I’m getting to the age where I’m beginning to wonder if I should even mention my birthday! On the other hand- I’m a sucker for balloons, ice-cream, and the excuse to eat rather more cake than usual! So bring it on!!

This year I’m celebrating with my lovely family, and a walk over beautiful Dartmoor. This is a place that inspires me the second I catch glimpse of it, on each and every visit.

Little Mis Tor

For years I’ve intended to write a story based on the moors of Devon, and yet somehow time, and other work commitments, haves never allowed it. This year though, it has to happen- even if it’s only a short tale…ummmm…I can feel the ideas brewing…

And talking of brewing- let’s all settle back with a cuppa-(coffee for me please)- and a nice big slice of birthday cake, and contemplate the meaning of life, the universe and everything- apparently now I’m this particular age I should know the answer…

No? Okay- let’s read this instead- one of my favourite of all the short stories I’ve written (and researched)…enjoy!

(Yes- it is a courier story- you’d already guessed that hadn’t you!)

girl with tape

Cardboard (copyright Kay Jaybee)

Waiting outside the courier depot, Pia watched the last two vans come in from their rounds, the drivers eagerly leaping from their vehicles’ and heading to reception. Automatically a blush started to spread across her cheeks as she wondered if they were as infused with the same mildly musty cardboard odour as Owen. Shaking herself to distract the erotic tableau that had appeared in her head, Pia fidgeted her feet against the pavement.

Where the hell had Owen got to? She could see his van, so he was definitely back from his round. Flicking a stray red hair up and under her green velvet cap, Pia checked her wristwatch. It was six forty-five; he was twenty minutes late. Heaving herself away from the wall against which she’d been propped, Pia walked towards the depot.

‘Can I help?’ An austere looking woman behind the reception desk was buttoning up her overcoat,

Pia smiled politely, ‘I’m waiting for Owen Richards.’

‘Ah yes, he said he was expecting someone. He’s in the staff room I think.’ Then, with a swift point of her finger towards the dirty double doors to Pia’s left, the woman disappeared into the grey evening.

Taking off her hat, and shaking out her wavy red hair, Pia hesitated. She’d never been inside the depot before, but as Owen had obviously left a message for her, she supposed it was alright to be there.

Pia gingerly eased open one half of the double doors. The tang of cardboard, paper and dust hit her senses with a wallop, causing her body to instantly react. The whole place smelt as delicious as Owen did after a day on the van. It was as if the scent of the materials he worked with day after day had become ingrained in the pores of his skin. Telling herself that soon she and Owen would be home, and she could work off the lust that was tingling through her veins, Pia walked into the staff room

The silence was vaguely eerie. Battered armchairs edged the room, and an overloaded coffee table was strewn with back copies of lad’s magazines and unwashed coffee mugs. Yet there wasn’t a driver in sight.

Deciding to return to Reception, Pia’s hand was on the front door when she became aware of a presence behind her. She swung around and drew a sigh of relief when she saw Owen, ‘Hell, you gave me a fright.’

‘Sorry babe.’

‘Where’ve you been?’

‘I had a few things to sort out. My mobile had no signal, so I left a message for you; I take it you got it?’

‘The receptionist told me to wait in the staff room, but there was no one about so…’

‘…you thought you’d run away?’

Despite his twinkling brown eyes and lopsided smile, there was something about the tone of his voice made Pia uneasy.

‘Not run away exactly, but I didn’t want to hang around in there on my own.’

Owen took hold of Pia’s hand, ‘We’re rather short handed at the moment, so I have a few more things to do.’ He ran a hand through her hair, ‘why don’t you come with me?’

Pia allowed him to lead her back through the double doors, through the still empty staff room and on into the storeroom. The moment the door opened Pia drew in a sharp breath.

‘Well?’ Owen appeared unsure, and yet his eyes gleamed as he gripped his lover’s hand tighter.

The store was cool, square, and dimly lit, and even the dusty air seemed to have its own residual echo. Easing her hand from Owens, Pia surveyed the deserted room.

The walls had rows of flat packed cardboard boxes lined up all around them. Piles of plastic bags emblazoned with the company logo sat stacked in one corner, and three industrial sized dispensers of parcel tape lay abandoned next to them. On the floor, a heavy layer of grime clung possessively to the surface, except for where someone had laid out a rectangle of squashed down boxes, more or less in the size and shape of a king-sized bed.

Swallowing some moisture back into her throat Pia whispered, ‘Is this what you’ve been sorting out?’

His reply of ‘yes’ was barely audible as he waited for her reaction.

‘So where is everybody?’

‘It’s Saturday evening babe. Next shift doesn’t start until six tomorrow.’

