Making Him Wait- A Teasing Taster…

September 27  |  Book Publications, eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

It’s been a little while since I shared a little teaser from my own work on this blog- so today I thought I’d treat you to a little bit of erotic art action…


Published by Sweetmeats Press, I am very proud to have kicked off their range of un-illustrated novels, to be aimed at a world-wide, rather than a Western audience alone!

It is ironic then perhaps that Making Him Wait is all about an artist who specialises in erotic and sensual creations.

Let me give you a little hint as to what it’s all about…

The artist in question is one Maddie Templeton- and she is a game player- a complete control freak- or more accurately – a self-control freak.

When, after years of painting commissions, Maddie gets the chance to have her first ever art exhibition at the newly refurnish Stripped Banana Gallery, she jumps at the chance. But the time she is given to create twelve brand new works of art is short, and only by enlisting the help of her favourite client, Sara (as featured on the cover of the book), and her partner Jake, life model Freya, and by suffering a visit from Tania, her self-centred vamp of an ex-girlfriend, does Maddie have any chance at all of getting her pieces completed on time.

Meanwhile, Maddie’s recent meeting with local electrician, Theo Hunter, adds an extra degree of interest to her life. Theo, she decides, would be the perfect man to have a little fun with- but not until after the exhibition is complete. Until that time, he is simply going to have to wait…

High kink all the way, Making Him Wait is a lust fuelled erotic romance that has fun with text sex, straight sex, girl/girl sex…you get the idea!! There is lots of sex…and a trolley… I am saying no more!!!



Ignoring the buzz of her mobile phone, Maddie placed the worn stub of charcoal to the side of her easel and took a step back from the girl before her.

Maddie nodded with approval as her newest model – a petite blonde – flexed the muscles she’d been keeping stock still for the previous half hour.

“Control, Freya – at least the appearance of control – is everything.” The artist reached out an affectionate hand to her muse.

Freya rocked a little on her bare feet as Maddie touched her lightly freckled cheek. “No need to look so worried, honey. You are doing brilliantly. It’s a difficult pose to hold for so long.”

“Thank you.” Blushing an endearing shade of pink, Freya lowered the hands she’d nervously clenched before her, giving her employer another chance to see the neat triangle of her semi-shaved pussy.

Maddie, her jeans and t-shirt smeared and spattered with all the mediums of her trade, did not feel the need to mention to Freya that her own knickers were sodden, nor that beneath her holster bra, her nipples were rock hard.

A further buzz from her mobile alerted Maddie to the arrival of another text message. In fact a steady string of muffled noises from her mobile, coming from the pit of her handbag, had been announcing the arrival of texts every ten minutes or so throughout the morning.

Smiling to herself, Maddie continued to disregard her phone and considered the exquisite outline of her companion’s porcelain frame. Most people came to Maddie to be drawn or painted, sometimes as a commission for a lover, husband or wife. Some, however, like Freya, came to the studio as a way of improving their self-confidence. Despite her generally shy demeanour, Freya had proved to be very good at posing as Maddie required and the artist had offered her an occasional job as a life model.

Sometimes Maddie felt she was more therapist than artist – specifically a sex therapist – as men and women alike shared their most intimate secrets while standing on the other side of her easel. Maddie’s studio certainly had the air of an erotic fantasy confessional about it. She wasn’t complaining, however. No other life would do for her now. The job satisfaction Maddie achieved from listening to the dreams and fantasies of others while she recreated them onto canvas, went hand in glove with the personal physical gratification it gave her.

Money being either plentiful or non-existent, depending on the current success of her commissions and sales, Maddie had been forced to develop an alternative form of payment for her models – a reward system for good work. Maddie could tell from the rise and fall of Freya’s chest and the glistening damp skin at the top of her thighs, that she was more than ready to be paid for today’s session.

Closing in on her model, Maddie simultaneously cupped Freya’s slick pussy and left breast with her charcoal-blackened hands, causing an involuntary shiver to ripple through the younger woman’s body.

