) to the Xcite stable- Toria Lyons. I’d like you to be EXTRA nice to Toria, because today it’s her birthday!!

Oh- and you may notice, she has a bit of a thing about rugby…

Over to you Toria!!

Playing for Keeps cover

Does Your Mother Know?

[ABBA – Does you mother know?]

Now that I’ve given you an annoying earworm for the rest of the day, I suppose I’d better introduce myself. This is my first time guest blogging, so please be gentle with me.

Hullo, my name is Toria, and I write erotic romances about rugby-playing alpha males who meet strong, normal women, with whom they fall in love and have hot and passionate (but realistic) sex, which my mother beta reads for me.

Yep, you read that right: my mother is my beta reader. I can’t quite believe it myself.

I shouldn’t really be surprised – it was her old Mills & Boons and Georgette Heyers that I started reading at the age of 13, after I’d gobbled through all the rest of the books in the house. To be fair, she tried to stop me, but I would read anything I could get my hands on. Plus in those days, Penny and Georgette didn’t have to imply that sex happened, it really didn’t. Women didn’t even have to reveal they were virgins, it was taken for granted that they were. Men were strong, women were…not as strong, and it didn’t take much to seduce them. I can’t remember a single ‘heroine’ doing something truly brave or fighting a ‘convenient’ marriage (although I could be doing the Heyer novels a disservice; it has been a long time). Unfortunately, this is still the case with many similar novels. But who wants a wet so-called heroine?

*halts tangent/rant right there and takes a deep breath*

Where was I?

Oh yes, my mother becoming my beta reader. My taste in romances diverged from my mother’s a while ago, when I would be picking up the racier choices at the library, and she would be heading for the historicals and gentler sort. So, she wasn’t an immediate choice for a test read of ‘the ultimate rugby bonkbuster’ or an ‘enjoyable and fruity rugby-themed romp’ ( Plus the cringe factor had the potential to be overwhelming.

 ‘A lot of debut novels draw from the author’s life experiences,’ says Toria Lyons. ‘Mine’s about rugby and sex. I’m not saying any more as my mother may be reading this.’

Rugby- Toria

Would you let your mother read what you write? How did it come to this?

Most erotica authors seem to agree when starting out, that most difficult thing to get is feedback. In fact, in conversations I’ve had with other writers, we’ve agreed that erotica just isn’t reviewed as often as other genres. How do you get an honest viewpoint on something you’ve poured a bit of your heart and soul into, but is a little ‘naughty’?

I’d already exchanged contracts with Accent/Xcite for my first novel, Playing For Keeps, which I’d written sans feedback. I needed feedback for the second novel, Playing Around, on some parts of the plot I wasn’t entirely sure about. I needed a beta reader, or just someone who would give me an opinion, any opinion.  I’d tried all of the forums, even offered my reading services in exchange, and had no joy. I’d asked one of my sisters at an earlier date and just found out that I ‘was unkind to blondes’. That didn’t really help.

I knew my mother wanted to read it, to help, but I was still embarrassed about the sexy bits. As a possible solution, I said I would ‘grey out’ those areas, or remove them. I tried doing this, I really did, but there were just too many sexy bits, and the story didn’t make sense without the passion!

So, cringing greatly, I sent her the first few chapters. A few days later, she sent them back with feedback. Probably not as critical as I had hoped (she is my mother after all!), but it was great to finally have something to work with. However, I had thought we’d come to some semi-official agreement that she wouldn’t read the sexy bits, that she would skirt over them. Until I discovered a correction right in the middle of one particularly explicit paragraph. She’d read every single word.

If I could have died with embarrassment at that moment, I would have.

That next phone call was a touch awkward, as you can imagine. But, as time has passed, I’ve learnt to live with it and realised how lucky I am. My mother’s retired so has the time to do it, and she enjoys reading, so why not? And to be honest, she’s pretty good at it, at picking up things that others have missed. I forwarded the edited proof of Playing For Keeps to her and she pointed out my misuse of Scots/Scottish and other little quirks that I had no idea about. She’s great as a proofreader too. And a general cheerleader, and someone to bounce ideas off.

She’s still not reading my more explicit work though! I have to draw the line somewhere (and the line is between the front bottom, and back bottom).

So, my mother knows. Who else?

All my friends. Is this unusual? It appears so. In conversation with other erotica writers, some haven’t even told their significant others, some have multiple email accounts for their writing personalities, many are unsure how people will react.

My situation is slightly different to most: I have a disability which means I can’t work full-time and it greatly limits what I can do. Friends and family have accepted that I’ve found I can be productive at, and they’ve encouraged and supported me.

There are three main aspects of my life at the moment, which usually come up in conversation: writing, my disability, and cycling. I’ll willingly talk about all three, but the latter couple usually involve getting emotional, too serious and/or frustrated (‘red light jumpers’, whether on a bike, in a motor vehicle or on foot, piss me off too). That’s rather a mood killer when you’re having an enjoyable few pints in the local rugby club. Whereas writing is a safe haven in comparison. Plus I can get all kinds of ideas and inspiration from their responses.

