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A Snog for Sommer! – Cold shower of champagne anyone?


I’m delighted to be able to join in today’s big Blisskiss and do some Smut for Good at the same time, by sending a massive snog to my lovely e-friend Sommer Marsden!!

Check out all the blogs taking part here- and keep your eyes open for lots of great competitions, and find out how to donate to this wonderful cause- the fight against cancer! http://smutforgood.co.uk/a-snog-for-sommer/

My snog for today comes from my erotic romance novella, A Sticky Situation– here’s the blurb…

If there is a paving stone to trip over, or a drink to knock over, then Sally Briers will trip over it or spill it. Yet somehow Sally is the successful face of marketing for a major pharmaceutical company; much to the disbelief of her new boss, Cameron James.

Forced to work together on a week-long conference in an Oxford hotel, Sally is dreading spending so much time with arrogant new boy Cameron; whose presence somehow makes her even clumsier than usual.

Cameron on the other hand, just hopes that he’ll be able to stay professional, and keep his irrational desire to lick up all the accidently split food and drink that is permanently to be found down Sally’s temptingly curvy body, all to himself.

It could be a very long week- unless Cameron can find a way of making Sally slop so much of her after show champagne, that he has no choice but to march her off and relieve her of her sodden clothing… He is sure that, if he could find a way to stop Sally resenting him taking her previous bosses job, then they could enjoy no end of sticky situations together…


Sticky situation- cariad

A Sticky Situation was my first foray into the realms of erotic romance. I have written romantic episodes within much (shall we say) ‘harder’ erotic stories and novels, but this time I have left my BDSM toys locked away in the cupboard under the stairs in favour of a lighter touch.

Fear not however, this novella is still packed with KJB style kink, for as Sally and Cameron begin their enforced period of work together at a conference; their road from mutual dislike to mutual lust is far for straightforward! There is more than a dollop of misunderstanding, some inconvenient fantasies, mysterious anonymous notes, a slug of ice-cold store-cupboard action, a splatter of dinner, a dousing of wine, and a sip or two of champagne before they can even contemplate a happy ending…Delicious…


…the word “wet” didn’t really cover it this time. She was drenched. They both were.

Cameron pressed his back against the closed store room door behind him, his shirt, tie, and suit trousers had turned from light shades of blue and grey to dark, where the weight of the water had fallen against him.

Shivering, ice cubes in her cleavage, her dress clinging to every curve of her body, Sally violently kicked the champagne buckets away from her feet, and advanced on Cameron with an air of pure unadulterated anger carved into her round face. ‘You … you!’ She spat out her words, incoherent with rage, ‘Look at me! Again! They say I’m the clumsy one, but I’m nothing compared to you! Look what you’ve done to me!’

‘And me. I’m soaked as well.’ Despite feeling horribly uncomfortable in his sopping clothes, Cameron found it an effort to sound cross when he’d so successfully achieved his goal. There was no way she could meet David looking like this.

‘Good. I’m glad you’re wet too.’ Something about Cameron made her feel like stamping her foot and having a tantrum. Sally rubbed her arms, sighing as she spoke ‘I’m fucking freezing.’

‘Me too. We have to get these clothes off ASAP or we’ll both catch pneumonia!’

Cameron had already taken off his tie, and was unbuttoning his shirt with speed, minuscule chunks of ice dropping from him as he moved.

Sally tried not to be impressed by the firm torso that was being so unexpectedly revealed. It was far more muscular than she’d thought it would be, and as the cotton material came away from his shoulders, she found herself giving a small involuntary gasp as her eyes were confronted by a three inch long Celtic cross tattoo at the very top of his right arm.

She shook herself, very aware of the ice trapped against her bra, and how much she really needed to take off her own clothes. That was typical Cameron. He was so damn infuriating. She wouldn’t be able to get comfortable until she was back in her room. It was all right for him to take off his top, but she could hardly do that. It was bad enough that he was staring at her as if he had X-ray vision; examining her as if she was already devoid of clothing.

Common sense took hold of her. ‘What are you doing? You can’t strip off in here! People will think we’ve been up to something when you leave!’

‘I don’t care what people think. You’re a mass of goose pimples, woman. Take that bloody dress off. It’s virtually see-through now it’s soggy anyway, so it isn’t a case of preserving your dignity is it?’

Shaking openly now, Sally didn’t want to think about having to run through Reception towards the lifts looking a total mess for the second time that day. She attempted to get past Cameron to the door without glancing at his torso, which was having an unreasonable effect on her libido. Men like Cameron were not supposed to have tattoos. Somehow it felt as if he was being unfair to her whole belief system just by having one. She began to wonder if he had any more, then taking a firm hand with her imagination said, ‘Just let me get back to my room, then I can warm up and sort out this dress. God knows what I’ll wear tomorrow!’