Even though the room was cold, Pia felt hot and uncomfortable in her coat and scarf. Unable to drag her gaze from the bed of cardboard, she said, ‘I didn’t think you’d heard me when I told you, you never said anything about my fantasy afterwards.’

‘I heard most of it.’

As Owen’s hands reached around her and started to undo the buttons of Pia’s coat, her mind surged; how much had he heard?

Pia’s eyes moved to the doors, ‘But we can’t! The door is unlocked, anyone could walk in.’

Owen produced a bunch of keys from his pocket, ‘I’ll lock the main door.’

Pia’s pulse rate tweaked up a notch. Could they really do this? The smell of cardboard and the closeness of Owen, not to mention the wrongness of even being there, sent quivers of erotic excitement through her body. No one had ever tried to act out a fantasy for her before, not even half a fantasy.

‘I’ll go and lock the door then, shall I?’

Not trusting herself to speak, Pia simply inclined her head.

Owen kissed her, his stubble scratching her face, his hands squeezing her shoulders through her coat. ‘I won’t be long.’ His voice was husky, ‘lose the coat and wait for me on the cardboard.’

Watching him disappear through the door, Pia felt sweat cover her palms. Doubts were queuing up at the back of her head. What if Owen doesn’t lock the door properly? How can he be absolutely sure there’s no one left in this massive building? Do I even want to do this in real life, shouldn’t fantasies remain just that?

‘Why’s you’re coat still on?’ Owens voice was accusing rather than amused.

‘You were quicker than I expected.’

‘Of course I was!’ He wrenched the jacket from her shoulders, ‘I’m about to see a beautiful woman writhe before me on a pile of cardboard.’

Pia’s cheeks coloured violently, his brusque manner was in keeping with her dream, but totally foreign to his usual considerate nature. Owen unwound her scarf as she asked, ‘Are you sure that it’s okay? I don’t want you getting the sack or anything.’

‘I think you should leave the worrying to me. I also think you’ve said enough for the moment.’ Bundling up Pia’s hair, Owen scrunched it into a pony tail, which he tied with a collection of elastic bands he had wrapped around his wrist.

Her head spinning as Owen tugged her hair through the rubber loops, catching stray wisps painfully between his fingers, Pia shut her eyes, and inhaled slowly. The aroma of packaging filled her nostrils. She could almost taste it at the back of her throat. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself face to face with Owen. His expression killed any inclination she’d had to speak. A determination permeated with lust radiated from him, and Pia felt her tits swelled beneath his stare.


It was not an order that could be ignored. Pia’s shaking hands began to fumble at her shirt buttons, her eyes glued to the bulge beneath Owens black combats.

Shivering with a combination of cold and fear, standing in only her cream knickers and bra, Pia paused, goose-pimples breaking out across her skin.

‘That’ll do for now.’ Owen’s dark eyes shone at her, ‘Now stand right in the middle of the boxes.’

Wordlessly she moved, her naked feet sinking against the uneven make-shift carpet, her toes shuffling away from the occasional rough corner. Fully aware of how turned on she was despite her misgivings, Pia could feel her silk panties sticking to her pussy.

Dragging his eyes away from his girl, Owen walked purposefully to the stack of plastic bags, and picked up one of the tape dispensers. Then, yanking Pia’s arms behind her back, he caught her wrists in one hand, and deftly wrapped some tape around them.

‘Owen I…’

He interrupted his lover before she could go on, ‘You wanted to be dominated on a pile of cardboard boxes, it is too late to complain now its happening.’

Pia opened her mouth to argue, but Owen’s calloused hand came up quickly, and was pushed over her dry lips. ‘If you can’t keep quiet then I’ll have to force you to.’

Surprised at how easily Owen had taken to this new role, Pia clamped her mouth together beneath his hand.

‘That’s better. Now sit down.’

Uncertainty flew through her as she sat cross-legged on the cardboard, curiosity at what might happen next arousing her still further. She kept telling herself that there was nothing to be afraid of, that Owen would never hurt her, but Pia couldn’t help feeling a fission of fear as hormones zipped through her body in passion fuelled confusion.

Crouching before her, Owen smiled, and reverting to his usual manner said, ‘You look incredible. How do you feel?’

‘Good – I think.’

‘Close your eyes.’

The second they were shut, the heady perfume of card and tape intensified the sensation of Owen’s hands on her breasts. Pia was unable to contain a sigh of relief as he unfastened her bra, but when Owen pinched each teat, her sighs became voluble squeals.

‘I told you to be quiet. I’ll have to silence you.’

Pia’s eyes shot back open, ‘But…’

Owen was shaking his head as though he was bitterly disappointed. ‘You’ve proven you can’t be trusted.’ He picked the parcel tape back up.