“Your progress really is outstanding, honey. Few of my models can stay as motionless as you can.” Congratulating Freya on her skill, Maddie left two dark palm prints on the girl’s tits and tapped at the inside of her legs. “Open up. I think you have deserved a treat after all your hard work.”

Gliding her palm over Freya’s mound, Maddie slipped a gentle finger into the slippery canal of the model’s frantically clutching sex, enjoying the murmured mew of contentment that escaped from her lipstick-free mouth.

Pumping gently, the artist brought Freya close to orgasm with steady increases and decreases of pressure – her own mind straying to her mobile. Maddie wondered where Theo was and what he was doing. She knew what he was thinking about. She always knew that. Theo thought about her.

Pushing her happily sex-drugged model onto an armchair, Maddie’s own arousal kicked up a notch as she bent to lick Freya’s nub, swiftly bringing her to the dawn of a shuddering release.

While continuing to take pleasure in the sweet taste of another woman on her lips, Maddie considered how she’d phrase her responses to all the messages Theo had sent and how she’d tell him precisely what and who had held up her replies.

Inhaling Freya’s climactic scent, Maddie’s hands roamed up and over the small, orgasm-jacked body, her thoughts still with Theo. His work-calloused right hand was probably on his dick at that very moment. A heady hit of power consumed Maddie – a power as intense as the climax of the woman panting hard in the chair before her.

Maddie loved making him wait...


I hope that little teaser to the plot line has whetted your appetite!

Oh- before I go- I will give you one excellent piece of advice- if you ever meet anyone like Maddie, you should make absolutely sure that you listen very carefully to every word that person says; otherwise you might find that what you think they are offering you, is very different from what they are offering you..

advert_lg sweetmeats

If you would like to buy Making Him Wait, it is available from Amazon,, Sweetmeats Press, The Book Depository, WHSmiths, and other good book and e-retailers.

Happy reading,

Kay xxx

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Nicole Gestalt – An Editor’s Perspective

September 26  |  eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

Today it is my pleasure to welcome Nicola Gestalt, talking a little about her experience editing the House of Erotica anthology, Valves and Vixens. Over to you Nicola…

Valves & Vixens:  An Editor’s Perspective

This is an anthology I’ve wanted to do for a while so I was very happy when House of Erotica gave me the go ahead and opportunity to run with it. Having settled on the name and then seeing the cover design I knew we were on to something. The cover is just simply gorgeous what do you think?

V and V

With all that put into place I organised the deadline and then released it into the world. Soon stories were flooding in and I was happily surprised about the number of submissions I received. Even happier with the number of really good submissions I received. We had so many in fact that House of Erotica agreed to let me put together a second volume even before the deadline of the first.

Reading through the submissions at time felt like an uphill struggle due to the number of them that were coming in but I was so glad of that! I had a great spread as well and was happy to see that they weren’t all set in Victorian England as so many Steampunk stories tend to be. Instead we had stories from feudal Japan all the way to New Orleans with a few surprising stops in-between.

When I read stories I put them into three different piles. The Yes Pile is the stories I have read and know I just have to accept. The No Pile is where stories that don’t fit the submission guidelines end up sometimes it’s because they are too short, too long or simply don’t fit at all. The Maybe Pile is the one that is most populated as that has the stories I like but can’t quite see how they all fit together as an anthology yet. Once the deadline is over and I’ve read all the stories I will revisit the Maybe Pile and work out which ones fit the ones I have already accepted, trying to cut down on stories that are too similar to ones I have already accepted. This is what takes the most time but eventually I ended up with the stories I felt worked well together and covered the spread of pairings and heat levels.

The stories are then jiggled around to find the best way of putting them together and of course edited.

Once the foreword was written by the simply amazing Professor Elemental we put the whole book together and turned it into Valves & Vixens!

And being a glutton for punishment I’m doing it all over again for Valves & Vixens Volume 2 and Cosmic Encounters (for those science fiction fans out there).