Cameron caught Sally’s arm, the heat of his touch surprising her considering how cold they both were. She found herself being propelled towards him in the small space, her chest squashed against his. He was so close, his grip so tight, and yet not only couldn’t she move, she found she wasn’t even trying to pull away. A voice at the back of Sally’s head was yelling at her, asking why she wasn’t struggling, but she ignored it, for the rest of her body seemed to know exactly what she wanted to do.

Seizing the hem of Sally’s dress, Cameron moved quickly, his pulse thudding in his ears, expecting her to slap him away at any second, as he yanked the jet black fabric over her head.

Her breasts ached, but only partly because they had been doused in cold water. Not waiting for Cameron to help, Sally unhooked her black bra, whimpering with the relief at the removal of its restraining presence.

Cameron’s quiet murmur of satisfaction at the sight of the tits he’d fantasised about on so many occasions was lost as he bent in the narrow space, immediately burying his head between then,

For a split second Sally’s brain engaged, and she stepped away. Cameron shuffled after her, and fixing his mouth around Sally’s right breast, kissed it lightly between hungry bites, his lips warming her outside and in. Sally found she couldn’t move. In fact she wanted to be closer. Much closer.

Grasping his shoulders, Sally inched nearer, forcing more of her breast into his mouth, groaning in delight as his other hand yanked at her knickers, which had developed a new wet sheen that had nothing at all to do with the emptying of the champagne buckets. She stepped out of her underwear quickly, shaking her knickers from the heels of each shoe.

Peering up, Cameron took in her beauty with an air that was part bewildered wonder and part animal lust. Catching her around the waist, he hoisted Sally up, pushing her bum onto a shelf behind her, so that they were face to face. Neither spoke, talking would have broken whatever spell they were under. He landed his lips on hers, more crushing her than kissing her, as she hungrily responded. Her mouth taking out the fury she felt towards this impossible man…


If you want to know what happens next you can buy a copy as an ebook or a paperback from Amazon UK, Amzon.com and all good online retailers.

OR- you could win a copy today! Just leave me  a comment telling me who you’d most like to be trapped in a cupboard with… (leave email address as well so I can contact you if you’ve won!)

Happy reading!

Don’t forget to check out all the other Smut for Good blogs- http://smutforgood.co.uk/a-snog-for-sommer/ from some of the very best in the business, including Kd Grace, Victoria Blisse, Alison Tyler, Janine Ashbless and many many more!

So lovely readers, just hop around the different blogs and different snogs all day from today, and you’ll be able to win prizes! If you can donate some money too that would be absolutely wonderful. If you can manage to share the Snog for Summer too that’d be great. Here’s an example of a message you could post on twitter (it’s short enough) and facebook to spread the word:

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Kay xx

Happy Valentines Delivery

Happy Valentines Week!

I’m delighted to be taking part in this years Valentines Blissekiss- a week of smutty deliciousness awaits you at a host of wonderful blogs!!


To make sure you don’t miss a single one, click on this link http://blissekiss.co.uk and you’ll find a list of all the authors sharing their erotic words with you over Valentine’s Week.

Plus- by leaving a comment on each site as you go along, you’ll be in with the chance of winning an amazing prize!!!

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LELO-ORA-Midnight-Blue-Oral-Sex-VibratorSo enjoy the fun 😉


I thought I’d share a moment from my novella, Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man

Not Her Type

When Jenny’s regular film courier, John, reveals how she has become the center of his sexual dream world, Jenny’s quiet existence is thrown into an arena of desire that she thought she’d long since abandoned. 

One unexpected, head swimming romp later, and Jenny is left wondering if her courier will ever visit her again, and if he does, will he mention the hot sex they had on her living room floor that Tuesday afternoon, or will he pretend that it hadn’t happened?

When the following Tuesday arrives and John reappears on Jenny’s doorstep, the scene is set for a continuation of intensely kinky weekly meetings. There is only one problem. John really really isn’t Jenny’s type…

In deference to Valentine’s Day and its romantic connections I will let you into a secret- Not Her Type is a love story. Shush…don’t tell anyone. Kay Jaybee- writing a love story!! My reputation as a producer of bondage smut will be forever dented!!