Before Pia could protest, Owen sealed her mouth with a neat rectangle of beige tape. As the sticky surface adhered to her lips, Pia tried to stop her chest pounding with panic. Adjusting to breathing to just through her nose; she looked and felt like a kidnap victim.

Owen nodded in satisfaction, ‘Beautiful.’

As tears of shock gathered at the corners of Pia’s eyes, he added, ‘Beautiful, powerless, and silent.’

Throwing the tape to one side, Owen’s hands began to fondle the soft flesh of her chest, while licking the moisture away from her eyes.

Pia’s body readily responded to his touch, and as Owen’s fingers dropped into her lap, teasing her stomach, prickles of longing shot up and down her spine. Staring into her eyes, Owen took his hands lower still, making Pia’s breath shallower as he danced his fingertips around the edge of her knickers. Then, holding her gaze, he cupped her mound firmly in one hand.

‘You hot hussy,’ He stroked a stray hair from over her eyes, ‘a helpless hussy. So gorgeous.’

Pia wished she could speak, wished she could reach out and caress his body, handle the muscles in his arms, scratch her nails across his flesh, but she had no choice but to sit, the edges of the boxes digging into her backside.

‘In fact,’ Owen tilted his head in mock contemplation, ‘I think it’s a real shame there’s no one else here to see how fantastic you look.’

Pia’s heart skipped a beat. Suddenly she knew how wrong she’d got things. He hadn’t only heard part of her mumbled fantasy, he’d heard it all. She’d been the one who hadn’t been paying enough attention when they’d discussed their deepest desires, not him.

Owen stroked Pia’s cheek with one hand, and kneaded her pussy with the other, staining the fabric of her panties with her juices, ‘I couldn’t believe my luck when you told me your submissive dream. To be shagged by two men at the same time on cardboard. You really are my dirty little girl aren’t you?’

Pia frantically shook her head, the reality of other men seeing her vulnerable body hitting her in a wave of nervous adrenalin.

‘Oh no baby,’ Owen gripped her crotch tighter, using it to lever her to a standing position. ‘I don’t believe you really want to leave. I think this is what you want; your body certainly agrees with me.’ He reinforced his claim by jabbing a hand inside her knickers, making Pia inwardly groan with pleasure. Bringing his fingers straight back out again, he showed his lover the glistening liquid that stuck to his skin. Licking Pia’s juices away, he said, ‘You couldn’t want this more if you tried, and as you would know if you’d been listening, I’d just love to watch your dream in action.’

As if Owen’s words had been a pre-planned cue, the door to the storeroom opened, and the two drivers Pia had seen earlier walked in.

Pia’s pulse pounded manically as Owen greeted his guests. ‘This is Pia, Pia this is Andy and Craig. I think they’ll fit your requirements.’

Stunned, Pia just stood there, conscious of nothing but the new arrivals eyes as they mentally removed her underwear. They were so near to her that she could smell the same incredible aroma of sweat and cardboard that Owen shared, and the uncertainty that had knotted in her gut was swamped by a hot flush of erotic anticipation. Dressed in the same uniform of green polo-shirt and black combats, all three men oozed an air of barely tamed lust.

Andy, tall and slim, his blonde hair short and spiked, stood to her right. The stockier figure of Craig, his head shaved, his eyes as emerald as his shirt, waited, poised, to her left.

Pia’s legs began to shake as Owen bent his lips to her ear, ‘They are so hot for you. So fucking hot, and I’m gonna watch them have you.’

Her shoulders quivered as his breath tickled her skin, and with eyes that pleaded for reassurance, she peered up at him.

Slipping back into his usual calm voice, Owen muttered so that only she could hear, ‘Don’t worry, you’ll love it. I promise,’ before stepping back and roughly pulling off her sodden underwear.

Placing a hand on each of his colleague’s shoulders, Owen steered them to the far corner of the room, leaving Pia to imagine what they were saying to each other.

After what seemed to have been a lifetime, the couriers strode purposefully back towards her, their faces creased with hunger and disbelief, as if neither of them could believe their luck. Standing at the edge of the cardboard, directly in front of Pia, the three men tore off their shirts. Pia’s muffled gasp of appreciation turned to frustration at not being able to hold either her lover’s chest, or the other toned torsos.

Abruptly, in one simultaneous move, Andy and Craig attached their mouths to Pia’s breasts. The contrasting texture and pressure from each sets of lips, kissing, licking and biting her, felt incredible. Shutting her eyes once more, Pia was grateful for the warm hands that not only snaked over her body, but also supported it, as her limbs shook against the cardboard.

Their digits were everywhere at once, between her legs, over her clit, behind her knees, on her neck, as though each man was on his own personal race against time to get as much out of the encounter as possible before Owen changed his mind about them fucking his girlfriend.

Her head swimming, bright colours exploded behind Pia’s eyelids. All fear forgotten, her whole body began to tighten with a climax that coursed through her so quickly she thought she’d collapse.

