ETO nominee 2016


Regulars to this blog will remember the story of my trip to the ETO award last June. I was on my way to the ceremony in when life struck and I ended up drinking water in Worcester A&E, wearing a gown with an arse gap, rather drinking champagne and wearing a long velvet dress with a thigh gap at Birmingham’s NEC, … (A blog about last year’s adventure can be found here)

I am still, almost a year after the event, stunned that I won Best Erotica Author last time. I suspect it might have sunk in more if I’d been there- but even as I dust my award- which has pride of place in my hallway -it doesn’t feel real.

ETO Awards trophy and champ 2015

You can imagine my surprise and delight therefore; when I discovered that this year I’ve been nominated again!! Not only that, but my fellow nominees in the Best Writer category, are some of my closest friends. Kd Grace, Victoria Blisse, Tabitha Rayne and journalist Emily Dubberly are all fab folk- and three of those aforementioned gals are also Brit Babes!!!

brit babe button

Count them- that’s 4 Brit Babes out of a group of 5 nominations!!

I could not be prouder! I know it sounds all twee and a bit cliché, but we Brit Babes are such a team, such close friends, that a win for one of us, is truly a win for us all. We all work long hours, and we support each other on and off the smutty page. It’s good to know when I’m up against it, there are 7 other writers standing in my corner, cheering me on.

That, I have to tell you, is something a bit special.

Please may I urge you my friends- if you are in the trade- to get that vote registered. Choose your favourite out of all us wordy types and vote. Then on the night of 12th June, listen out for those BB cheers. Whether one of us wins or not, I guarantee you’ll hear us loud and clear!!

I hope to see you there this time- the frock I purchased for last year has to be worn eventually after all!

Happy reading,

Kay x

PS- Don’t forget you can also vote for Tabitha Rayne’s amazing new sex toy, The Ruby Glow, in the Most Innovative New Product category!