You can buy Valves & Vixens in both ebook and print here:

Amazon UK:
Amazon USA:
All Romance Ebooks:

Many thanks to Nicola for dropping by today,

Happy reading everyone,

Kay xx


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Guest Post: Introducing Alice Raine!

September 24  |  eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

I am delighted to introduce a relatively new voice (or pen) to the world of erotica today. Alice Raine is one of the most popular Cariad authors in the Xcite stable- not to mention an all round lovely lass. Over to you Alice…

Alice Raine author pic

Well here goes, my first ever blog post! A huge thanks to Kay for the invite be here today.

I’m new to the whole author scene, so rather than unattractively flinging links to my books in your face I thought that instead I’d use this post to share a little about my writing journey; how I got here, what I write, and why I write. At the end of the article, once I’ve won you over with my dazzling wit, charm and wonderful personality, then I’ll fling the book links in your direction… ;)

It’s probably similar for most authors, but there suddenly came a day where I just started to feel a need to write, like a compulsion really, I just couldn’t bear to keep the ideas in my head any longer so I sat at my desk and just started to splurge the contents of my brain onto paper in random notes and jottings which, over time, became story plots, character ideas or bizarre fantastical settings. Ideas would literally pop up from nowhere; a quirky character on a station platform, an article in the local newspaper, snippets of a conversation overheard in the pub, even my dreams started to have a plot structure to them!

For years my writing was just a hobby, I never shared my work with anyone, but I was content to know that my stories were at least out of my head and nestled safely in my laptop. Only recently have I managed to do anything more with my work, so for me the entire ‘being published’ thing is still shiny, new and hugely exciting. People are reading my books… my ideas… and what’s more, they seem to be enjoying them… it’s just such a bizarre thought that it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!

Like most writers my first venture in submitting a manuscript – a vampire series – was rejected by everyone that I sent it to. The dreaded ‘thanks, but no thanks’ slips arriving in the post thick and fast. As disappointing as this initial phase was, I did however receive some amazing feedback from Darley Anderson, a hugely famous and well respected literary agent in London. Despite how busy he must have been, he’d actually taken the time to respond to my submittal with two pages of constructive feedback, all personally hand written in flowing fountain pen and signed by the man himself. The basic premise of his comments was that he saw promise in my writing style and had generously given me several tips to help improve it.

So how does a girl go from writing vampire books to producing a four book series of contemporary adult romance with a fair bit of saucy action, you may ask? This is actually where the story gets really interesting. I’d adapted my writing using the tips Darley had given me all those years before and in the interim had written several chick lit romance novels – all very gentle and about as non-erotic as you can get. It was when sending these off in a further attempt to get published that a literary agent responded to me via email, her comment was, “I like your writing style, but it’s not very cutting edge content, we need something grittier, something a little darker… have you by any chance read a book called Fifty Shades of Grey?” At her words I rolled my eyes (in a very Anastasia Steele like gesture) and immediately saw where she was going with the conversation.

Of course luckily I had read Fifty Shades, who hasn’t? It was a new release at the time, but it was still plastered everywhere I looked so it would have been pretty hard to have missed it. And so it went from there, she encouraged me to write a more erotic novel and never being one to turn down a challenge that’s exactly what I did. Supply and demand I suppose.

Five months later after some fairly eye-watering internet research and very long nights typing, ‘The Darkness Within Him’ was complete; part one of a tale following the lives of a famous pianist Nicholas Jackson and his businessman brother Nathaniel, both men with a troubled past and equally kinky sex lives to go along with it. The original literary agent who’d suggested I write it had rather inconveniently retired by this point, but undeterred I set off in search of other publishers or agents, and a few months later through the delightful medium of Twitter I found my lovely publisher, Accent Press.

