I’m delighted to be one of the many erotica writers, bloggers, and creatives,┬árunning a workshop at this years Eroticon Conference!!!


In the city of Bristol (UK) between 20th-22nd May, Eroticon is a must for anyone already established in the world of erotica, and an even bigger must for those who are just stepping a toe into this strange and magical world of words and imaginary.

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Tickets are available NOW-if you don’t have yours yet, then you can buy them by following this link- http://eroticonlive.com/

I was encouraged to suggest a potential workshop to Eroticon’s manager/organiser/ and all round do everything person, Ruby Kiddell, after managing not to bore everyone to death when I ran a workshop at Smut Manchester last year. In fact the lovely folk who attended my ‘How to Sex Up A Supermarket’ workshop were most insistent I did another course- I hope they weren’t just trying to move me on!

At Eroticon, at the most civilised time of 11.30am on Sunday morning, I will be running a Musically Kinked workshop. I’m not going to give too much away- but you can discover a little about it by checking out this link… http://eroticonlive.com/speakers/

All you’ll need to bring with you is a pen and paper (or electronic writing device should you prefer).

The list of speakers at Eroticon this year is amazing- from Pandora Blake, to Molly Moore, from Jilly Boyd to the most excellent Ashley Lister, and beyond to art with Tabitha Rayne and craft with Kink Craft, and much more besides… there genuinely is something for everyone- check out the full schedule here- http://eroticonlive.com/schedule/

See you there!!

Kay xx