In fact, most are upset that I haven’t written a book about them already. Some insist I already have (

Of course, it’s still a bit annoying when I’m introduced as, ‘Toria, who writes porn’, but I can live with that for now. When I can’t, it’ll be a topic for another blog.

Which brings me along to you, my fellow writers and readers:

Does your mother know?


Toria Lyons

Toria Lyons

Twitter: @Toria_Lyons



Playing For Keeps: Harford Scarlet Series: 

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:


Many thanks for coming to visit today Toria- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Happy reading,

Kay xx 

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Wrangling Angels with Janine Ashbless

October 16  |  Book Publications, eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

Today one of my very favourite erotica authors, Janine Ashbless, is here to talk about her latest novel Cover Him with Darkness. I just LOVE this blog- I can picture the historical frustrations so clearly! Over to you Janine…

Cover Him

Wrangling Angels

Getting angels to stand in neat lines is like herding cats. They just will not co-operate.

Imagine you’re writing a novel with the central theme of fallen angels, like I did with Cover Him with Darkness. And imagine you are, like me, a history snob who longs for compatibility with original “authentic” angel lore, in order to lend some plausibility to your fiction – instead of making up stuff like “Billy-Bob the Archangel of Table Manners.”

So you go to the Bible first, don’t you? I did. The keystone of my whole book is from Genesis Chap 6:

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the

earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the Sons of God saw

the daughters of man, that they were fair. And they took them wives of

all which they chose.

Everything follows on from this throwaway line about horny angels.

What else does the Bible say about the hosts of heaven? Well, this is where you start running into problems which will eventually send make you bang your head repeatedly onto the keyboard and cry. It depends which version of the Bible you turn to. In the Protestant tradition which I grew up in, the only angels named in the Bible are Gabriel and Michael (and Satan). But the Catholic Church includes the books of the Apocrypha as canon too, which means they can bring in Raphael (from the Book of Tobit). That’s what you’ll find in all those Italian Renaissance paintings.

Those three are commonly counted as the archangels, the highest of all. But WAIT! The Eastern Orthodox Church (which is just as old as the Catholic one) recognizes seven (or sometimes eight) archangels. Judaic tradition suggests seven (or eight) too, but no – not the same seven (or eight). Islamic tradition suggests four, but not all directly from the Qur’an. Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel get a name-check in most of the longer lists, but after that all bets are off.

My head is starting to hurt.

In fact the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church – and bear in mind that Ethiopia is the oldest Christian country in the world, they converted before the Romans did – may be most relevant to my novel because it’s the only Christian tradition that regards as canon the Jewish Book of Enoch (largely because they were the only ones who knew it existed, for over a thousand years. Nowadays you can read it online). The Book of Enoch is a mad-ass visionary text that fills in the whole story around the Genesis quote at the top there. It’s full of the most beautiful stirring imagery and reads like it was written by someone who’d been snacking on the wrong sort of mushrooms. Woohoo! Bingo! So I should take my lists of angels from the Book of Enoch, right?

Wrong. The angel names and spheres of responsibility aren’t even consistent within the goddamn Enoch text. *Author throws a sulk.*

And then we get onto the medieval Angelologies as Kabbalists and occultists start weighing in, adding angels and attributing them stats like Top Trumps Cards. It’s starting to look like the rules sets for a load of competing and completely incompatible role-playing games.

At this point the divine Billy-Bob begins to seem appealing and I pour myself a very large gin and decide not to stress about getting it “right.” There is no “right.”

So next time you are watching a movie or TV series which describes Azrael as the Angel of Death and you go, “Oi! The angel of death is Uriel, you idiots! I saw it on Supernatural!” … you know why.

Janine Ashbless


Cover Him With Darkness Blurb

If You Loved an Angel… How Far Would You Fall with Him?

What happens when the daughter of the village priest falls in love with an archangel banished from heaven? Milja’s heart is struck when she catches a glimpse of the preternaturally beautiful prisoner her father keeps captive beneath his church’s altar. Torn between tradition, loyalty and her growing obsession with the fallen angel, will Milja risk losing her family, and her eternal soul, for the love of this divine being? Janine Ashbless will transport you to a world where good and evil battle for true love.




Janine Ashbless is a writer of fantasy erotica and steamy romantic adventure – and that’s “fantasy” in the sense of swords ‘n’ sandals, contemporary paranormal, fairytale, and stories based on mythology and folklore.  She likes to write about magic and mystery, dangerous power dynamics, borderline terror, and the not-quite-human.

Janine has been seeing her books in print ever since 2000, and her novels and single-author collections now run into double figures. She’s also had numerous short stories published by Black Lace, Nexus, Cleis Press, Ravenous Romance, Harlequin Spice, Storm Moon, Xcite, Mischief Books, and Ellora’s Cave among others. She is co-editor of the nerd erotica anthology Geek Love.

Her work has been described as: “hardcore and literate” (Madeline Moore) and “vivid and tempestuous and dangerous, and bursting with sacrifice, death and love.”   (Portia Da Costa)


Janine Ashbless Facebook

Amazon UK Author Page

Amazon US Author Page


Many thanks Janine- Cover Him with Darkness sounds amazing.

Happy reading,

Kay xx










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