Writing this post now I suddenly feel a strange compulsion to stand up and confess “My name is Alice Raine… and I write erotic romance.” But I’m sat typing this in a busy coffee shop, so I think I’d better refrain, I’d hate to be the reason someone choked on their chocolate muffin or sprayed their companion with a mouthful of latte. Of course if I did announce it to the folks around me those last two words – ‘erotic romance’ – would have to be uttered in a low, hushed whisper, because let’s face it, even with the post ‘Fifty Shades’ acceptance of contemporary adult fiction that has made ‘erotica’ almost mainstream, there is still that slightly risqué edge to it that often makes people shift uncomfortably in their seats and feel the need to pretend they don’t read it, or write it.

Since I’ve started down this writing route I’ve found two common responses when I tell people about the books I’ve been lucky enough to get published; they’re either completely not bothered by the genre and just interested in what it’s like to write an entire book, or they cock their head to the side and raise an eyebrow in that curious way that tells me they are trying to work out exactly what I get up to in my bedroom. I can’t help but think that they’d be rather disappointed if I confessed that what I do most in my bed is sleep…

alice raine book covers

And that as they say, is my writing journey in a nutshell! So far it’s been hugely exciting working with Accent Press, books 1 and 2 of my Untwisted series are currently out, with number 3 being released on the 4th of December this year. They seem to be doing really well in the Amazon chart, the response from readers has been great, and there is even a paperback release planned for Valentine’s Day next year. I’m really hopeful that this could be a huge turning point in my life, perhaps that long sought after dream of doing what I love for a living might actually become a possibility!

If you’d like to keep up with my journey feel free to follow me on Twitter or Facebook on the links at the bottom of this post.

Now, before I sign off, it’s time for the sales pitch! Nah, I’m only kidding, instead of trying a fancy spiel to make you buy, I’ll simply attach the links for the first two books in my Untwisted series so you can have a look if it takes your fancy.

Thanks for reading, and once again, thanks to Kay for hosting!

Alice xx

Book links:

Book 1, The Darkness Within Him:

Book 2, Out of the Darkness:

Contact me!

Twitter: @aliceraine1



Many thanks for coming by today Alice! I’m proud to have been your first blog host!!

Happy reading,

Kay xx



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Ten Years As Kay- Part 3- The Podcasts and Pictures

September 19  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

Welcome to the final of my mini blog series to celebrate my 10th anniversary of working in the world of erotica! It’s amazing how many things I’ve done as a result of my writing!

I can’t believe it was way back in Sept 2008 that I did my first ever podcast. Boy was I nervous! Thanks to the wonderful Dr Dick, aka Richard Wagner- I was quickly put at my ease- and so began, not only my first interview of many- but a friendship with Richard that I have treasured ever since.


If you want to listen to that first (2-part) podcast- here are the links!

Podcast 1

Podcast 2


It wasn’t long after that, that I did my first radio interview, for Talk Radio over in Spain- oh my word!! What a nightmare! Although I had been prepared for it to be a live show, and I’d been given all the questions that would be asked beforehand, I was a bag of nerves- not helped by the fact that in each advert break on the radio beforehand the presenter was making me sound like the dominatrix from hell! This was really annoying, as the whole point of the interview was to show that erotica writers were just normal wives, mum’s etc- not the stereotyped figures of the style she was alluding to!

When she actually began the interview, she didn’t ask me a single pre-prepared question, and was really hostile. All I could think about was the 3 million listeners!!! EEKKK.

I did my best, and was told it went well- but needless to say, that is not a station I will be going back to!!


I’ve lost count of the number of blogs I’ve written, newspaper and magazine articles I’ve been in, and the talks and readings I’ve given- and I’m still amazed by it all- amazed that people even ask me to do those things! And I really don’t want that feeling of ‘I’m not worthy’ to go. How awful it would be if that was the sort of thing I came to ‘expect’ to do! I’m just a writer after all!

I think one of the proudest moments for me, must have been when photographer David Woolfall took some pictures of myself and many of my peers, for The Independent. These photos have since appeared in many other magazines and online newspapers!! Incredible!!



brit babe button


And talking of proud moments- how can I not mention, the moment I was asked to be a Brit Babe! Or the day that  I learnt I’d been nominated for Best Erotica Writer of the Year by the ETO, and then going along, with my dear BB friends to the award ceremony- and then when KD won!!! Well- I was so proud I actually thought I might burst! Magic day.