Seeing her legs begin to buckle, Owen stepped forward and lowered Pia to the ground, ripping off her gag. Pia cried out as the tape plaster tore mercilessly at her skin, but the new vision before her more than made up for the moment’s discomfort.

Andy and Craig had removed the rest of their clothes, and stood, towering over her naked body. The cardboard bed crackled beneath their combined weight, and with her hands still trapped uncomfortably behind her back, Pia braced herself.

The drivers glanced at each other, as if to confirm some previously discussed plan of action, before falling to their knees either side of her.

A pair of calloused hands flipped her onto her stomach, so that her head was buried in the boxes, and the overpowering scent of the card shot straight into Pia’s nostrils, making her expel a protracted moan of need. Her previous orgasm was already forgotten, all that mattered was the next one.

Two hands grasped her buttocks, and two others pushed her legs up and out at the knees, so all her weight was centred on her face and shoulders as they dug into the rough bed. A pair of bare legs appeared before her. Owen had stripped.

Pia’s blood pounded in her cricked neck as she felt a single finger begin to rub at her clit. She didn’t care who the finger belonged to, just that it kept moving, as she mewled into the packaging.

Then her hands were picked up at the wrists, and one of the couriers plucked away the tape that bound Pia’s wrists. She couldn’t help but scream, as the sticky surface ripped minute hairs from her skin.

Without giving her time to adjust to her freedom, Pia was ordered to her hands and knees. A hand seized her ponytail and wrenched her neck high. Pia blinked at Craig’s thickly erect dick, which hovered just out of reach. She longed to take it between her teeth; the thought of Owen watching her; of him wanting her to do this, making Pia hornier than ever.

With his cock in his hand, Craig began to play it around Pia’s parted mouth. At the same time, she heard a condom packet being opened, and Andy came up behind her, grabbing her left hip with one hand, he began to tease his dick over and around her wet snatch with the other.

This was agony. Pia was desperate to engulf the shaft before her, but that would mean shifting fractionally forward and losing the touch of the cock brushing her from behind. At the same time, she urgently wanted to be full of the rod teasing her pussy, but didn’t want to shift backwards and lose the fragile contact of the cock at her lips.

Pia could see Owen, a broad grin across his face, a palm wrapped around his penis as he slowly caressed it back and forth. Unconsciously, Pia began to rock against the cardboard in time to her lover’s masturbation, so one second she was close to the cock at her mouth, the next, grazing against the one at her snatch.

With each movement, the need Pia felt to keep going increased, and she began to speed up, working herself off against the two men, who somehow managed to keep still as her tongue flicked over the tip of one, and her clit bumped the head of the other.

Her breasts swinging manically beneath her, there was no way Pia could stop now. With closed eyes, she was immersed in a world where only sensation mattered, where only the briefest touch of the two men, the smell of cardboard, and the sound of Owen’s heavy breathing mattered.

Perspiration began to gather on her forehead and between her breasts. Suddenly it was too much, and Pia let out a strangled cry of frustration. She needed to be full. She needed two cocks inside her, and she needed them now.

Breaking the rhythm, she lunged forward and caught Craig’s length between her teeth. Terrified he’d back away, Pia held him firmly in her throat. He didn’t move however, but called out to Owen, ‘Fuck she’s good.’ While Andy shuffled forward, impaling her cunt in one swift move.

Pia’s climax immediately hammered through her. Thrusting and pumping their friend’s girl, both men were so consumed with the need to come themselves, they didn’t seem to notice when Pia shuddered, her body jacking with pleasure. Pinioned between the driver’s, her muscles slackened, and she only managed to remain on all fours, due to the pressure of their hard bodies, as each raced the other to spunk inside her first.

Her mouth filled with salty liquid, only seconds before Andy’s dick exploded inside her snatch. Gulping frantically, Pia wasn’t able to catch it all, and her chin dripped with seed as Craig pulled away from her face.

The moment the men were spent, they backed off, and Pia crashed to the squashed bed, panting hard.

Owen, his shaft still stiff in his hand, rolled Pia onto her back, and showered her chest with a warm rain of come. Then he turned to his colleagues, and with a nod of dismissal, they gathered their clothes and left.

Kneeling, Owen gently wiped the sweat from Pia’s face, and cradled her in his arms, ‘You okay?’

Smiling up at him, she nodded.

‘You were amazing. Totally incredible.’

Her throat too dry to speak, Pia placed her head on his lap, and took a long deep breath, enjoying one final lungful of the scent of the cardboard bed, now improved by the lingering aroma of a fantastic double fuck.


Hope you enjoy that little birthday present!! If you want to read more of my short stories- Cardboard is from The Best of Kay Jaybee collection!

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