Fear not however, for throughout the c.28,000 words of this novella, S&M sits hand in glove with the underlying romantic streak. For this is a love story that neither Jenny nor John see coming- or indeed wanted- at first at least…

Based on the theory that opposite attract, Not Her Type begins at the dawn of a seemingly impossible and unlikely alliance between Jenny (a ridiculously over-educated accountant, who hates reality TV, and always reads the book before seeing the film) and John (her courier, who has no education at all, and only reads if someone points a gun to his head).

Here’s a tasty little extract for you…

Conveniently forgetting that she didn’t like the feel of stubble against her skin, Jenny relished the burn of his unshaven face grazing her, scraping her cheeks as their lips and teeth clashed together.

Her head buzzed, and her nipples were tickled by his chest hairs, and Jenny began to feel as if she were overdosing on desire. She badly wanted to slow everything down but, at the same time, she needed to go faster. She wasn’t far from climax, and the mere idea of their illicit situation was enough to send Jenny to the very edge of orgasm.

Recognizing how close she was, John shoved his customer’s knickers unceremoniously to her ankles. “I want to see you on your hands and knees,” he ordered.

Sinking against the carpet as instructed, Jenny’s breathing snagged as she heard the sharp rip of a condom packet being opened. Seconds later, Jenny found her courier’s thick cock sliding into her from behind. She was about to tell him how fantastically full she felt when John wiped all coherent thought from Jenny’s head by jamming his thumb up her arse.

Nuzzling his mouth against Jenny’s neck, John thrust against her, holding her hips as they frantically moved together. Trembling, Jenny’s knees began to buckle, and her elbows quaked. Seeing she was about to collapse to the floor, John eased out of her body, and flipped her onto her back, before plunging his dick inside her again. She clung onto his tattooed arms (ignoring her lifelong aversion to body art), relishing in the glorious warmth of her orgasm, as he shot his spunk into her naked body……. “How did I not see that coming? How bloody naïve have I become? Jenny wondered. Shit, I don’t even know if he’s single…It’s been so long since I had a quick fuck. Too long…Hell, now I want another one, and soon. Damn.”

Running upstairs to her bedroom, Jenny stripped off her hastily donned clothes and stared critically into the full-length mirror. “Do I look different? No, my arms are still a touch too flabby, my backside a little too big, and my skin too pale.”

She felt different though. A bit like the girl she used to be, when she’d been a student. When she’d been braver.

As Jenny carried on staring at her reflection, she allowed her hands to trace the outline of her body, a body that was already infused with the heady aftershocks of being totally seen to. Flashbacks of her past assailed her. Things she’d consigned to the back of her mind and nailed up into a little box, never to be opened again—parts of her life that she had long since given up on.

Losing all concept of time as she stood there, naked, still able to feel the mark of his fingers on her flesh, Jenny shook her head, trying to dismiss the memories that her body’s unscheduled reawakening had brought to the surface. She wondered just how many customers John had seduced with those dangerous eyes. How many other sets of fingertips had tripped lightly over the Japanese-styled characters tattooed on his muscular arms?

“Let’s face it,” she spoke sternly to her reflection, “that was just a one-off. Next week he’ll just want a quick coffee as usual.” Doing her best to pull herself together, Jenny unhooked her wrap from the back of her bedroom door. Heading to the shower, her wits were a tattered mass of contradictions—the elation she felt from the astounding sex was at odds with the very clear proclamation that was niggling at the back of her head. “Jenny honey, he just isn’t your type. He isn’t even close!”


A self-confessed nightmare when it comes to relationships, John warns Jenny that he can’t offer her more than occasional sex- yet, there is something about his favourite customer that keeps John coming back again and again – not least because this girl is kinky and then some!! It seems there is nothing Jenny isn’t prepared to do for John- every fantasy he has ever had is suddenly waiting for him to explore…

Do they live happily ever after? Do Jenny and John walk off into the sunset dancing and singing as if they were in some sickly movie? As if I’m going to tell you that!!

Why not treat yourself to a Valentines gift and find out the answers to those questions by kinking up your kindle, adding passion to your PC and down loading a dose of desire…you get the idea…

Buy links

Amazon UK – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Not-Her-Type-Adventures-ebook/dp/B00C8PDEE4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365345730&sr=8-1&keywords=Not+Her+TYpe+kay+jaybee

Amazon.com – http://www.amazon.com/Not-Her-Type-Adventures-ebook/dp/B00C8PDEE4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365345892&sr=8-1&keywords=Not+Her+Type+kay+jaybee

Don’t forget to check out all the other Valentine’s Week Kisses at http://blissekiss.co.uk

Happy Valentine’s reading everyone!!

Kay xxxx

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