Five Brit Babes and Two Awards!
Five Brit Babes and Two Awards!


Bringing things more up to date, last week I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the heavenly voiced, Rose Caraway, as part of her series promotion the forthcoming, Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica. I was honoured to be approached by Rose last year to write a short story for her book, and was even more ‘chuffed’ (Rose’s favourite English word), when that story was accepted. I loved talking to Rose- she is just wonderful- and if you’d like to hear what we said- take a listen-

Podcast with Rose Caraway

The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica


I have been so lucky over the past 10 years- I’ve done things I never dreamed I’d ever do- photo shoots (with thanks to Vanity Studios), spanked people in a library (thanks Smut UK!), read erotica to strangers (bless you Sh! Women’s Store), taken a spanking lesson (ditto!)…Not what my teachers planned for me when I left school, that’s for sure!!

I’ll leave you in peace now- thank you so much for all your support over the last decade- let’s raise a cuppa to the next 10!!



Happy reading everyone!

Kay xxx




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Ten Years as Kay- Part 2

September 17  |  Book Publications, eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

If you are a regular follower of this blog, then you can’t failed to have noticed that this month marks the tenth anniversary of my life ‘as’ Kay Jaybee!! I was only going to try this writing lark for fun. A hobby to see if I could actually write or not. Is it me, or had it got a little bit out of hand? It wasn’t supposed to be more than a short term bit of fun…Has writing taken over my life?

There is one very simple answer to that- YES!!!

crazy writer

This is NOT a complaint however – although there are certainly times when I wish I could turn my imagination off just for a little while!

As each summer comes around, I down my smut wielding pen for the duration of my children’s school holidays, and frequently question my sanity. What the heck am I doing? I get up early, write all morning, work at my ‘proper’ job all afternoon, then write all evening, usually until gone ten at night. And the crazy thing is- when I’m not writing, when I have ‘day’s off’- I’m grumpy!! Every day without writing feels like a waste somehow! This cannot be right.

crazy writer 2

Then I speak to my writer friends and my beloved Brit Babes, and breathe more calmly again- it seems this clawing at the walls is totally normal when life comes between us and our pens or laptops. We simply have to accept that as soon as we have our first story accepted by a publisher, we leave normality behind us. For at that point the drug has been injected, and we are hooked for life- hooked on getting that next publication… then one more, and maybe a novella, then perhaps a novel- and if that novel does okay, perhaps we’ll write another one…


Ten years though!!! How the hell did that happen? How come I am still thinking of naughty yet delicious ways to make people suffer in the name of sex? Where do these ideas all come from?  I have NO idea- let’s just hope the inspiration keeps coming, and I can add to the collection of publications I have out in the world.

Take-Control-Cov-12014Young couple, isolated on grey background

Thinking of all my publications- and if I break it down into individual story sales, unbelievably we are talking about 100 pieces of smut with my name on them- I got to wondering which my most popular stories really are?  Which ones you guys liked the best?


Is it the short stories or the novels, the novella’s or the trilogy? Who is your favourite character? John the courier from Not Her Type? Miss Sanders or Mrs Peters from The Perfect Submissive Trilogy? Do you like the dark and mysterious Mark from The Voyeur? Paint spattering Maddie from Making Him Wait? Or maybe you have a soft spot for clumsy Sally from A Sticky Situation or sexy Harrison, the archaeologist from Digging Deep?

I’d love to know who rocks your boat the most- leave me a comment telling me who your favourite character from my work and you could win a signed KJB paperback of your choice!!

books 3

This competition will close on Monday 22nd Sept- don’t forget to leave your email so I can tell you if you’ve won!

Happy reading- and thank you for all your support over the last ten years!!

Kay xxx


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